Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Canon // explorers of Light seminar

On Saturday there was a local {free!} Canon workshop, in 'the city', with the famous Canon photographer Clay Blackmore.
It was amazing.

I learned so much...{I took 9 pages of notes...if that tells you anything!} ;)
some different stuff I learned about was regarding...
working with clients.
 being excited about photography & working hard with it.
capturing the moment.
shooting from the dark to the light. 
how to "pose, light, lift & refine."
so, so good.

He did live shooting with some models they already had picked out and then a few from the audience...Chelsy  (center) got to be one.
 It was super cool that he had his camera hooked up to the projector so you could see what he was seeing & the shot instantly after he took it.

fun pose...

 this family was so sweet.
 Abby & Chelsy
I so enjoyed spending time with all these lovely ladies...
(our group of 7..the number of perfection :P we totally planned that...not)
(from left) Emily, Summer, Me, Amanda, Chelsy, Abby & Hannah
and some of us went thrifting at Salvation Army afterwards & then to Panera...which of course was epic.

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  1. Ahhh how exciting! Wish I could've come with you!


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