score thrifty : olive + orange

 woohoo! I'm pumped to share some of my thrift-ies I got in February!
at the beginning of last month I went to a garage sale.
in February.
yeah I know.
okay it was an indoor garage sale.
but a garage sale all the same!
and of course I went.

here are some of my happy finds...

clear Tupperware containers....always a win-win.
(we've been using the one to store flour)
$1 each
I snagged this as soon as I saw it was stamped with the logo of a local artist...
2 pairs of white gloves via free box...
vintage Christmas tin....also free.
more Tupperware containers...$2 each.
 little 8x8 pan..$2
 I got this little metal table to put in my piano studio room..$5

for a little while it was holding my piano prizes, but now it serves as a desk of sorts for me while I'm teaching, and the prizes have moved to another spot. :)
 these bar stools I can't wait to use when shooting this year!
$8 each...

 glass casserole dishes...$2 a piece..
 little pie/goody carrying thing...$1

both hats from gap...60 cents each.
fingerless gloves, also from gap......♥

our Old Navy outlet was having 40% off the whole store...aaaaannnd 40% off clearance which is right down my alley. ;)

love these brown leopard-y print tights I got there...
I debated whether or not to get this Olive {from Popeye} shirt.
and I'm so glad I did.

Olive Oyl,{I've officially decided} is my new fav cartoon person.

not that I've ever had a favorite cartoon person before, so maybe she's the legit first.
I think someone needs to come up with an Olive Oyl workout program...I would be the first to sign up. :P
she looks like a toothpick and must have some secret to share with the world in regards to how she keeps herself in shape.
I also want to know how in the world she styles her hair like that. cracks me up.
I've decided I really love the name Olive now.
lovetheschultzes just recently posted baby Olive.
Katy Dill has a daughter named Olive.
that name is super cool.

this scarf with the happy little pom-poms was calling out my name....
aaaaaaaannnd though it was regular priced it was 40% off (remember?) which made it $8, which is a little price-y for my taste, but you can't ever go wrong when buying something yellow.
{the pitcher is also from a garage sale I went to last summer--I got for 50 cents} 

score of the scores was this on the sale rack:
when I saw it, I instantly thought,
"That's Dana's orange pea coat!"
and thought #2 was
"If that fits me, I am SO buying it."
and it fit me.

I absolutely love it.
aaaaannnnd it ended up being way cheaper than I thought!
{huge squeal of delight inserted here}
in case you haven't noticed, orange is totally one of my favorite colors. ;)
I feel like a legit art teacher or something when I wear it.

which reminds me of "the art lesson" book by Tommy Depaola.
the art teacher in that book is so awesome.
I wish she was a real person & could meet her.
{anyone else read that book when they were little?}

have a lovely rest of your weekend!
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  1. Don't you love awesome thrifty finds? They're the best. & your coast is SO cute!

  2. Sweet deals! You totally look like a legit art teacher with the orange pea coat + the beret!

  3. nice coat! orange is one of my new favourite colours too:)

  4. AMAZING coat! Love it, love it! I LOVE, LOVE... I repeat... L-O-V-E
    the color orange!
    I have a coat similar to that, only.... It's red. ;( Bummer!

    In way of introductions... :)
    I'm Kaylee. (From Bright Light's) (Marie's sister)

    Hey... When you get the chance, hop on over to my blog!
    If you do find the chance to take a peak at it...
    PLEASE don't remain an anonymous individual.:) (It drives me crazy when people do that! :)


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