Monday, July 23, 2012

such is life || personal

I have so many pictures and posts to share, but time is moving faster than I am at this point.
so I'll be popping in here and there with blogging as I have time.
This next month, or actually the rest of this fall is going to filled to the brim for me between shooting, editing, traveling, home life, and everything else that fills in the cracks of life.
I'll have a hefty/picture filled post from jessica shae's summer adventure to post at some point here get excited for that!
still mentally savoring all the happy memories that were made last week.
love and miss all those girls.

last night was an ohsomuchfun shoot with some siblings...more to come.

 texas sky.
I love it here.
oh and I said y'all family won't know what happened to me when I get home.

hope y'all you all have an awesome week.

~H. Elise


  1. ahhh. i wanted to pack that texas sunshine into my baeg. gah, girl. MISSYOU. sheeeeeesh.

  2. So glad you are having a epic time in Texas! I think it's hilarious that you are saying "y'all." It's taken me a year of living in NC before I finally starting using "y'all" regularly to my vocabulary...and here you are only in the South for little over a week and already saying it. :)

  3. Missin' you like crazy, Hannah!!
    I LOVE the first photo and its gorgeous Texas light. ;)

  4. I can Haaarrrrrrdly wait for the full recap of your week!!


  5. So excited to read your full post of the summer adventure with Jessica! =) And that first picture is stunning...the light is so gorgeous!! Blessings! =)

  6. Oh how beautiful!! love that first one. =)

    found you via Hannah Nicole =)

  7. the irresistible y'all urge. don't correct it. embrace it.

  8. Hi my name Emma,
    I just came to your blog, and I really like the second picture!!! All your pictures are great too!

  9.'s the Skrnich girls! I love them. :) Beautiful pictures, girl! :)

  10. That first photo is pure magic. I love it :)


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