score thrifty :: trays to tractors

yay for a new score thrifty post!
thanks to all who voted here, #2 was the winner. :)

I guess I could actually call this "thrifty thursday."
you know, I could try to always do these posts on thursday's, but that would never actually end up happening most of the time. and you'd probably never see another thrifty post if I did that, so we'll just leave them at whenever I randomly get them done since my to-do list is taller than I am right now. (not that I'm tall, but you get the idea....)

aren't these little trays adorable?

.10 cents each.
yay garage sale. :)
bummer its getting colder (which = garage sales are closed. boo.)

a quarter each, handy dandy ladle + mini strainer.

this bowl reminds me of something you would find at Target.
paid a dime for it.

I think this purse was 50 cents...it was less than a dollar, I know that.
would be fun to use as a prop sometime.

another dime find:
(you know, maybe I should start calling these posts 'dime days', because it seems a lot of my items I get for a dime. and then it wouldn't matter which day I post on, because  a 'dime day' could be any day of the week. :)

2 plastic popcorn containers.

folders (5 large, 1 mini) for all for 50 cents, to keep me organized.

and 2 binders, .25 cents each

so one morning Amanda texted me and said,
"you have to go to this garage sale-they have all these clothes your size and they're all a quarter!"

so I went, and here's what I found:

happy little clogs for my feet.
that were only 50 cents.
this lady knew how to do a garage sale.....all the clothes a quarter, and all the shoes were 50 cents.

 they're sonoma brand  (from kohl's)

seriously, these are THE most comfortable clogs I've ever worn.

yay for orange shirts that are .25 cents..
I reaaaaallly like orange if you can't tell from my blog header. :)

long sleeved white tee .25 cents.

i love the little buttons on the sleeves.

cheerful blue short-sleeved sweater.
.25 cents.

thanks to Burg and Berend I actually got to be on the other side of the lens for once. :)

I actually ended up getting all these decks of cards for free:

and 2 different Old Maid card decks...

(I think Rosieta Rio looks like a pretty fun girl) 

maybe it would be worth it to be an old maid just to get a hat like that. lol.

this deck is more "vintage-y" looking.

the cards have all these hilarious characters and illustrations.

how I feel, everyday:

people are constantly either saying
a) I don't look my age or
b) I look like a 12 year old
okay, well I may be only 5' 1 and a half inches tall, but still...

an "older" looking old maid in this deck.

now these totally cracked me up~old play Barbie money and part of the cards from some Barbie game.
(this was all free too)

the money

the cards

the scholarship one is hilarious-it looks like a lamp from Aladdin or something.

and some of the different cards....

seriously? my allowance is increased by a dollar. I am thrilled.

and only $10 bucks for your old bike?

okay, I don't know about you, but if I had to address invitations I would want more than a $2 salary.

I don't know how you're supposed to buy dresses like this

for $65, if you're only making $10 off your bike, or getting paid 2 bucks for your "beautiful handwriting."

okay now these little notebooks I am totally in love with.
and they weren't technically a "thrifty" find, since I got them at Target, buuuut it was $3 for all three of them, and I think that was a thrifty deal for how cute they are.

and they all have these cute little maps on the inside of the front and back covers.
I'm kicking myself for not buying more of them.

okay, so I was about to leave a garage sale, and then I saw this tractor seat sitting under a table....

I asked if it was for sale and how much he wanted for it.
"uh, 3 bucks."
"I'll buy it."

yay new photography prop!

I don't think I should work on these posts before I go to bed.....last night I went to a garage sale in my dream. :) and the guy who was having the garage sale had a big cardboard box that said "score thrifty" on it, and right away I was thinking: "I  have to get something at this garage sale, because its a 'score thrifty' one!"

happy thursday!
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  1. HA! To keep you organized...btw, I bought those folders several years ago. Like 4 or 5 years ago!!

    Dude! I am TOTALLY jealous of the Target notebooks. I'm going to have to go there and find them. Where they in dollar section? Or in the school supplies?

    Seriously, I don't know where you keep all the stuff that you buy. :)

    Yay! To Amanda. And cheers to B & B for getting some stellar pics of you!

  2. I love this post! :) Those Old Maid cards are awesome, I love them. And those Target journals are so cute. Very nice pics of you, I agree. Good question..how do you store all the stuff you buy? :)
    Love ya!

  3. Love it!

    Funny... I got a gray shirt just like your white one at that garage sale. I came home and kicked myself for not getting the white one:) lol.

    Those Target notebooks are awesome!! I really liked how you photographed them.


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