Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Amanda :: portraits

I did a photoshoot with my wonderful Amanda friend on Saturday.
we had planned on doing a golden hour shoot, but, the weather wasn't cooperating.
so we had a gray hour shoot instead.
I could talk to Amanda for hours on end I think...I'll always have fond memories of homeschool band, driving to Bright Lights, and discussing photography and favorite blogs while we watched younger siblings at the pool this summer...and almost in every conversation the "I'll send you the link for that" for something amazing she or I found online. :)
simple pleasures, right?
I'm so blessed to know this girl.

favorite shot right here, and not totally sure why..
something peaceful about it...

looove the vintage feel of this edit.

enjoy your Tuesday!


  1. Woot! Love it! AMAZING! :) My favorite is the third to last one...I love how the background on that one matches her shirt so well...it looks amazing...:)

  2. You are so sweet:). My favorites are the fourth and fifth pic from the bottom.

  3. Those are awesome! You're gonna have to do mine sometime!


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