Tuesday, July 22, 2014

portraits of Heidi & Brea : cedar rapids, ia family & portrait photographer

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July has been a crazy whirlwind running from one thing to the next!!
Lots to catch up on, and I have tons to blog. (!!!)
I just got back from a TN trip where I got to do some engagement photos 
for my brother and his fiance, and a beautiful family session!!
I've been posting lots of previews from those on my facebook page and instagram,
so if things are ever quiet on the blog you can usually see what I'm doing on those social media outlets. 

Back in May I got to do some mother/daughter pictures of these two.
Heidi is absolutely gorgeous, and Brea is a total doll.
I would take some photos, and then she would stretch out her arms for me to pick her up!!
Never had a session where the baby did something that sweet, and it totally made my day.
So precious.
[insert about 50 heart-in-eyes-emoji] :)
 photo IMG_9313.jpg  photo IMG_9317.jpg  photo IMG_9338.jpg  photo IMG_9348.jpg
and they brought live ducklings from their farm!!
no big deal. 
 photo IMG_9360.jpg  photo IMG_9393.jpg  photo IMG_9400.jpg  photo IMG_9425.jpg  photo IMG_9427.jpg  photo IMG_9433.jpg  photo IMG_9469.jpg  photo IMG_9513.jpg  photo IMG_9587.jpg  photo IMG_9619.jpg  photo IMG_9633.jpg  photo IMG_9639.jpg
H. Elise

Monday, July 7, 2014

score thrifty : silverware + dollars.

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In a perfect world this post would have been up by the end of June, 
but sadly things have been super crazy lately and therefore this got pushed to the back burner of priorities.
Thankfully, yesterday I took the time to pull out items from the last few months, 
and photograph them -- cheers!!

I feel like this post could almost be a Dollar Tree version of garage sales, 
because most items in here I found for a dollar!
Also, in regards to thrifting, back in May I got to go to an estate sale with my grandma,
and umm hello-mother-load-of-thrifting.
Wow, it's like a mega garage sale where everyone is chomping at the bit waiting in line with their numbers to get in. :)
[seriously how have I never been to one of these before??!]

Anyways, onto the finds!
[and be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of this post for a bonus surprise!!]

