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Yes, I fully realize that October is almost over and I'm late to the party..oh well. :)
The end is in sight with my fall shooting schedule.
I only have a few more sessions and a wedding and then will be done for the year!
Anyways, here are a few personal / work goals for the remainder of the month.

personal : 

+ workout 3x a week. Before it gets absolutely frigid, that is. I'm totally not ready for winter, or Thanksgiving/Christmas for that matter…didn't we like JUST have those?!

+ journal once a week. Still not a habit like I want it to be, but trying to get there.

work : 

+ edit my life away. Thankfully this year I have been smarter about my bookings and am not a major stress ball with 19 sessions to edit like last year, haha. #funnynotfunny I'm slowly learning how just because you COULD do something doesn't mean you should. Also saying no to things is amazingly freeing. :) But I still have a mountain of editing on my plate and need to keep plowing through. Something I started doing is timing myself and seeing how long it takes me to do the first cull through of a session. This is just going through and flagging the 'keeper' photos (and I cull from end of session to beginning, more on that in another post). My current time is 35 minutes for going through 867 photos, and I want to beat that. After I do an initial cull through I keep going back until I've narrowed things down more and more, but I'm just timing myself for the first time through. Haha sometimes you've gotta create games for yourself otherwise everything gets overwhelming. :)

+ work during 'normal' work hours and keep my evenings free. I've been trying to start implementing this so I'm not having to work late at night and can give myself some margin. I still teach piano lessons on some evenings but you can't edit all day and night without going nuts. Taking breaks is helpful and needed at this point in the year, haha. 

also, some random THINGS TO WOOT ABOUT :

+ has anyone else listened to THIS album?! oh my word, I can't even. lately I've been sick of my current music playlists and providentially stumbled upon this one through Instagram the other day. some of my favorite songs are Pieces, Heroes + Voyage, although others on there I'm becoming obsessed with too. You can listen to the full playlist on YouTube HERE.
+ chai tea. heavens -- chai tea just gets me. my favorite is THIS brand or a custom recipe our local coffee shop serves. so many places serve different variations on this..anyone else have a favorite brand/place to get yours?
+ fall styles. I feel like this is the best time of year to be creative with fashion. While spring is technically my favorite season, autumn boots/scarves/tights/corduroy/leggings/tunics/vests/knits are the best, amen?! so fun.
+ did you guys know you can ask for extra Reese's in your McDonald's McFlurry?! maybe I'm the only one, but I always feel jipped because it's like 80% ice cream and you better believe I want more candy in it than a teaspoon sprinkle when I buy one of those. Sorry, personal vent. :) But one day I had a revelation idea and asked in the drive-thru if I could get extra Reese's in my McFlurry and for like .39 cents more (or something like that) YOU CAN GUYS. Totally worth it and best McDonald's moment of my life. No going back from this day forward. :)

have a great Monday, friends!!
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