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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Guy + Abby : wedding | cambridge, mn wedding & portrait photographer

 photo cover.jpg
Back in October I had the immense pleasure of getting to second-shoot this wedding
with my friend Caitlyn of Pink Flower Photography.

I have known Abby for years now through the Bright Lights ministry, 
and her sweet heart for the Lord has always been a joy to be around.
It has been truly beautiful to watch her wait on God's timing, honor her parents,
and see how He brought Guy into her life. (yes, that is his actual name!) :)
He treats Abby like a total princess, and I am excited to see how 
God will use them together to further His kingdom!

Shooting with Caitlyn (who is now engaged herself--woohoo!) was seriously beyond fun...
We were laughing the entire day, and I was so delighted to assist her!

I really tried to cull these down to my top favorites from the day..but there are still quite a few..
hope you enjoy them!
 photo Wedding-1.jpg  photo Wedding-10.jpg  photo Wedding-2.jpg
Abby's mother is one of the happiest ladies I have been her!
 photo Wedding-6.jpg  photo Wedding-7.jpg  photo Wedding-8.jpg  photo Wedding-9.jpg
One of the bridesmaid's families did the florals for the wedding--oh my word.
Talk about gorgeous...I was obsessed!!
 photo Wedding-12.jpg  photo Wedding-14.jpg  photo Wedding-15.jpg  photo Wedding-16.jpg  photo Wedding-17.jpg  photo Wedding-18.jpg
 photo Wedding-3.jpg
 photo Wedding-4.jpg
 photo Wedding-5.jpg

 photo Wedding-22.jpg
 photo Wedding-21.jpg
 photo Wedding-23.jpg  photo Wedding-13.jpg
What did I tell you?! Stunning..
 photo Wedding-20.jpg
The musicians played the theme from Anne of Green lovely.
 photo Wedding-24.jpg  photo Wedding-25.jpg  photo Wedding-26.jpg
I'm sorry, but there was kind of an excess of cute babies at this wedding..  photo Wedding-30.jpg  photo Wedding-28.jpg  photo Wedding-29.jpg
someone get this child an agent or something..swoon!!
 photo Wedding-35.jpg
 photo Wedding-31.jpg  photo Wedding-32.jpg
 photo Wedding-33.jpg photo Wedding-34.jpg  photo Wedding-37.jpg
 photo Wedding-36.jpg
 photo Wedding-38.jpg  photo Wedding-39.jpg
As a sidenote, Abby wore this grandmother's (below) wedding dress..
 photo Wedding-40.jpg  photo Wedding-41.jpg
Decorate-a-cupcake reception!
 photo Wedding-42.jpg  photo Wedding-43.jpg  photo Wedding-44.jpg  photo Wedding-45.jpg
Mini-marshmallow exit..ha! :)
 photo Wedding-46.jpg  photo Wedding-47.jpg  photo Wedding-49.jpg  photo Wedding-51.jpg  photo Wedding-50.jpg  photo Wedding-52.jpg  photo Wedding-53.jpg  photo Wedding-54.jpg  photo Wedding-55.jpg  photo Wedding-59.jpg  photo Wedding-56.jpg photo Wedding-60.jpg
 photo Wedding-61.jpg
 photo Wedding-58.jpg  photo Wedding-57.jpg
~H. Elise