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Something I've been thinking about off and on lately is doing things for the 'future you.'

I somehow stumbled upon a blog recently and after reading for a minute I realized it wasn't the one I was looking for, 
but the little part I had read stuck with me.

The blogger was sharing how she would go and buy a bunch of healthy snacks for herself, 
and then come home and assemble them (cut up fruits and veggies), and put string cheese, etc. in a tray, 
so everything was ready to go in the fridge for when she needed it.
It helped her out a ton, as instead of just eating junk food,
she had good things prepared for when she needed them
...and she said something like, "I'm doing this for the future me--the future me will thank me!"

The statement kind of sounds weird, but definitely rings true.

Do things today, right now, that the 'future you' will be grateful for.

Prep a meal for tomorrow so that you don't have to be scrambling around the kitchen the next day.
Reply to that e-mail before you read blogs and then you won't be figuring out how to respond at midnight. 
(not that I speak from personal experience..) :P
Do your most-dreaded task of the day first--then the rest of your day will feel like a breeze.

I could go on with other examples, but you get the idea.
So I would encourage you to do something today (even if it's small), that the 'future you' will thank you for.

There you have it--my random pondering of the week. :)

annnnd because we all know a picture-less post would be lame,
here are a couple previews of my brother's senior pictures that I did back in September.
talk about a cool location--hello awesome cement tubes!!
 photo IMG_7917.jpg  photo IMG_7679.jpg
happy Wednesday--only one day left of Boho Blogtober!

~H. Elise
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  1. I just HAD to comment... I had just gotten on the computer.. and was remembering an email that I NEED to reply to... so I was going to do that, and then I was like, WAIT, I want to see if Hannah or Chelsy updated yet... so I did, and you had, and here in your post you talked about replying to emails before checking a blog, and that was so "neat" or whatever that you had just happened to say that! Thanks for the good advise! It is so true! :) (Love your blog) Mary

    1. wow, that is so random!! haha. :) thanks for all your sweet comments!

  2. oh Hannah. This is good! This is true. But I never thought about it in exactly that way before. I love it! Cannot wait till tomorrow night! Oh...yeah.

  3. yes! only one day left! {#shoutsandcheers}
    great thoughts. oh dear-this is convicting me. my email inbox is stuffed to the gills and here I was just sitting and watching that newest jostie flick! {#whowouldchooseansweringemailsbeforejostieflicks #istillshouldhavedeniedmyself =)}

  4. oh yes. and tomorrow night. EPIC CELEBRATION!!! {woot woot} did you hear who's gonna be there? Mr. Nutella!! =) He has to come and keep Mr. Knightley company, ya know...=)

  5. Mmm...thank you, Hannah, for these words! (And, yes, those cement tubes are a pretty epic location, too. =) Yesterday I decided that the "future me" would be thankful if I finished out a certain # of memory verse cards that day...not sure if my future me is thanking me for that lack of some sleep, but oh well. It was worth it. =) Thanks for your inspiring, encouraging words, girl!


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