M Family {hannah elise photography}

Oooohh it was *so* much fun to get to take pictures for this family!
These people are so sweet, and I'm so glad I know them!

sooooo, story time behind that red barn.
they had mentioned they wanted to do some with a barn, and so I had a barn picked out to use, but it was a gray one. and then the Mom e-mailed asking if I knew if there were any red barns around that we could use because with they outfits they were wearing, a red barn would make them stand out more.
now, there aren't any red barns where I live (I know, shocker), but I thought I had remembered one nearby.....soooo, I drove out there and I found it!
only problem was, I had no clue who lived there....so we knocked on their door to see if anyone was home.
they had the name of their cattle company though out in front of their house, so at home I randomly googled that, and lo and behold-the guy who owned it was selling cattle on somebody's blog!
talk about random. :P
anyway, he had his name and phone number listed, so I called the number...
"hi! I have a photography business, and I'm doing some family pictures for some people and they were wanting to do them in front of a red barn......and I was wondering if we could do them in front of your barn??"
and the guy said sure! and that he didn't care! woot! woot!
don't be afraid to ask, the worst anyone can say is no. :P

vintage edit...

the girls...

and the boys.

I love this one.

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  1. Stellar! Love THE red barn! :) The story about the barn is totally hilarious. {LIS!}


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