full of little girl handwriting totally melt my heart.
I remember awhile back where I got three letters in one day. {cheers!}
I love getting letters.
{don't get me wrong~I love getting e-mails/texts too, but there's something about getting a letter addressed to just you, that no one else has read and you get to open the envelope, and hold it in your hand, and treausure it forever.}
the post office is my friend.
its my job to walk a block up there every day.
crouch down.
and open our little box with the key.
and getting a letter with my name on it = always a win win.

lately I've been thinking about stationary and letters.
and how whenever we give someone stationary as a gift, they like never use it to write us a letter or note back on that stationary.
I think its some secret, un-spoken 'law' of the world that if anyone gives you stationary, you never give them that same stationary back. {anyone else notice that?!}

just last week though I got a letter from a friend and she used the stationery I gave her!
I was so excited!
{thanks kels!}

you know, the bummer deal about getting pretty stationery/notecards, is that I always want to keep them for myself. I mean, why give away that gorgeousness to another? so I've been thinking that I should just give stationery I like to my friends, and then make them sign an agreement or something that they will send every piece of that stationery to me.
that would be an ideal present right there.

enough rambling.
go write a letter.
(not a text, an e-mail, etc.)
an actual letter in an envelope.
and go send it to someone.
bet it'll make their day.
and if you're clueless who to write to, you could always send something to me. :P
I never tire of receiving things in my little PO box.

happy writing!

♥ h. elise.
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  1. You're so sweet! :) I'm glad you liked that I sent it back..it is totally true, I make/give people cards and stationary all the time and they never use any when the write me :).
    I promise I'll send you more of those lovely cards you made me :)
    <3 Kels


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