Thursday, December 18, 2014

2014 client gifts!

 photo IMG_6475.jpg
I wanted to share a little recap about my client gifts this year, 
since talking about them in some of my 'monthly resolution' posts! :)

Not everyone does this, but personally with my business I feel it is a really nice gesture --
and my photography would not be where it is today without those that hire me.
And honestly, I get really humbled thinking about all the gorgeous + sweet people that book a session,
and this is simply a small way I can give back to them!

I found these boxes online, and can't get over how adorable they are!!
Obviously the gable box shape is cute, but having the fun print on them adds so much.
 photo IMG_6487.jpg
and here is what was inside...
Cakeballs, a fun magnet + a card!!
 photo IMG_6480.jpg
I seriously can't put into words the love I have for cakeballs, oh my word.
My friends made them for me -- and they have the recipe down to a science.
Best. Ever.
 photo IMG_6482.jpg
The orange magnet was a digital download I purchased and then had printed by a local lab.
Loved these.

the back of my Christmas card..huge thank-you to Amanda for taking these photos of me!
 photo IMG_6484.jpg
below are a couple photos off my phone I took throughout the process..

getting the box army ready to go, haha!
 photo 2014-12-091151591.jpg
#CakeballNation :)
 photo 2014-12-091027581.jpg
heading to the P.O. to mail some, and then drive around delivering the others!!
also, thank you to several of my brothers for helping me with getting these ready. :)
 photo 2014-12-100915271.jpg
Left at the front door, waiting to be found!!
 photo 2014-12-180212421.jpg
this family had such cute decor on their front porch, I had to take a picture of it. 
 photo 2014-12-180212491.jpg
Here are the links below for the resources for my items, if anyone is curious! 

Printed Gable Boxes // Papermart
Cakeballs // KnK Bakery
Home Sweet Home Graphic // Printable Wisdom
Magnets + Card // ACI

p.s. One thing I would recommend for anyone wanting to do client gifts (if you haven't before) 
is to start planning things out well in advance, so you aren't running around last minute.
I ordered the boxes/magnets way before Thanksgiving, took the headshots for my card several weeks before I had to, etc..
which helped make the whole process really enjoyable for me. 
Love doing this. :)

Friday, December 5, 2014

Sexton family : iowa city, ia family + children photographer

 photo cover.jpg
I was excited about this session from the first e-mail Jamie sent --
she was describing some of the outfits she had so far, and totally had me at 
"blush tunic, grey leggings, ivory fur vest, brown lace-up boots..." :)

Really loved how this whole shoot came together, and major props to them for braving the weather!!
It was freezing + windy, and yet they totally rocked it.
And talk about a gorgeous family, right?! Made my job pretty easy.
Enjoy my favorites of Tom, Jamie, Jack + Avery!
 photo IMG_0135.jpg
 photo IMG_0206.jpg
 photo IMG_0226.jpg
 photo IMG_0222.jpg  photo IMG_0258-2.jpg  photo IMG_0262.jpg
 photo IMG_0274.jpg
 photo IMG_0265.jpg photo IMG_0289-2.jpg  photo IMG_0297.jpg
 photo IMG_0326.jpg
 photo IMG_0338.jpg  photo IMG_0392.jpg
So fun getting to use a variety of backgrounds..
I have wanted to shoot with this blue bus for a LONG time!!
 photo IMG_0400-Edit.jpg  photo IMG_0410.jpg  photo IMG_0473.jpg  photo IMG_0482.jpg  photo IMG_0486.jpg  photo IMG_0511.jpg  photo IMG_0541.jpg  photo IMG_0561.jpg  photo IMG_0569.jpg  photo IMG_0578.jpg
 photo IMG_0620.jpg
 photo IMG_0605.jpg  photo IMG_0612.jpg
 photo IMG_0674.jpg
 photo IMG_0630.jpg  photo IMG_0661.jpg  photo IMG_0666.jpg photo IMG_0690.jpg  photo IMG_0710.jpg  photo IMG_0718.jpg  photo IMG_0736.jpg  photo IMG_0766-2.jpg  photo IMG_0791-Edit.jpg  photo IMG_0820.jpg  photo IMG_0830.jpg
 photo IMG_0884.jpg
 photo IMG_0848.jpg  photo IMG_0860.jpg  photo IMG_0868.jpg  photo IMG_0876.jpg photo IMG_0895.jpg  photo IMG_0909.jpg  photo IMG_0926.jpg  photo IMG_0944.jpg  photo IMG_0945.jpg
~H. Elise