Monday, January 19, 2015

portraits of the Kulbartz family : iowa city, ia photographer

 photo cover.jpg
I love this family so much.

People that know the joys and challenges of being an artist, the fun + craziness that comes with little kids,
and treasure simple home life.
Who share a love for vintage finds, staying up late, swapping clothes.
That you can share stories and laugh with..those are some wonderful friends to have.

Meet Ben, Marci, Lucy, Harper + June.
[p.s. see their session from last year here]
 photo IMG_8465.jpg  photo IMG_8493.jpg  photo IMG_8510-2.jpg  photo IMG_8523.jpg  photo IMG_8529.jpg  photo IMG_8532.jpg  photo IMG_8554.jpg  photo IMG_8557-2.jpg  photo IMG_8625.jpg
my Harper. ❤
 photo IMG_8626.jpg  photo IMG_8629.jpg  photo IMG_8631.jpg  photo IMG_8635.jpg  photo IMG_8652.jpg  photo IMG_8653.jpg  photo IMG_8657.jpg
 photo IMG_8663.jpg
 photo IMG_8674.jpg  photo IMG_8677.jpg
 photo IMG_8659.jpg
 photo IMG_8686.jpg  photo IMG_8697.jpg  photo IMG_8699.jpg  photo IMG_8716.jpg  photo IMG_8740.jpg  photo IMG_8757.jpg  photo IMG_8764.jpg  photo IMG_8770.jpg  photo IMG_8777.jpg  photo IMG_8804.jpg  photo IMG_8820.jpg  photo IMG_8822.jpg  photo IMG_8828.jpg  photo IMG_8851.jpg  photo IMG_8860.jpg  photo IMG_8872.jpg  photo IMG_8882.jpg
I grabbed this vintage camera to bring along last minute, and was SO glad I did.
 photo IMG_8914.jpg photo IMG_8931.jpg
 photo IMG_8922.jpg
 photo IMG_8967.jpg
 photo IMG_8943.jpg
perfect photo-bombing, June..haha.
 photo IMG_8955.jpg  photo IMG_8958.jpg

 photo IMG_9006.jpg photo IMG_9045.jpg  photo IMG_9047.jpg  photo IMG_9057.jpg  photo IMG_9080.jpg  photo IMG_9100.jpg  photo IMG_9111.jpg  photo IMG_9121.jpg  photo IMG_9125.jpg  photo IMG_9129.jpg  photo IMG_9136.jpg  photo IMG_9147.jpg  photo IMG_9148.jpg  photo IMG_9188.jpg  photo IMG_9190.jpg  photo IMG_9199.jpg  photo IMG_9203.jpg
so much magic, take me back.
 photo IMG_9207.jpg  photo IMG_9212.jpg
 photo IMG_9266.jpg
 photo IMG_9217-2.jpg  photo IMG_9221.jpg photo IMG_9241.jpg  photo IMG_9244.jpg  photo IMG_9246.jpg
 photo IMG_9238.jpg
 photo IMG_9234.jpg
 photo IMG_9233.jpg
 photo IMG_9253.jpg
Hannah Elise