Hannah Elise Workshop : recap!!

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This past Saturday I had the joy of hosting a photography workshop here in Iowa!!
Doing something like this was never in my plans for 2014,
but it is amazing to see how God can give you inspiration (this time, through one of my best friends) 
and literally drop everything in your lap.

I am still blown away by how God opened all the doors and brought 5 attendees all within just a month!!
I really enjoyed being able to share on so many different topics related to running a home business,
do actual photo shoots, and just talk, laugh + eat delicious food all together!
I totally adore the girls that came, and also those that helped -- major shout out to Chelsy and Amanda
for being such a huge blessing with all their assistance,
and also a big thank you to my family for all the different ways they helped out and encouraged me with this!!

Super stoked to share all these photos and recap our day. :)

We started the morning with brunch!!
 photo workshop-01.jpg
And then moved onto teaching!
Some of the morning topics we discussed were camera basics, branding, walking through a client process, pricing, 
mistakes I've made, and general tips for photographing people.
 photo workshop-02.jpg
It is super hilarious to see photos of yourself talking, ha!!
 photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-8.jpg  photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-5.jpg  photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-13.jpg
'The Claw' demonstration..NOT!!
I have no idea what I was talking about here, but obviously it needed some hand motions. :P
 photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-15.jpg  photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-6.jpg
I showed the girls some photo examples to go along with what we were discussing.
Right here I was explaining about aperture when photographing people.
 photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-22.jpg  photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-25.jpg
Heading out for the portrait session shoot!!
I had two sisters, Shelby & Danica model for us, along with the fabulous Chels!
They were perfect, and totally rocked it!
 photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-27.jpg  photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-28.jpg  photo hewkshop-1.jpg
real camera photo I shoot of Chels at this location. ^^
 photo IMG_6303.jpg  photo hewkshop-2.jpg  photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-30.jpg  photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-34.jpg  photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-31.jpg  photo workshop-05.jpg  photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-33.jpg  photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-35.jpg
another real camera photo of the sisters!! I mean, how adorable are they?!
I was so thrilled they were able to model for us.
 photo IMG_6384.jpg
"let's move out!!"
 photo workshop-08.jpg
taking over the town. :)
Also, I know I'm short, but it cracks me up in this photo how I am at least, half-a-head-below-everyone.
 photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-39.jpg  photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-42.jpg
explaining what I was doing with Chelsy here..
 photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-46.jpg  photo hewkshop-4.jpg  photo hewkshop-6.jpg  photo IMG_6403.jpg
After I shot for a bit, I handed over the models to the attendees and we rotated around in groups.
So they each got a few minutes with Shelby, Danica & Chels.
Worked great, and I loved seeing these girls step in with confidence as they photographed!!
 photo IMG_6505.jpg  photo IMG_6511.jpg  photo hewkshop-5.jpg  photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-58.jpg
I also took a few head shots for each girl to use on their blog/website/social media!
I met Summer years ago when she came to a tea party I hosted, photographed her family awhile back,
and am so excited as her business is taking off this fall!
 photo IMG_6455.jpg
Awhile back I met Rebekah on a hayrack ride, and loved finding out we had similar interests!!
Such a joy to have her come and get to reconnect in person.
She is already doing such an awesome job with her work, and I am excited as she is currently transitioning 
from a hobby into a business!
and p.s. I might be slightly jealous of her glorious red hair. :)
 photo IMG_6502.jpg
Sadie and I have gotten to know each other a lot better over the last year or so,
although our families have mutually known each other for pretty much forever!!
(like 20 years ago forever, not kidding!!)
I was super stoked that she was able to come, and have been so encouraged watching her photography skills 
grow by leaps and bounds since she started her business.
 photo IMG_6527.jpg
When I first met Ruth last summer, we bonded over our mutual obsession with the color orange!!
Because anyone that loves the color orange is automatically awesome in my book. :)
She is just getting into dslr photography, and I love her eye for capturing details in her images.
 photo IMG_6470.jpg
Elizabeth is totally sweet and just radiates joy wherever she goes.
I have LOVED getting to know her so well over the last year, and she is always a huge blessing to me.
She just got a new camera, and I am so thrilled to see her photography growth and love of learning!!
 photo IMG_6541.jpg
In the afternoon we headed over to a local cafe, which has the best vibe.
While there we discussed business & marketing (my favorite topic!! seriously nothing gets me fired up like talking about marketing), and ate an early supper.
 photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-60.jpg
I got the girls these fun, blank journals via Michael's -- because every artist needs a notebook without lines. :)
 photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-61.jpg
And also a headband from Garlands of Grace!!
Their Cecily stretch ones I am super obsessed with, and wear them all the time when I'm shooting.
(the brown + white one I'm wearing in most of these photos, is the same style as theirs.
so comfy, keeps all my hair out of my face, and their prints are beautiful.
you should probably go buy one.) ;)
 photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-64.jpg
 photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-66.jpg  photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-67.jpg  photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-69.jpg
I brought a bunch of cards I have designed in the past for clients to show the girls.
 photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-70.jpg
 photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-72.jpg
Told you the vibe of this place is cool!!
 photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-71.jpg photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-84.jpg  photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-74.jpg
"Guys, just think of your business like a choo-choo train or a sewing machine.."
Haha, I'm kidding. :)
 photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-92.jpg  photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-77.jpg  photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-93.jpg  photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-78.jpg  photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-80.jpg  photo workshop-10.jpg
Decisions, decisions.
So many good options -- I could totally go for another mocha frappe right about now. :)
 photo hewkshop-7.jpg  photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-95.jpg  photo workshop-12.jpg
showing how I edit in Lightroom..
 photo workshop-13.jpg
After supper we headed back for a family session!!
I was so grateful for the Robison family as they drove an hour to this shoot,
and were totally awesome to photograph as our model family.
Love them!!
 photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-98.jpg  photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-100.jpg  photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-101.jpg
 photo hewkshop-9.jpg
 photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-108.jpg  photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-110.jpg  photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-111.jpg  photo hewkshop-12.jpg
Carli is expecting another baby this fall, which gave us the added bonus of doing some maternity shots!
 photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-120.jpg
Photography gets you in all different positions. :)
 photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-123.jpg  photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-129.jpg  photo HEworkshop-AJphotos-141.jpg
More real camera photos of this family will be blogged sometime soon!
 photo IMG_6906.jpg
A few instagram photos I've been posting from the workshop!!
 photo Workshop.jpg
Best assistants I could ever have.
Could never have done this without Amanda and Chels -- those girls are total gems.
Most of the behind-the-scenes photos in this post are from them, and also a few from Elizabeth.
Thank you girls so much!!
 photo IMG_7090.jpg
Ending with my favorite photo from the day -- 
I simply adore these girls, and am so humbled that they wanted to come learn from me.
Let's plan our cheesecake reunion asap, okay?!! :)
 photo IMG_7076.jpg
I also want to give a quick thank you to all who were praying for our workshop day,
and just to everyone who encouraged me with this new adventure.
You guys are such a blessing to me, and God's hand was so evident through the whole process!

