O+O Conferences {part 1}

It was such a blessing to be able to spend time with all the other leaders on the Bright Lights trips to Oshkosh, WI and Omaha, NE in July!! Being around these sweet, like-minded girls for 2 weeks is always filled with laughter, smiles, encouragement, sharing times, prayer, and the list goes on....there's just something about getting to know people while doing ministry that makes  for such unique friendships....and memories. :) It was so exciting to see God working on these trips, and how He knows all the details and brings everything together.
 Praise the Lord for answers to prayer!

Here are some photos from the first set of conferences we did in Oshkosh....

Teacher training and sharing

A couple of the ladies who did so much preparation for the conferences

Folding tracts for witnessing we did on the 4th of July


Isn't this little girl totally adorable??!

the Sunrays small group!
learning the importance of working together through an activity...
 Anna, Anne, Ana {confusing?} :)
All the staff had their "red cup" with their name on it....and some were pretty creative.
and chocolate...that is of vital importance. :)
Lilly's delectable trail mix!
Yay for $3 Wal-mart shirts, and brown skirts so we could match for the day!
Me, Ana, Elisabeth
{This was the last time I saw Ana + Elisabeth before they moved away (sob)
I miss you guys so much!}

Naomi shared her lovely courtship story at the Radiant Purity conference
Erin {far left} and me {far right} with our Radiant Purity small group
Me and Ana
The Bright Lights team is also heading out in just a couple days to do more conferences for young ladies and parents in Pennsylvania and Ohio! Click HERE for more information and click HERE to register!

I'll be posting pictures from the Omaha conferences here in the near future.....:)
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