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I don't know where exactly to start a post like this.
I've known Chelsy for awhile...but the weird thing is that I don't really remember "officially" meeting her.
I've gotten to know her so much better over the last couple years though.
For those of you that don't know her, she is incredible. Anytime that I'm around her she always inspires me with how she lives her life. She lives life to the full.
I got to know her through photography (imagine that) ;)
 She shot my older brother's senior pictures and mine, and also family pictures for us...she is extremely talented with her camera.
I've gotten to travel with her on Bright Lights conference trips, and our family has gone to their annual Turning Hearts celebration for multiple years.
I have also had the pleasure to work with her on various graphics projects for their family as well, which I have absolutely loved.

Somehow last year we got talking about the idea of doing a duo-photoshoot..
and I. was. EXCITED!
One of the annoying things about being a photographer is that you always find yourself taking pictures but you yourself somehow never end up in many. :P
soooo...the thought of doing a shoot where we would both end up with new pictures of ourselves was definetly a win-win.
With her family's singing ministry, they were the gone the first three months of this year, and we had talked about several dates in April but that didn't work out and so we both about couldn't believe that this was finally happening when we got together in May! 

We started out at talking at a new coffee shop, and then drove/walked about to various spots around where I live. Doing a shoot like this is always interesting...
 "you go first."
 "as in shooting, or posing or what?"
"haha you pose first and I'll shoot and then we'll trade."
I haven't been on the "posing" side of the lens in awhile...good reminder to me of how different it feels! :)

When I think of Chels, one of the first words that comes to my mind is genuine.
It radiates out of her.

I can laugh with her about lines from BBC's Cranford, discuss piano teaching until the wee hours of the morning, talk about all things photography over coffee, and just plain discuss life with someone who is so similar to me and understands exactly what I'm talking about.
and for that I am forever grateful. 
love you, Chels.

So enough with the lengthy introduction...meet my lovely Chelsy friend.
and btw, these are some of my favorite pictures I've shot so far this year...love them.
{There's also a few in here from the ones she took of me, so you can see her creative eye in the same locations as well} :)

this next set was shot in a small patch of shade we found next to a bridge...I wanted to shoot in some tall grasses right by here, but the lighting was too harsh..and then we found this epic little hot spot. woooot!

me ;)

 favorite. gah...I love this shot...
you know me and my obsession with water reflections :P

 LOVE this.

 I just may have to buy myself an 8x10 or canvas or something of this one.
she's stunning.
{and for the record, her eyelashes are the longest of anyone I've met so far in my life}

same spot, same pose, she shot, I posed ;)
 apparently I'm hilarious.. ;)

I lovelove the lighting in these next ones. amazing.

I've been wanting to shoot on this road/hill for awhile...

hippie-headband look, anyone? :P

and I end with this....
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  1. AGH,Chels eyes and skin tone is so amazing!!!!
    I did an awesome job taking photos of her. She does have long eyelashes...maybe its the German,were German and all the guy's in our family got the long eyelashes...missed us girls.
    Yellow and white are so Chel's colors, the orange looks good on you too. :) Amazing photos Hannah,I'ld love to be able to do a photoshoot with Allison.B their family is so beautiful,I'm so blessed to be able to call Alli,my friend.

  2. AH!! dkal;jgkldha;ljfad;ljfk;ad!!!! LOL!! I LOVE LOVE these!! I think it is your best session yet and my favorite! Great locations. The thing about doing photos of friends and people you are super close to is that you know them so well and have learned what they are REALLY like. That helps in the shooting process because you know exactly where to go and what types of shots to take of them. You did a fabulous job girl, you just keep getting better and better! love the lighting in these, the poses, outfits (and that adorbs one of you with the hippie headband :) ! Ok, I wrote a book already so I'll go now and look at all of them again. <3

  3. Awesome pictures!!!!! You both are sooooooo pretty. And you're both very talented and GREAT photographers (I know this from following both of your blogs). :)

  4. Love, love, love these photos!!! Both of you did an amazing job taking the photos, as well as posing :)

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  6. Drop dead gorgeous photos, my friend! I also loved seeing some pictures of you! :) Plus, you totally rocked the hippie-headband look!

  7. Hannah!!
    a) Your photography is a.m.a.z.i.n.g...you are so blessed! I can't pick a favorite...they all are favorites! =)
    b) Oh, isn't Chelsy super sweet?! Not to mention gorgeous inside and out.
    c) And I just kept scrolling down through so many amazing photos...very inspiring! And what amazing locations, too!!
    d) I could go on and on...but I'll stop there for now. =)

    Blessings and thanks for sharing! =)
    With Joy in Christ,

  8. These pictures are stunning! Honestly not sure if I can pick a favorite. You found amazing locations and your photos are so inspiring!


  9. Beautiful! I enjoyed going through these :)

  10. Oh, I love Chelsy too! She's so sweet! Beautiful pictures! :)


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