in the south...

A week ago Mom, Dad, Rein, Otto & I embarked on a 10 hour road trip (plus stops) down to visit my brother Erich in Tennessee!

We had an amazing time...the scenery down there is gooorgeous, the southern accents were perfect, the food ah. maz. ing., the thrifting fantabulous, and the relaxing + spending time with the bro = epic.

I will be returning, people. ;)

I actually didn't take a whole lot of pictures on our trip...but here are a few as well as a quick collage at the end from some pics I took on my phone. enjoy!
 waiting-for-food face...

southern food:
 antique-ing/thrifting with the bro...
 gotta love old glasses. :P (and a blurry pic, haha)

 this place was increeeedible.
Erich and I kept saying "look at this! hey look at that!"
In some ways I think its good I don't live down there...or I would be broke from splurging at all their stores. {fyi, I'll be showcasing some of my finds in the score thrifty post next week!}
 Obviously if I was visiting Erich he needed new head shots.
here's my top faves...

love that lighting. 
 getting to shoot from different angles makes my day...
{I shot from where he was at in the above pic ^ and he's on the ground in this shot below}
  a score thrifty I could have had...this was an adorable mini metal shopping cart.
already sold.
I was crushed.
they also had 2 large shopping carts for sale way cheap...I've been wanting one to use in a family shoot sometime, but we would have no way to get it home.
someday Hannah, soooomeday.

this other shop had this awesome guestbook by the door.
 the TN countryside is so beautiful....love the quiet simplicity down there.
now for some phone pics...
1 // Ocho spent puh-leeenty of time in the car seat.
2 // frog legs anyone? it was one of the specials.. ;)
3 // Rein menu "reading"
4 // smiles at Hardee's
5 // "Lady Betty's Sandwich Spread" vintage jar...at one of THE epic-est antique places I've ever been to.
6 // thank you, Dollar General for making plastic "handcups." thrill of the car ride home was getting arrested in the car...not to mention I was immobile anyway being sandwiched between the 2 littles. :P
7 // Ugg sandals. way pricey {$150!}...but super cool. (you know I'm partial to anything orange)
8 // I like Reese's, but not enough to buy 6 at a time, sorry gas station.
9 // Choc. milk. It is a staple for me.
10 // vintage metal virtual calendar thing that flips. I. wanted. it. so. bad.
11 // road trip survival packs
12 // vampire frie brother. we love creativity around here, especially at a young age.

hope you all have an awesome weekend!

~H. Elise

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  1. I totally would have wanted that tiny shopping cart too! It was adorable!


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