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This post is something I've been thinking about lately, and wanted to share with you guys!
Sorry for being so MIA lately..my life is a zoo right now, and I've got lots of deadlines/resposibilites/things to complete.
Someday I'll get back to blogging regularly again. 

Anyways, the title of this post isn't the best sounding, haha.
But the idea is simply that you didn't need drop-dead gorgeous locations for everything,
and sometimes right off the road, or in a ditch will work awesome.
Seriously, they are amazing around small town areas and country roads,
from what I have found over the years.
This more applies to portraits (I would never do a whole family session in a ditch haha :P),
but I have realized how a lot of things I've shot that worked great were either right off
the side of the road, in a ditch, or a median!
Start looking and you'll be amazed at what you see.

Examples to prove my point..these were taken right off a country highway!!
Flowers grow in these and even blurred look pretty.
 photo IMG_6009.jpgoriginal.jpg
Same area, she is just standing in front of a bean field.
 photo IMG_6068.jpgoriginal.jpg
Here you can see a bit of the highway behind her..with the curved hill and such it looks visually interesting though.
 photo IMG_6115.jpgoriginal.jpg
On the right side of David's face you can see part of the road..
 photo IMG_0188.jpgoriginal.jpg
If you use wider apertures (like 2.5) your backgrounds will often end up being blurred, 
so it doesn't show everything related to where you're actually shooting. :)
I love finding open shade areas (no spotty light), or if it is golden hour or more towards sunset I use places where the sun is behind them.
You can't just pick any ditch and automatically assume it is going to work if the sun would be
right in your subject's eyes. 
Learn lighting and practice shooting where you want to use beforehand.
 photo IMG_0202.jpgoriginal.jpg
Another day, another ditch..can someone write a rap song for this?! haha. :)
 photo IMG_2790.jpgoriginal.jpg
This ditch has long grasses and some floral stuff and a corn field behind it (which is blurred)
but helps make a nice background. 
Also, this spot was shaded super nicely, but still got good light, 
as you can tell by the catch lights in her eyes.
 photo IMG_2818.jpgoriginal.jpg
Same spot, different pose..see how the consistent background blurs so well?
Keeps your focus on the subject.
 photo IMG_2843.jpgoriginal.jpg
For this shot it was the same principle as using good backgrounds, but still getting enough light.
Forests can have cool trees and such, but often everything is surrounded on all sides that it is super hard to shoot in (and you have to crank your ISO way up) or the lighting is spotty.
This spot was right next to a highway..we pulled off and parked on a road to the left of them,
and used the vibrant trees as a background.
To the left, right, and front of them it was open which was perfect..but you still get the colorful forest!
If there were trees surrounding on all sides this would have been a lot darker, 
and wouldn't have worked as well.
 photo IMG_8358.jpgoriginal.jpg
For this shot they are standing at the top of a ditch area..am I sounding like a broken record yet? :)
 photo IMG_0766-2.jpgoriginal.jpg
In this one she is actually sitting on the road, but I love the curvy line in the field, pine tree, her car, etc..
I adore landscapes like this.
 photo IMG_6409.jpgoriginal.jpg
This field of dandelions was in a median V area between two roads..
 photo IMG_7319.jpgoriginal.jpg
Another grassy ditch area, right next to a highway..
and you can actually see a wider BTS shot of the space I was using HERE.
 photo IMG_0443.jpgoriginal.jpg
And in case anyone is thinking "well, that works for her in Iowa, but I can't do the same thing in my state,"
these were shot in Indiana in front of bean field, right off the side of a country road!
 photo IMG_3578.jpgoriginal.jpg  photo IMG_3589.jpgoriginal.jpg  photo IMG_3648.jpgoriginal.jpg
In this image below you can see the thin line of blurred cement on the right side..
 photo IMG_2216.jpgoriginal.jpg
 photo IMG_2273.jpgoriginal.jpg
see how killer ditches can be?!
 photo IMG_2253.jpgoriginal.jpg
To the left of these girls is a ditch and a highway, to the right a bean field..and the sun is behind them.
Again, when you're using a low aperture the background will often be blurred, as in this case.
 photo IMG_1155.jpg
Sometimes I think it would be amazing to live in a place like Utah or Oregon with incredible trees and mountains, but honestly living without that just pushes you to seek harder for the beauty and create using what you find!
Didn't know a ditch could be your next best friend, eh?!
Haha, my secret weapon. :)
If you try out using a spot like this, please share your images on Instagram and tag me @HannahElisePhotography or e-mail them, I'd love to see!

Feel free to comment below if you have any questions on any of this, and I'll do my best to answer!
Or if you enjoyed this post and have ideas for future ones. :)
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EMILY + LAILA MAE : Iowa City, IA Portrait Photographer

 photo IMG_1637.jpg
Back in September I got to do some pictures for Emily and her daughter Laila.
They have the sweetest connection and it was such a joy for me to document!
When I sent her the image gallery, Emily's response about made me cry.
She commented that she never dreamed of seeing such beautiful moments captured in her life..
and it reminded me of the significance of photographs.
When you have been shooting for years sometimes it is easy to forget how much pictures
mean to your clients (since you do it all the time), and I needed to hear that.

Enjoy my favorites!!
 photo IMG_1673.jpg  photo IMG_1685.jpg  photo IMG_1691.jpg  photo IMG_1694.jpg  photo IMG_1703.jpg  photo IMG_1731.jpg  photo IMG_1741.jpg  photo IMG_1744.jpg  photo IMG_1753.jpg  photo IMG_1777.jpg  photo IMG_1806.jpg  photo IMG_1820.jpg  photo IMG_1824.jpg photo IMG_1853.jpg
 photo IMG_1843.jpg
 photo IMG_1869.jpg  photo IMG_1884.jpg  photo IMG_1911.jpg  photo IMG_1914.jpg
 photo IMG_1922-2.jpg
 photo IMG_1918.jpg photo IMG_1933.jpg  photo IMG_1936.jpg  photo IMG_1942.jpg  photo IMG_1949.jpg  photo IMG_1953.jpg  photo IMG_1968.jpg  photo IMG_1979.jpg  photo IMG_1984.jpg  photo IMG_1992.jpg  photo IMG_1996.jpg  photo IMG_2019.jpg  photo IMG_2033.jpg  photo IMG_2034.jpg  photo IMG_2036.jpg  photo IMG_2038.jpg  photo IMG_2064.jpg  photo IMG_2066.jpg  photo IMG_2071.jpg  photo IMG_2073.jpg  photo IMG_2075-2.jpg  photo IMG_2080.jpg  photo IMG_2092.jpg  photo IMG_2126.jpg  photo IMG_2138.jpg  photo IMG_2140.jpg  photo IMG_2162-2.jpg  photo IMG_2184.jpg  photo IMG_2193.jpg
 photo IMG_2422.jpg
 photo IMG_2216.jpg  photo IMG_2219.jpg  photo IMG_2228.jpg  photo IMG_2234.jpg  photo IMG_2253.jpg  photo IMG_2257-2.jpg  photo IMG_2267.jpg  photo IMG_2273.jpg  photo IMG_2276.jpg  photo IMG_2294.jpg  photo IMG_2297-2.jpg photo IMG_2403.jpg
 photo IMG_2401-2.jpg
 photo IMG_2408.jpg
 photo IMG_2395.jpg
 photo IMG_2363.jpg
 photo IMG_2349.jpg
 photo IMG_2308.jpg
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