I would love to host another workshop or something along these lines again in the future,
so if you would be interested in coming please shoot me an e-mail!
I will add people that e-mail me to a contact list, and if/when I have another one in the works 
you will be the first to know about it. :)

~H. Elise
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  1. Ah, I just love this post! So fun filled!! I so wish I could have come -- would have been so neat learning from you! But, alas, Iowa is a little too far for me. :) Can't wait to see the photos from your sisters and family sessions! :D

  2. So fun! Makes me wish I was there!!!

  3. These are so great! Look at you, girl!!! Also—really hoping to actually meet you one day, because I think we'd get along well:)

  4. love love love. :)
    My sisters and I were looking through this post and I said: "Man, I wish I could have gone!" It looks like it was so great - proud of you!

  5. I really.really.REALLY love this. =)
    You did INCREDIBLE, girl...I was so just super proud to be there at the workshop and watch you and think, "This person is one of my besties! so cool!" =)
    It was incredible and I was super honored to help you out just a tiny bit. =) thanks for inviting me-twas a blast!

  6. This looks SO fun! I love following your blog, the posts are always so encouraging and brighten my day :) Keep up the awesome work you're doing!

  7. Oh I so wish I could've been there. I'm sure it was a blast! Loved seeing all of my friends on this post! :]

  8. Love this so much, Hannah!! I only checked your blog about a hundred times before it was posted, haha. Well, not quite that many, but I was thrilled to read through it. :) I can't recommend the workshop enough and am so grateful for all the hard work you poured into making this day so, so special. It was absolutely amazing!! I so loved getting to see how you do sessions + interact with clients. #soinspiring Your enthusiasm and encouragement bless me so much. Love ya and thanks again! I can't fully describe what an awesome blessing that day was <3


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