Friday, November 21, 2014

Danilson family : cedar rapids, ia family & children photographer

 photo cover.jpg
This family was such a joy to photograph!!
I met the mom, Jessica, several years back at a party and it was so nice to reconnect with them when we did these.
And seriously, how adorable are they?!
The original date we were going to do photos in October it was FREEZING and windy,
so thankfully we were able to reschedule and God blessed us with beautiful, warm weather!
So excited to share my favorites from their session tonight. :)
 photo IMG_4856.jpg  photo IMG_4881.jpg
these boys were SO well-behaved  -- and obviously adore their sister. :)
 photo IMG_4903.jpg
 photo IMG_4916.jpg
 photo IMG_4934.jpg
and those blue, little heartbreakers!!
 photo IMG_4974.jpg
 photo IMG_4969.jpg
 photo IMG_4982.jpg  photo IMG_4996.jpg  photo IMG_5008.jpg  photo IMG_5013.jpg photo IMG_5024.jpg
 photo IMG_5019.jpg
 photo IMG_5092.jpg  photo IMG_5138.jpg  photo IMG_5144.jpg  photo IMG_5146.jpg  photo IMG_5166-2.jpg  photo IMG_5170.jpg  photo IMG_5250.jpg  photo IMG_5261.jpg photo IMG_5281.jpg
 photo IMG_5274.jpg
 photo IMG_5293.jpg  photo IMG_5295.jpg  photo IMG_5347.jpg  photo IMG_5357.jpg  photo IMG_5359.jpg  photo IMG_5361.jpg
 photo IMG_5616.jpg  photo IMG_5618.jpg
her expressions just kill me.
 photo IMG_5657.jpg
 photo IMG_5620.jpg
 photo IMG_5704.jpg
 photo IMG_5448.jpg  photo IMG_5461.jpg  photo IMG_5465.jpg  photo IMG_5475.jpg  photo IMG_5483.jpg  photo IMG_5489.jpg  photo IMG_5506.jpg
 photo IMG_5591.jpg
 photo IMG_5207-2.jpg
 photo IMG_5604.jpg
 photo IMG_5534.jpg  photo IMG_5539.jpg  photo IMG_5554-2.jpg  photo IMG_5557.jpg
I wish I could step right inside this image..what a glorious day.
 photo IMG_5530.jpg
hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

~H. Elise