Danielle :: Senior 2012 {hannah elise photography}

"her gown is gold - light gold with lots of sparkle..."
her Mom answered in reply to my e-mail.

The had said they wanted to do some of her pictures with her senior recital gown and violin, and I was getting *so* excited about her shoot!
This was my first one of the Spring, and I remember doing a little dance inside myself as I just couldn't wait to start shooting. ;)

Danielle, thanks for being so gorgeous, playing your violin for me, and going along with all my ideas! You have such a sweet spirit.  I will always have fond memories of the day I spent doing your pictures with you and your Mom...I totally love the shots we got. 
May the Lord richly bless you as you embark on a new, exciting chapter of your life!

Her dress is incredible, is it not?! Oh I lovelove the tucks/jewels on it...drop-dead gorgeous.

 I love these ones through the branches..


 I die over that dress!

 mmk these next few are pretty much some of my absolute-est favorites...
 I told you she was gorgeous..

adding text to photos is one of my fav things to do...
for these more 'casual' shots we went to a new location that I found.
I will be returning there, people. :)

ahh....this light. I could shoot here forever.

 umm, yeah I was really tempted to steal that pillow.. :P

 love this shot.
the light. ohhh, the light.

 another one of my faves.
I actually have this same dress....I love how it goes so well with her beautiful dark hair.
yay dressbarn. :)


 we had fun playing with the wind. ;)
and trying to get it to go to our advantage....

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  1. Beautiful photography, Hannah! The windy hair ones are especially beautiful. And a photo session with a violin...so lovely. Your work is so inspiring, Hannah! Blessings!!

  2. Beautiful photos, Hannah! I don't think I could choose a favorite...they're all so lovely! Great job!!

  3. Oh Hannah, these are so so gorgeous! I love love them! My favorites are with her violin and that colorful scarf and pillow! :) I don't even know her but can tell you have captured her personality perfectly. xo <3

  4. Simply lovely! I am having a hard time picking favorites...all of them are so good! Fantastical job, Hannah!


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