Miss L :: senior 2012 {hannah elise photography}

I've been sooo excited to post this girl's senior pictures!
She is one of those, "super sweet, always happy, you-can't-help-but-love" girls.
She talked to me this spring about doing her senior pictures, and I didn't think I could wait until the fall to do them! 
But somehow...I waited...and had so much fun shooting her family's pictures, and then her's.
And coincidence, I actually took her senior pictures on the same day, Sept. 24th, that mine were taken a year ago. :)

I lovelovelove this angle.
I was shooting from above on this grassy hill leading up to the barn....

that, my friends, is naturally wind-blown hair.

fav shot of all her pictures...
love the color pop of the orange wall behind her, the pose, her beautiful smile, the striped shirt...
you get the idea. :P

she got to go to London this summer (how cool is that!), and she said these door handles reminded her of the ones she saw while she was over there.

this doorway is super cool, and I love how the leaves frame the top and left side.

and I liked her skirt so much that I went and bought the same one for myself. :)

I absolutely love this one.

def a top fav right here:

these teal benches were sitting across the street from a business, and so I called and asked if we could use them...

isn't the gradient in this flower stunning?!

May God richly bless your senior year!
I know He is going to do nothing less than amazing things with your life.
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  1. I LOVE them all!! My favorites are 8,10, and 36!
    I think I got the numbers right on those:)

    Have a great day!

  2. Nicely done! :) LIS about you taking senior photos on the same day you got your own photos done...that's pretty stellar.

  3. I have been silently blog stalking you Hannah and decided this would be the perfect post to comment on...WHY? Because I love these! Great work! We still need to shoot together...I have texting now to let me know if you ever want to just do a "shoot"

  4. Wow she is stunning! I love the pictures! I want her hair so bad. :)

  5. Where did you get that skirt! I want one too!!!

  6. I love the skirt too! Please share...

    -A friend who can't give her name over the web ; )

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Hannah!! Your work is so great :) your pictures are so lovely to look at! God has really blessed you with this!


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