score thrifty || footwear + fur

welcome to this month's installment of score thrifty!
and welcome to the new blog look as well..it was time for something new...I'll be doing more tweaking/designing over the next few months. :)
$, Cents, and H letters ^ via Tennessee antique place...$2 each.
(you'll see some more TN finds in this post)

short + stout orange pitcher--$3
 vintage maps--$1 each
 I think I'm going to have to give at least one of these air mail envelopes to friends I write to so I can get at least one to keep for myself..too cool to give them all away.
$3 set of 5
(I bought two...yesss I'm obsessed with mail.)
 this is going on my inspiration board in my room. look at those BOWS.
this was free. going on my inspiration board too. ba da bing ba da boom.
 Erich spotted this at a thrift store...now I have my own copy of Jane Eyre.
one of my top fav books...sooo well written.
 and some more bookity books...
 Pilgrim's Progress with awesome illustrations for the littles..$3
Worldly Wiseman is my personal fav. :P
 $2 book I bought for the cover (my room is vintage horse-themed, and I have other old horse books on my shelf already)
this vintage horse tin sucked away about $30 from my wallet, buuut it was worth it.
I love it...aaannnd the fact that I got it in Tennessee adds to the awesomeness. :P
the inside...now what to store in there??
 can't. wait. for. fall.
I'll def be showing off my 80% off boot toppers..
 $1 happiness..
love these...both for $2
my fav page:
 $4 polka-dot bowtie.
which I utilized in this shoot
$1 in the package recipe cards
 $2.50 hair flower/pin
the back:
 I'm puuumped about these:
vintage Christmas (6 sheets) and animal stickers (4 sheets)...
10 cents a sheet.
those were from THE most organized garage sale I have ever been to. it was insane.

old burlap/feed sacks--$1 
Spark Mills....too bad it wasn't Marlboro Mills...North & South anyone? ;)
 I need to get some lovely print for this lovely frame..$1
 $1 skirt...love the colors in this.
 I've been wanting a pillow like this for my bed for awhile...and found this with some other matching pillows at a garage sale..I asked if I could just buy this one, and got it for a quarter.
I'm going to recover it with something...a feedsack perhaps?

my music friends who read my blog will appreciate this...each of these piano books (used, but still in pretty good shape) were 10 cents a piece. umm, when does that ever happen?!
 my new fav footwear--$2.50
happy little apron to hang in my room--$8 (via TN thrifting)
 25 cents for 25 glass ornaments...thats a penny per ball.
no way you could pass that up.
 I'm loooving this letters box ($10)
found at a stellar antique shop that looked like it could have been featured in Country Living magazine or something.
the top ^
the inside...
I just got this awesome old rubber stamp set last weekend...$2
obv the zebra stamp is my favorite.
napkins for a party..50 cents.
I'll use this box for a gift..super cute....$1
this was one of those 'score-of-the-scores' moments...a Creative Memories album for...wait for it...
the proof:
for more scrapbooking/crafting...25 cents.
gift containers: 25 cents.
happy golden sandals....$2.50
a little Score Thrifty 'behind-the-scenes'...here's my setup...I love shooting on a clean backdrop, and white posterboard works well for small objects. I just put this on my bed next to the window for good natural light...
wa-la...studio look.
I'm puh-reety excited about this...
Ann Taylor vest....$2
with a happy fur hood & pompoms...
and speaking of fur...I splurged on this at Kohl's...I'm so using this for a winter shoot...

a little pricey for my taste, but hey, it was originally $94, so 80% off isn't bad!
this currently hangs on the door to where I teach piano lessons...50 cents.
proof that I do use what I buy...I got that basket recently at a garage sale for 50 cents and it holds some books for me while I'm teaching...
 these were brand new-still-in-the-box at a garage sale--$5...
my phone fits perfectly in this in case I just want to run somewhere quick without taking my whole purse:  
50 cents.
At the Plato's closet in TN...I was overwhelmed & blown away by alllll the skirts and dresses they had. 
the awesome deal they had was buy one skirt or dress and get one free, and then also if you found anything with the 'hot price' sticker it was $1.
that's dangerously awesome, I tell ya.
After we had been there awhile I told Erich I needed to get out of there.
I'm loving this skirt I found there though:
[photo credit: Berend]
I'm a big fan of the wide elastic waistbands on skirts + dresses...so now I can join the club...if there is one. 
or maybe I'll start one myself and then I can be the president of it. :P 
[photo credit goes to Burg]

$1 Target brand brown skirt...
75 cents for 3 bangles...I'm actually wearing one of these as I type. ;)

what have you found lately?
garage sales have been in full swing here so I'm sure many of you have been finding lots of fun things...
thats what the comments box is there for. ;)
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  1. AWESOME! Way to go on the Faber piano books + Jim Brickman! What a steal!
    Thrift stores/garage sales make me super happy!
    Going to the mall is fun, but looking at the price tags there make me depressed....so I guess thrifting is my anti-depressant pill!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Whoa. You find way too many good deals!
    SO crazy. All your finds are awesome! Oh, and North & South is such a good show. :)

  3. Thanks for posting! That was fun to look through. I love bargain hunting. :)

    My best deal recently was getting about a half dozen various antique utensils (serving spoons/beautiful pie server/adorable sundae spoons...)for...FREE! There were in a scrap bucket in the midst of a large garage sale, and I was quickly told that it was all just scrap (no real silver or anything), so whatever I wanted was mine. Well, a little love, and a little cleaning (okay, so it was really a lot of cleaning), and it turns out most of it actually IS silver! And pretty nice looking, at that. It was worth the scrounge through the scrap bucket. :)

    1. Wow that is way awesome Sadie! looking through free stuff at garage sales is so worth it. ;)

  4. Sweet deals, my friend! I am especially jealous of your Ann Taylor Vest and Target Brown Skirt.

    My recent findings are far too many to mention here, but my favorite, was scoring many new dresses and skirts...

  5. LOVE all three pairs of shoes! Yes, I'm a shoe girl:) And yes all my family makes fun of my love of shoes:) Keep up the score thrifty's they are such fun!


  6. Can I just say that I love your blog soo so much? It's so fun to read and I love looking at all the little deals you find:)


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