Saturday, May 23, 2015

Hannah Elise Spring Models : iowa city, ia children photographer

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I don't think I've ever had so much cute in one blog post before. :)

This spring I decided to do something fun and different, and put out a call on facebook for little girls to model for me!
Photographing girls in the spring is so much fun.
I just loved getting to meet, photograph and become friends with these girls + their families!
HUGE thank you to all the the Moms for driving to the Amana Colonies, and all their work with outfits, etc.
They knocked it out of the park, as you will see from the images. :)

Enjoy my favorites from their sessions -- a whole lot of adorable, spunk + sweetness. 
If you are interested in booking a shoot feel free to contact me via HERE,
or send an e-mail and I would love to chat more!!
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 photo IMG_3344.jpg  photo IMG_3353.jpg  photo IMG_3368.jpg
 photo IMG_3502.jpg  photo IMG_3516.jpg
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 photo IMG_3538.jpg  photo IMG_3550.jpg  photo IMG_3555.jpg  photo IMG_3572.jpg  photo IMG_3581.jpg  photo IMG_3625.jpg
 photo IMG_3678.jpg  photo IMG_3707.jpg  photo IMG_3747.jpg  photo IMG_3749.jpg  photo IMG_3771.jpg  photo IMG_3815.jpg  photo IMG_3835.jpg photo IMG_3855.jpg
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 photo IMG_3949.jpg photo IMG_3999.jpg  photo IMG_4010.jpg  photo IMG_4048.jpg  photo IMG_4069.jpg
 photo IMG_4190.jpg
 photo IMG_4201.jpg  photo IMG_4230.jpg  photo IMG_4279.jpg  photo IMG_4375.jpg  photo IMG_4387.jpg  photo IMG_4403.jpg photo IMG_4416.jpg
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 photo IMG_5079.jpg photo IMG_5090.jpg  photo IMG_5091-2.jpg  photo IMG_5114.jpg  photo IMG_5119.jpg  photo IMG_5142.jpg  photo IMG_6155.jpg  photo IMG_6167.jpg  photo IMG_6179.jpg  photo IMG_6209.jpg  photo IMG_6241.jpg  photo IMG_6248.jpg  photo IMG_6255.jpg  photo IMG_6261.jpg  photo IMG_6311.jpg  photo IMG_6346.jpg  photo IMG_6416.jpg  photo IMG_6460.jpg  photo IMG_6491.jpg  photo IMG_6519.jpg  photo IMG_6538.jpg  photo IMG_6542.jpg  photo IMG_6557.jpg  photo IMG_6561.jpg  photo IMG_6667.jpg  photo IMG_6674.jpg  photo IMG_6712.jpg  photo IMG_6717.jpg
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Hannah Elise