I'm super obsessed with all these ribbons, velvet, bakers' twine, and glittery goodness.
Altogether it was only a few dollars, and I can't wait to use them on packaging
and for Christmas presents this year. 
The awesome white platter they are on was $1.
 photo IMG_3390.jpg
White belt -- $1!
 photo IMG_3400.jpg
How happy is this little 50 cent hot pad?!
 photo IMG_3402.jpg
You guys know I'm a freak for anything colorful..also 50 cents, sky blue plastic teaspoons.
 photo IMG_3406.jpg
Many things in this post (including the below necklace) were from this killer grandma sale I came across.
Seriously, I was in heaven people.
I mean they were even playing "Let it Go" in their garage -- talk about a gloriously angelic, thrifter moment.
Chunky red necklace -- $1.
 photo IMG_3448.jpg
Keeping with the dollar trend, I got this silverware set for a buck.
Love the blue dipped look.
 photo IMG_3411.jpg
Thinking I will use these cute red napkins for my workshop brunch here in July..
50 cents for 8!
 photo IMG_3415.jpg
Now this I am totally obsessed with -- gold oval magnetic frame, with a chain!
$5 bucks.
 photo IMG_3429.jpg
 photo IMG_3431.jpg
This is what I currently have on it, and I can't wait to switch photos out over time and add more to it.
The lady I bought it from said it originally had a picture in the oval, but I love it without.
Gonna keep this baby forever..total gem.
 photo IMG_3417.jpg
Goodwill always delivers -- $2.50 retro child's dress!
Can't wait to use this in a session sometime.
 photo IMG_3433.jpg
$1 chevron afghan, which I also am stoked to use in a shoot..hopefully this fall!!
 photo IMG_3439.jpg
Child's colored shovel, $1.
 photo IMG_3440.jpg
This silverware set I got for $8, and I found it at a mega estate/garage sale in a barn..
 photo IMG_3454.jpg
This is a phone photo of the place -- epic, right?!
My friend Kayla and I were literally there for an hour, sorting through all the goodies.
 photo 2014-05-031216341.jpg
*cue piano teacher hallelujah chorus*
Along with my photography business, I have a piano studio and if there's one thing I've learned
it is that you can never have too many stickers.
 photo IMG_3456.jpg
Guys, I kind of flipped out when I found these black lace-up boots for ONE DOLLAR.
I still haven't recovered.
Probably due to the fact that I almost bought some lace-up boots online a few months ago, 
and didn't, and then at the most unexpected garage sale came upon these.
Bring it on, fall..I want summer to be over just so I can wear them! :P
 photo IMG_3459.jpg  photo IMG_3462.jpg
And speaking of shoes, I was at Gap recently I got these teal oxfords for $9!!
[sidenote -- it really isn't safe for me to go into Gap alone..that place pulls me under every time :) ]
Anyways, I found these in the little girls' section, and they're size 4.
I normally wear size 8.5, and I couldn't believe these fit me.
Just as a general thrifting tip, it occasionally pays off to shop in girls.
Because every so often you can find something in the large/x-large section that doesn't scream Hello Kitty
or have a pink dinosaur on it, and actually looks okay for a 21 year old to wear. ;)
Exhibit A:
 photo IMG_3464.jpg
Ohhhhh man, this cookie jar.
I can't even handle it.
Best $8 investment I've made in a long time..I just adore it.
 photo IMG_3466.jpg  photo IMG_3468.jpg
And in case you guys are doubting my restraint issues, they had a whole beautiful mecca of
orange pots, and I only bought one of them.
*behold -- Hannah exercised self control*
 photo 2014-06-131015151.jpg
Red child's mittens - 25 cents.
 photo IMG_3475.jpg
Hope has been my 'word-of-the-year' [more on that in a future blog post]
and I was randomly going through a bin of books at a sale and stumbled upon this.
My friend said, "Hannah! It's your word! If you don't buy it I'm going to buy it for you."
25 cents of Hope? Sold.
 photo IMG_3478.jpg
This book is so adorable..each page says "Hope is" and has an illustration.
 photo IMG_3479.jpg
I've started sharing the pages one by one on my instagram, and will keep posting more on there. :)
 photo IMG_3481.jpg
Because everyone needs a solid rolling pin..especially when it's a quarter.
 photo IMG_3484.jpg
This is one of the coolest hangers I've seen, and was a hefty 50 cents. ;)
And the bonus is that it even folds up!
 photo IMG_3485.jpg
I paid $2.50 for this tin, which is an exact match to the large one I got in this post.
Now I just need to find a small and medium somewhere!!
 photo IMG_3471.jpg
We have a skinny board book of this same Mother Goose, and so I had to get this large paperback one.
Isn't it fun finding childhood books or toys you played with?
Recently I saw an easy-bake-oven, and thought hello throwback.
Loved that thing when I was little.
Aside from the ridiculously expensive baking mixes you had to buy that went with it. :P

I'm going off on a rabbit trail -- back to the book here, it was 50 cents!
 photo IMG_3488.jpg
This poncho is one of my top favorites in this whole post.
75 cents of magic.
Now I just need a little girl with long red hair to model it for me in a forest or something.
If anyone would like to volunteer their ginger lass to wear it, I am all game. :)
 photo IMG_3491.jpg
Ahh, this $3 picnic basket!!
 photo IMG_3494.jpg
Sometimes it blows my mind that people can get rid of fabulous stuff like this..like what are they thinking?!
Then I remember that I benefit from their de-cluttering, and should just be grateful that they share their treasures, haha. 
 photo IMG_3497.jpg
When I was pulling things out to photograph yesterday, I ran across these bright blue Old Navy bags I bought on clearance.
And I thought hey! I should give away an actual #scorethrifty item! 
 photo IMG_3502.jpg
So, if you would like to win them, just leave a comment on this post sharing
a favorite summer memory from the last few months!
Whoever wins will get one bag for themselves, and one to give to a friend.
Also, you can get your name in the hat twice by entering via instagram.

-one entry per person
-giveaway ends Friday, July 11 at midnight, CST
-winner will be announced next Monday on my facebook page and instagram!

H. Elise