new toy

I had such a crazy/busy fall that I never posted about a new toy I got back in September.
my Jotote!
I absolutely love it.
my previous camera bag was like a square box, and impossible to wear while shooting, so I'm so glad I invested in this one.

I debated whether to just get a plain black one....and then opted for some color pop and got the pink coral.
 there's a pocket in the front under the flap..
 and one on the back.
it came in a bright blue bag...
and now they have this new style...

 and {gulp...I am trying to keep my money in my wallet...
that new style is way way cool.
I'm going to have to wipe the drool off my keyboard here...
 I hate it when a new + improved thing comes out right after you buy their supposedly 'latest' item..
oh well.
there are so many other lens bags out there...like the Shootsac, Kelly Moore, Epiphanie, etc.
I decided to go with the Jotote, and really like that it fits my lenses and camera, and looks like a purse. {and is messenger bag style}

my gear fits best if I put my 55-250 mm lens on the camera body and stick that on one side, and then stack my 18-55 and 50 mm lenses on the other side, since they are 'shorter' lenses. However I looove my 50mm so that one stays on my camera body typically all the time, so I have to get a little creative with fitting the other 2 lenses in there..
  haha. thats what I get (right) for trying to talk while someone is taking a picture. :P
{headband from garlands of grace}

happy friday!
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  1. Awesome! I've been looking at these for awhile but have never been sure if i wanted to invest that much money into a bag:D I love the "Betsy- Brown" it's beautiful!
    Hmmmmm....now that I think about it that would make a pretty good birthday present:)

    Have a GREAT weekend!

  2. Love your bag and the color! I personally like your Jotote better than the new one... :)

  3. Oh my gooodness! SO cute! I have a super manly hiker camera backpack. It's great for social gatherings. ;)


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