When I first started writing this the blank blog post staring back at me made me emotional..
I've had so much life happen since I last blogged.

To say the last 2 years have been exhausting in multiple ways would be an understatement..

I've talked about this before but the last almost 2 years 
have been really hard..
First my Grandma died in June 2016, then I had a health problem and was in the hospital, I hosted an internship, hosted a baby shower for a friend, hosted a surprise 50th birthday party for my mom, then I was thrown right away into the most stressful work season of my life, my best friend Amanda moved away + I did a going away party for her,  I still had a bunch of work projects January - May of last year, last summer I had some other health problems, 
amidst other things too personal to share here..
This past Christmas my best friend Amanda got engaged, I was in Tulsa, OK for two weeks, did Amanda + Daniel's engagement pictures / designed their invite, hosted a bridal shower here in Iowa for her, drove down to the wedding in Tulsa in March with my Mom and helped with stuff at the wedding!!
Then everything in my life was done (and I didn't have anything I was under pressure by after 2 years of nonstop) 
and it was honestly culture shock for my body. 
The last two years have about killed me lol..

Sometimes life is really hard, and really crappy.. and that's reality.

Sometimes life is incredibly disappointing..
Truth over emotion is always hard to live out. 

Anyways, I have REALLY been enjoying life lately --
I'm so grateful the past 4 months have been slow..
Something @elisejoy said a couple months ago was "people who act on ideas have a lot of ideas" --
I've been so excited about all the ideas in the world + creativity lately..
Life is exciting!! 


+ Cheetah print. Oh man -- is anyone else loving that cheetah print is back + using it as a neutral with fashion?!! I'm straight up obsessed.

+ Fudge popsicles..guys these are amazing!! (And for those of you judging me -- when I go to the store and the fudge bars are sold out -- HASHTAG VALIDATION OF MY OBSESSION. #exhibitA #enoughsaid ) Also can we talk about how great Aldi is?!!

+ Guys this tea is BOMB -- my friend Amanda found it in Oklahoma at Sprouts and I bought it. It's like drinking a dessert + it smells amazing. Walmart also has it. 
Also their lemon kind is legit like drinking lemon bread.

Hillsong's new album. I love Hillsong so much!!

Ben Rector magic album. Have you heard Ben Rector's new album?!! I think it's his best yet!! 
I loved what he was saying in the picture on this post about the album (if you arrow right / swipe right) about how there's magic in where we are and where we're going.. 

+ I've started doing a 30 Min Reset / Prep ever night where I pick things up from the day + put them away + prep for things coming up and it's a game changer. 
 I actually feel like one of those people who are organized and ahead on their life. 
Guys I'm going to be doing this the rest of my life haha.

+ Psalm 63 <3 "my soul clings to You.. Your right hand upholds me." <3

+ Trader Joe's dark chocolate peanut butter cups. Guys where have these been all my life?!!

+ Stila liquide eyeshadow -- #hearteyes.. you can get the 3 pack or individual single bottles.

+ I was listening to an episode of the Often Ambitious podcast recently and Erika was saying how her classic line she speaks over her life is "Things are working out for me." 
Anyways I've starting saying that to myself and it's amazing the positive momentum it gives to your life + also focusing on things you can do that will have positive return. 

+ Running. I'm want to get back into running sometime. 
I loved this post by Merrick's Art + I want to do her method.

+ Guys have you been to Heirloom Salad?!! Their fiesta salad is one of the best salads of my life!! 
I don't know why more people don't talk about this place because it's amazing!! 
That place is like another world. Once I was even excited to go to bed the night before to wake up and eat A SALAD. Who am I?!! Haha
I've also been making my own salads at home recently too + I'm obsessed. #toppings

+ I'm also trying to figure out a meal plan for myself for the fall -- 
if anyone has great lunch or breakfast ideas let me know!! :) 

+ Guys if you want a laugh go watch @FUNCHEAporfree Instagram Highlights "Drama" -- 
the story about "The Proposal" TV show..
 I laughed so hard I literally got chest pain haha. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.. 

+ I want to go back through my Magic of light course pdf..

+ Read boundaries. I've started reading this..

+ @elisejoy -- I really like her. 

+ I got a little creative..

+ Has anyone else been obsessed with Virtue + Moir from the 2018 Winter Olympics?!! 
Oh my gosh.. someone posted about them + I've been ridiculously obsessed ever since. 
They're one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen in my life. I'm not obsessed at all haha.
If you've never seen them go watch THIS VIDEO
Best ice dancing I've ever seen.

+ I've been doing a 4 month challenge of not buying stuff -- inspired by Live free miranda + my friend Amanda -- you can read about it HERE

+ Graham Cochrane has some of the most amazing business advice ever.

+ If you aren't following along on Instagram -- on my stories I post life hacks / photography tips!! 

My people..

The first 2 weeks of January I was down in Tulsa, Oklahoma visiting my best friend, Amanda..
Wedding dress shopping for Amanda in Tulsa!! 
Taco Bueno will forever be a good memory..
It takes a deep level of friendship when you never "have" to talk..and it's my favorite thing ever..
My parents organized a surprise party for me on my 25th birthday -- the whole day was amazing.. 

On my golden birthday.. 25 on the 25th..
When your best friend gets engaged!!

Shower I hosted for Amanda!! 
I so enjoyed the process for this..
And yes I can't do anything halfway.. #storyofmylife haha
I've had so much happen this year I feel like I've lived 4 years so far in 2018 lol.. 

Road-tripping down to the wedding!! 
IKEA!! My sprit animal..

Wedding setup!! 

I love these photos so much..

New Oklahoma friends!! 
She looked stunning.. 

I had an incredible experience getting my dress from David's Bridal..read about it HERE!!

Love these girls..

"When do I see it?

When do I understand this better?

After the ashes --

When will the pieces come together?

I think its when I lose control

I know it when I lose control

But we can't keep fighting for a steady life so

I'll ride the wind like a feather toward home

The wind like a feather toward home

With hope..
When I die my body will say goodbye

To the things that held me down

To the fear that kept my hands tied

When I'm gone my heart will carry on

Past the valleys I called my home

Where my questions and concerns will piece together

Until then -- I'll ride the wind like a feather toward home..

The wind like a feather toward home
When the bows about to break
From the wind that life can throw

And my bodies shot

From fighting it with everything..
When will the calm that was here before
Drag the clouds of sorrows storm?
I think its when I lose control
I know its when I lose control.."

photo credit : Grace Keller 
I LOVE these dark / grainy / moody / out of focus / shot after dark photos she took..

"You're making a masterpiece

You're shaping the soul in me

You're moving where I can't see

And all I am is in your hands

You're taking me all apart

Like it was your plan from the start

To finish your work of art for all to see..

You're making a masterpiece.."

"You know me better than I know myself.. Your ways are higher than anything else.."

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  1. GIRL! Just recently I was thinking I hadn't seen in anything from you for a while, and then I came here to find this! I'm just getting my life under control again too and it's such an amazing feeling. Glad you're doing better and please to see you blogging again :)


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