score thrifty!

wahoo for the first ever "score thrifty" post!
I love finding deals, I love hearing about others' thrifty deals.
so why not do a blog series on thrifty things? :)
 I think I could like live at Goodwill {or any awesome thrift store}.
and I love garage sale-ing.
or finding el-cheapo deals at a store.
like when I go into a store,
 I hit the clearance racks first (<--best way to shop right there, people)
basically, I love finding good deals anywhere!! :)
sooooo, these are some of my fun thrifty finds I've gotten this summer...{!}

awesome vintage clock. {which actually works if you wind it}
fun photoshoot prop me thinks.

zebra flats. and for 75 cents? yes please.

this is one of my favorite-est dealios. these stellar seer-sucker shorts from Old Navy still had the $19.50 price tag on them at a garage sale...
I got them for:

woot, woot!

plastic chess set (with all the pieces!) for 10 cents. I think the little boys will enjoy playing with the pieces as army guys or something...until they are dispersed all over the house and lie in wait to cripple your foot when you step on them. :)

I remember reading this awesome book when I was little, and I found it for a quarter (yippee!)
now I have a copy for myself...muahaha. :)
and I seriously wish I had that dress the librarian is wearing in that book. totally cool.

and speaking of books, I found these other gems...

I'll tear them apart and use them for some crafty project.
like maybe turn the pages into envelopes? pinwheels?
possibilities are endless, folks.

this vintage pineapple can was so cute.
why don't we have labels like that on our cans anymore?

you can never have too many, right?

so the brown belt in the above picture I got at this awesome place called "thrift world." 
{yes, world you heard me right} 
some of us Bright Lights leaders hit goodwill and thrift world in Omaha, NE on THIS trip.
(and I think we majorly depleted the skirt section at both places) :)
this one is seriously one of my new favorites.
 I just love it, with leggings or without.
haha, so this bag had no price on it. :)
so I asked the man how much for the bag and he said,
"how about 15 cents?"
this crate I'm suuuper excited to use in photoshoots.
I can stick a baby in there, turn it upside down for someone to sit on, love it.
this is another photoshoot prospect....
church pants for Ocho.
this is my happy yellow shopping cart.
I feel like an official thrift-ist now.
opera glasses.
nooo way you could pass these up.....way too cool.
so there you have it!
what thrifty things have you found lately that made you think, "score!"?

she considers a field and buys it...
// prov. 31:16
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  1. Wow, you got some great finds!!!! I always go to the clearance rack first to!! HA!! Those shorts are really cute!

  2. Hey, Hannah---will you send me your gmail address? Don't post it here--just send me an email :

    theoldecrone at gmail


  3. Hannah! This post cracks me up so much, call me weird but it reminds me of the emails I used to get from you.

    Seriously the post was so cute and it cracked me up so much that I was laughing out loud! Woot! Hilar!


  4. Wow I loved this post :). I'm definitely a bargain lover as well :D. Good finds!!
    Hugs, Kels


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