Monday, September 15, 2014

Boho Blogtober : IT'S BACK!!

I am about BURSTING AT THE SEAMS to publish this post, guys!!
 photo BohoBlogtober.jpg
For any long-time blog readers, you may remember that last fall I did a project with a super dear friend of mine, 
Chelsy Renee, where we blogged every weekday for the month of October.
Believe me, it was intense, awesome, stretching, and SO MUCH FUN all wrapped up together!! :)

Well if you've done something once, you tend to think about doing it again..
and a few months ago I was thinking about if we should embark on Boho Blogtober this year.
So I texted Chels about it, and she replied with,
"this is crazy, but I was just thinking about that yesterday!!"
With a response like that, I knew it sealed the deal and we were both in, ha! :)

So for anyone who is hearing about this for the first time, how it works is that 
Chelsy and I will both be blogging every single weekday for the entire month of October -- 
which adds up to 46 blog posts between us both, eek!!! :)

My posts will include :

+ Photography tips from some of the content I shared at my workshop
+ Guest Bloggers (and these are going to be awesome!! I have some faaaabulous girls lined up to share with you all!)
+ Giveaways
+ FAQ post
+ Outfit styling for family sessions
+ Posing high school seniors
+ a VLOG (video blog) from Chels and I!!!!! (I had this revelation idea one night, and kinda freaked out about it...and I still haven't recovered. How fun would this be?! Can't wait to do it!!)
+ MANY more posts including photo sessions (like I typically share on here), personal ponderings/photos, and other randomness!!

But we're going to need your help in a couple ways though...
  • Submit your input and questions. What would you love to see in Boho Blogtober?! Speak up! :) And for a FAQ post (which I did last year) and the video blog, we are going to need questions. They can be photography/blogging related, or on other topics! Please, please comment with them on this post, as NOW is your chance to put a plug in for your interests!!
  • If you have an Etsy shop and would be interested in donating an item for a giveaway, I would love to have you featured and link to your site! Last fall in October my blog stats skyrocketed (seriously -- were never that high before that month, and haven't been since then!!), so if you would like to gain exposure for your business Boho Blogtober would be a great outlet for you! If you are interested in doing this, please e-mail me asap [] and keep in mind that depending on the amount of interest in this, I may not be able to accept everyone and have them featured. So move fast! :)
  • SPREAD THE WORD!! Tell your friends, share this post, mark your calendars and "Keep Calm and Wait for October 1st." :) I really want you all to be encouraged & challenged through Boho Blogtober, interact (as in -- comment often! ask questions! share ideas!), and for God to be glorified. And be sure to go follow Chelsy's blog (if you aren't already) so you can have all her posts in your feed when October hits!! 
Can it just be October already?!! Cannot wait. 
Have a lovely evening, and be sure to comment below with your input and questions!!
Thanks so much in advance. :)

~H. Elise

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

portraits of Abbey : 2015 senior || iowa city, ia portrait photographer

 photo Abbeycover.jpg
This has to be hands down one of my top favorite senior sessions to date..
photographing Abbey just felt so effortless and like a fairytale.
You'll be able to see why looking through these images. :)
Obviously she is incredibly gorgeous, but add to that her fabulous props,
the vision she had for the shoot, her sweet personality, an overcast day, Anthropologie dress..
basically I was a HUGE fan of everything.

Abbey's family is so much fun..her older sister Liz was actually my 'first hired client' 
awhile back when I did her senior pictures.
Crazy how fast the last few years have gone by since then -- 
but lets stop talking about that before I feel old, ha! :) 

Enjoy my MANY favorites of this girl.. (I do not apologize for the excessive amount) :P
and I'd love to hear which ones are YOUR favorite in the comments!!
 photo IMG_5425.jpg
you know it's going to be an awesome shoot when you pull up to the meeting spot, 
and vintage cars are just sitting around right there.
 photo IMG_5429.jpg  photo IMG_5439.jpg  photo IMG_5454.jpg  photo IMG_5462.jpg  photo IMG_5464.jpg  photo IMG_5472.jpg  photo IMG_5479.jpg  photo IMG_5483.jpg photo IMG_5501.jpg
 photo IMG_5496.jpg
 photo IMG_5706.jpg
 photo IMG_5687.jpg  photo IMG_5693.jpg  photo IMG_5701.jpg photo IMG_5712.jpg  photo IMG_5735.jpg  photo IMG_5744.jpg  photo IMG_5764.jpg  photo IMG_5766.jpg  photo IMG_5783.jpg  photo IMG_5775.jpg  photo IMG_5786.jpg  photo IMG_5791.jpg  photo IMG_5797.jpg photo IMG_5806.jpg  photo IMG_5812.jpg  photo IMG_5820.jpg

 photo IMG_5803.jpg photo IMG_5905.jpg  photo IMG_5917.jpg  photo IMG_5932.jpg  photo IMG_5937.jpg  photo IMG_5950.jpg photo IMG_5979.jpg  photo IMG_6004.jpg  photo IMG_6006.jpg  photo IMG_6009.jpg  photo IMG_6015.jpg
We were shooting here right off the side of the road, and had THREE different cars stop
and ask us if we were okay!!
Which kind of cracked me up because she was in a formal dress, standing in front of wildflowers,
and I had a camera in hand..but that's small town Iowa for ya. ;)
 photo IMG_6013.jpg  photo IMG_6020.jpg  photo IMG_6024.jpg  photo IMG_6028.jpg photo IMG_6052.jpg  photo IMG_6056.jpg  photo IMG_6067.jpg
 photo IMG_6084.jpg
 photo IMG_6068.jpg photo IMG_6091.jpg  photo IMG_6115.jpg  photo IMG_6127.jpg  photo IMG_6133.jpg
It's not every day you get to photograph Susan Pevensie either. :)
seriously, how cool is this outfit?!
And you guys would not believe how buggy it was in this mosquito national convention or something.
We lasted approximately 7 minutes in here, and then ran for the car..literally!!
 photo IMG_6148.jpg photo IMG_6162.jpg
 photo IMG_6159.jpg
 photo IMG_6168.jpg  photo IMG_6173.jpg  photo IMG_6178.jpg photo IMG_6187.jpg  photo IMG_6197.jpg
 photo IMG_6232.jpg
 photo IMG_6224.jpg photo IMG_6239.jpg  photo IMG_6241.jpg  photo IMG_6242.jpg  photo IMG_6256.jpg
H. Elise