Courtney :: senior 2012 {hannah elise photography}

eeeee! fun, fun memories of doing Courtney's senior pictures!
she texted me and mentioned some props she was bringing...
flags (she's in color guard), vintage trunk, old books....
and I was excited. :)
Courtney is a such a fun girl, and I'm so happy for her as she's heading to India for 6 months next year!
undoubtedly God is going to use her in mighty ways.
I lovelovelove the fluorescent flag and her bright yellow jeans.
 this was one of my first early morning shoots..and I love the golden light in these next few.

 top fav.

 courtney......you are so photogenic.

 i had fun playing with the mirror.

we both laughed a lot. :)

 another top fav.

 I love the color pop of her red shirt with this amazing blue bridge (that is just down the hill from me! I need to utilize that more...)

 check out her awesome robot earings. :)
 and cool side-note~thats actually her mom's charm bracelet from when she was in highschool.

this is Courtney...
 someone who truly loves the Lord and wants to live her life for Him...
and does it while wearing robot earings.
(and a scarf from france! <-- jealousy inserted here.) :P

 these shoes belonged to one of her best friends.
who sadly died several years ago from an autoimmune disease (HLH).
(my brother and I actually played music at her funeral)
and this would have been Jess' senior year, too.
we were driving back to Courtney's car, and I asked her if there were any other pictures she really wanted.
and she just wanted some of the shoes.
I feel so priviledged to have gotten to take these for her.
in memory of her friend.
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  1. Love this shoot! Love all the colors! You totally need to use that bridge more often! Rock on!

  2. OH MY. These are so amazing, I don't know where to begin! Ok, so lets start with the mirror shots - so creative, and gorgeous! I also love the ones on that blue bridge. Oh and great angles! I can't get over those old books and that truck - too awesome! Girl, keep up the good work! You are doing a great job.


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