score thrifty || mustard + skirts

hey hey--new score thrifty post!
my latest finds have been piling up waiting for me to photograph them...so here we go!
aren't these cards adorable?!
thank you, Michael's.
$1 each.

you know me and my zebra weakness.
couldn't pass this up. :P

two copies of Jane Austen's Emma...not sure what I'm going to do with them yet...since they were so cheap ($1 each) I don't feel bad about tearing out the pages to use for something..

okay, this may sound lame, but Tupperware makes me happy.
 and even happier is the fact that this was only three dollars. woohoo garage sale!

so these mustard yellow flats I found via salvation army.
they're pretty much my current favorite shoes.
aaaand, speaking of mustard yellow...
 drape-y sleeves. reminds me of renissance-era dresses.

 and some more mustard-ness. ;)
this was hiding among some kids clothes at goodwill, and I got it for Jimi whose birthday is at the end of May.
It's "This One 'n That One" brand...

now this is proof that I do (believe it or not) splurge on items from time to time.
I spent $15 (gaaaasp!) on this Ann Taylor Loft purple dress.
and I'm glad (I think) that I got it.
Its super comfy, I lovelove the color, and if you look closely the sleeves have elastic at the bottom~which reminds me of those peasant-type shirts.

 I really love skirts.
when I go to goodwill, the first place I go (and thus spend the most time in) is the skirt racks.
because inbetween all the weird/outdated styles, every so often you find a gem of a skirt that totally makes it worth combing through all those hangers. ;)
from left:
brown Merona skirt || $3.38
Ann Taylor brown + yellow floral || $13.00 :/
the comfiest denim skirt I've worn in my life (Bass brand but found at goodwill) || $3.38
corduroy Gap || $3.38
purple + white Ann Taylor || $3.38
long black skirt || $3.38

 I wore this skirt on Easter with the yellow flats...I just lovelove the pattern/colors.

sidenote-my Mom scored that ladder for $10 at a garage sale! preeeetty thrifty if I do say so myself. ;)

I love the b+w stripes and other colors in this cardigan for either Rein or Ocho to wear sometime.
these next 3 shirts were found at a thrift store Mom and I found on our way home from a road trip last weekend (pictures from that coming later this week, fyi)

I really love bright colors.
which I think is why this shirt jumped out at me.
this shirt makes me want to go to a carnival or something.
I love the little pockets. ;)
this was one of my favorite finds...
 right when I saw this dress I imagined a little girl in it holding red poppies.
 sooo, even thought I don't have a little sister, sometime I'm going to get a little girl to model this dress for me, and hold red poppies.
 isn't it lovely?
anyone else been out thrifting lately?

~H. Elise
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  1. Love these posts!!!
    If you don't mind me asking, where did you get that adorable purple dress?
    I love it!


  2. Emily, I don't mind you asking and I'm glad you love them! ;) I got it from Stuff, Etc... :( but like I said it is from Ann Taylor so maybe you can find another one somewhere??

  3. I love thrifting! SO much fun. & I love you displayed them on the ladder. SO cute. :)

  4. So jealous of your thrifty finds! :) So many lovely things...

    This is definitely my favorite "score thrifty" post ever!

  5. Awesome stuff, Hannah! I think you like shopping thrift. ;)

  6. Me and my sister Maddy were just saying we were jealous of how thrifty you are...and wonder how you do it! ha ha anyway, love all of this stuff and you take the coolest photos. The one with the skirts on the ladder?! LOVE! xo

  7. wow, so many things I looove! can't pick one:) great finds!

  8. So you said you wanted me to leave comments... Here i go ;) Anyway, what size is the red lolly pop dress? If it's small enough Amina Dewit would look adorable in it! Or my cousin Kylie... But she doesnt live here... RANDOM, ok lol. Well nice "talking to you" lol!


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