Monday, September 1, 2014

a walk to the post office : iii

Another walk to the post office -- rainy summer day edition. :)

I really love doing these.
It just amazes me how I walk the same path every day and have for years...
and yet when I am photographing it I notice new things each time.

(you can see past walks here and here)
 photo IMG_1405.jpg  photo IMG_1408.jpg  photo IMG_1409.jpg  photo IMG_1415.jpg  photo IMG_1416.jpg
 photo IMG_1418.jpg
 photo IMG_1421.jpg  photo IMG_1423.jpg photo IMG_1427.jpg  photo IMG_1429.jpg  photo IMG_1433.jpg  photo IMG_1437.jpg  photo IMG_1442.jpg  photo IMG_1448.jpg  photo IMG_1453.jpg  photo IMG_1455.jpg  photo IMG_1456.jpg  photo IMG_1465.jpg  photo IMG_1471.jpg  photo IMG_1481.jpg  photo IMG_1484.jpg  photo IMG_1486.jpg  photo IMG_1474.jpg
happy Labor Day!! 


~H. Elise

Friday, August 29, 2014

Gehrke girls : portraits!

Recently I got to do some pictures for these girls -- aren't they gorgeous?!
I'm pretty sure I could photograph sisters all day - every day and never get tired of it.
Probably because I have all brothers, and therefore love seeing sisters interact together 
and the bond they share. :)

Also, a quick heads up that I am booking REALLY fast for fall sessions right now,
so please e-mail or send me a message here asap if you would like photos to have before Christmas!! :)
I hate turning people away, but I have to preserve my sanity and stay on top of things 
somehow so I am limiting myself again this fall. ;)
Can't wait for all the beautiful people and autumn colors I will get to capture over the next couple months!!
 photo IMG_9333.jpg
 photo IMG_9339-2.jpg  photo IMG_9319.jpg  photo IMG_9321.jpg  photo IMG_9359.jpg photo IMG_9375.jpg
 photo IMG_9363.jpg
 photo IMG_9385.jpg  photo IMG_9398.jpg  photo IMG_9406.jpg  photo IMG_9413-2.jpg  photo IMG_9417.jpg  photo IMG_9420.jpg  photo IMG_9449.jpg  photo IMG_9454.jpg photo IMG_9497-2.jpg photo IMG_9508.jpg  photo IMG_9520.jpg

 photo IMG_9534.jpg  photo IMG_9541-2.jpg photo IMG_9553.jpg  photo IMG_9559.jpg
 photo IMG_9471.jpg
 photo IMG_9572.jpg photo IMG_9594.jpg  photo IMG_9609.jpg photo IMG_9637.jpg  photo IMG_9658.jpg  photo IMG_9666.jpg  photo IMG_9677.jpg
Cheyenne just got her braces off, which was the main reason their mom wanted to do this session --
such a fun idea!!
 photo IMG_9682.jpg photo IMG_9696.jpg photo IMG_9707.jpg photo IMG_9711.jpg
 photo IMG_9737.jpg
 photo IMG_9733.jpg
hope you all have a beautiful weekend!!

~H. Elise