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This year I did my client Christmas gifts with Mouth Party Caramel again --
they are always so awesome to work with!!

This year instead of the jars of Sea Salt Caramel Sauce I did small boxes of caramels.
They got me custom orange boxes + I did half sea-salt / half regular caramel 
in case some families with kids would like regular.
Huge thank you to Mouth Party Caramel for being so awesome + specifically to Zoe for all her help!!

I don't know how I got so lucky to work with such incredible clients.

Also for anyone not familiar with Mouth Party -- they have hands down THE best caramel ever +
I don't even really like caramel. :)

I highly recommend them if you ever need gifts for clients or anything
+ you can always buy their caramels directly off their website!!

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 photo IMG_0015.jpg
 photo IMG_0020.jpg photo IMG_0025.jpg
Cards designed by me, photos by Amanda James Photography, printed by ACILab.
 photo IMG_0027.jpg
 photo IMG_0029.jpg photo IMG_0032.jpg
 photo IMG_0034.jpg
 photo IMG_0071.jpg
 photo IMG_0044.jpg
 photo IMG_0073.jpg
 photo IMG_0051.jpg
 photo IMG_0076.jpg
 photo IMG_0066.jpg
 photo IMG_0098.jpg
 photo IMG_0062.jpg
 photo IMG_0058.jpg photo IMG_0083.jpg photo IMG_0088.jpg
p.s. see past client gifts herehere, here or here.
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DEITERS FAMILY : Cedar Rapids, IA Family + Portrait Photographer

 photo IMG_8687.jpg
I loved photographing this family so much.. 

They were such troopers with the terrible mosquitoes we had (on the 30th of September!!) --
enjoy my favorites of the beautiful Deiters family!!
 photo IMG_8570.jpg  photo IMG_8577.jpg  photo IMG_8582.jpg  photo IMG_8589.jpg  photo IMG_8633.jpg photo IMG_8642.jpg photo IMG_8638.jpg photo IMG_8643.jpg photo IMG_8647.jpg photo IMG_8645.jpg   photo IMG_8670.jpg  photo IMG_8690.jpg  photo IMG_8692.jpg  photo IMG_8696.jpg  photo IMG_8704.jpg  photo IMG_8705.jpg photo IMG_8716.jpg photo IMG_8711.jpg photo IMG_8717.jpg photo IMG_8743.jpg photo IMG_8734.jpg photo IMG_8752.jpg photo IMG_8750.jpg photo IMG_8753.jpg photo IMG_8759.jpg photo IMG_8754.jpg photo IMG_8758.jpg photo IMG_8776.jpg  photo IMG_8783.jpg  photo IMG_8784.jpg  photo IMG_8806.jpg  photo IMG_8823.jpg  photo IMG_8835.jpg  photo IMG_8843.jpg photo IMG_8859.jpg photo IMG_8864.jpg photo IMG_8867.jpg  photo IMG_8869.jpg  photo IMG_8870.jpg  photo IMG_8871.jpg photo IMG_8895.jpg photo IMG_8896.jpg  photo IMG_8881.jpg  photo IMG_8883.jpg photo IMG_8903-2.jpg photo IMG_8897.jpg photo IMG_8934.jpg  photo IMG_8936.jpg  photo IMG_8955.jpg photo IMG_8953.jpg photo IMG_8961.jpg photo IMG_8957.jpg photo IMG_8969.jpg  photo IMG_8973.jpg  photo IMG_8995.jpg  photo IMG_9001.jpg photo IMG_9026.jpg photo IMG_9022.jpg photo IMG_9049.jpg  photo IMG_9050.jpg photo IMG_9053.jpg  photo IMG_9056.jpg  photo IMG_9059.jpg photo IMG_9041.jpg photo IMG_9078.jpg photo IMG_9079.jpg photo IMG_9082.jpg  photo IMG_9089.jpg photo IMG_9109.jpg photo IMG_9104-2.jpg photo IMG_9106.jpg photo IMG_9122.jpg photo IMG_9127.jpg photo IMG_9126.jpg photo IMG_9128.jpg photo IMG_9133.jpg photo IMG_9129.jpg photo IMG_9134.jpg photo IMG_9136.jpg photo IMG_9137.jpg photo IMG_9138.jpg photo IMG_9140.jpg  photo IMG_9141.jpg  photo IMG_9172.jpg photo IMG_9093.jpg photo IMG_9090.jpg photo IMG_9094.jpg photo IMG_9180.jpg photo IMG_9181.jpg photo IMG_9184.jpg  photo IMG_9185.jpg  photo IMG_9190.jpg  photo IMG_9198.jpg  photo IMG_9199.jpg  photo IMG_9239.jpg photo IMG_9243.jpg photo IMG_9229.jpg photo IMG_9245.jpg  photo IMG_9247.jpg photo IMG_9254.jpg photo IMG_9251.jpg  photo IMG_9284.jpg  photo IMG_9318-2.jpg  photo IMG_9318.jpg photo IMG_9311.jpg photo IMG_9329.jpg  photo IMG_9328.jpg  photo IMG_9337.jpg  photo IMG_9393.jpg  photo IMG_9406.jpg photo IMG_9410.jpg photo IMG_9428.jpg photo IMG_9412-2.jpg photo IMG_9428-2.jpg photo IMG_9408.jpg  photo IMG_9450.jpg  photo IMG_9455.jpg  photo IMG_9457.jpg  photo IMG_9460.jpg  photo IMG_9461.jpg  photo IMG_9467.jpg  photo IMG_9482.jpg  photo IMG_9496.jpg  photo IMG_9517.jpg photo IMG_9521.jpg photo IMG_9522.jpg photo IMG_9577.jpg photo IMG_9549.jpg photo IMG_9547.jpg photo IMG_9548.jpg  photo IMG_9586.jpg  photo IMG_9608.jpg  photo IMG_9609.jpg  photo IMG_9613.jpg  photo IMG_9614.jpg  photo IMG_9615.jpg  photo IMG_9616.jpg  photo IMG_9618.jpg  photo IMG_9620.jpg  photo IMG_9632.jpg  photo IMG_9636.jpg  photo IMG_9651.jpg  photo IMG_9677.jpg  photo IMG_9680.jpg  photo IMG_9679.jpg  photo IMG_9693.jpg  photo IMG_9711.jpg  photo IMG_9713.jpg  photo IMG_9714.jpg  photo IMG_9723.jpg  photo IMG_9724.jpg  photo IMG_9728.jpg  photo IMG_9735.jpg  photo IMG_9745.jpg  photo IMG_9776.jpg  photo IMG_9815.jpg photo IMG_9824.jpg photo IMG_9816.jpg photo IMG_9838.jpg photo IMG_9842-2.jpg photo IMG_9841.jpg photo IMG_9842.jpg  photo IMG_9858.jpg photo IMG_9844.jpg photo IMG_9861.jpg  photo IMG_9863.jpg  photo IMG_9867.jpg  photo IMG_9875.jpg photo IMG_9887.jpg  photo IMG_9889.jpg photo IMG_9891.jpg photo IMG_9890.jpg photo IMG_9902.jpg  photo IMG_9906.jpg  photo IMG_9909.jpg
 photo IMG_9885.jpg
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