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I've had a pile sitting in my room of garage sale stuff waiting to be photographed from weeks ago...and added more stuff to it last Saturday when Mom and I got to go garage sale-ing.
I was thinking the other day that I would totally love it if someone created garage sale giftcards.
that's all I want for Christmas, people. 

I'm suuuper excited to share my latest finds with y'all!

these Christmas ornament packages were .50 cents each. and still in the box (in the package = hannah likes) I think my piano studio is gonna be all decked out come December. or I can use them for my Bright Lights group Christmas meeting...
and I got a box of these little mini ones for .50 cents too! aren't they darling?
and speaking of Christmas decor, how about these fun beady garlands--one red, one gold.
.25 cents each.

and a cute Christmas tree.......75 cents.

now the indian corn and little flower garland were free! I heart free boxes at garage sales.
and speaking of free, so were these....
santa claus shaped playing cards. I'll use them as a  game or something with my piano students in December....still pondering that. :)

this little purse was too cute not to buy. not that I need more purses to add to my stash, buuuuut....it was only 75 cents. (which makes it okay, right?)

now, you'll laugh at me for getting these...
they're size 4. zebra lined crocs.
my Mom found them, and since I'm a zebra lover...they had my name written all over them.
just not my shoe size.
I talked her down to a quarter.
I was taking pictures of these and Anton (Jimi) asks me, "what are you going to do with those?"
"they're going to be ear-warmers when I sleep at night."
I kid, I kid. :)

.75 cent flats. must be a theme, eh? since thats the same price as my zebra ones.
the lady said she only wore them once for a wedding.
princess easter eggs.
still in the package, for .25
Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White
I couldn't decide between these as to which princess was my favorite.
so here's who I wish was on an easter egg...
<><><><> <><><><><> <>
all images from google

Pocahontas is just amazing. (fact)
Anastasia is drop-dead gorgeous.
and Rapunzel is totally adorable and has stellar green eyes that take up about half of her face.
"I like ducklings."

and I found this pic when I was looking through ones of Anastasia.
thought it was pretty cool.

from google
surprisingly with all my little brothers, we actually have a lot of "princess" movies in our house...Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, Aladdin, Pocahontas, Anastasia, and Sleeping Beauty. (gasp)
  I guess there's enough manly stuff in there to outweigh the princesses.

and speaking of snow white, I got this for a friend for a quarter:

and I not only have princess easter eggs, but glitter ones (50 cents)

and if you're worried I didn't get enough eggs.....
I think I'm covered.
 bag of a gazillion random easter eggs I got for a quarter.
I think its time for an easter egg party...in September.
wanna come?
I promise there'll be deelicious food to partake of.

this map puzzle I couldn't not get:

 its a puzzle of the US, and all the pieces are cut on the state lines.
.10 cent gorgeousness....

cardigans..that fit him, or will fit him in the future.
white + navy blue.

fifty cents each.

this was THE find of the finds.
blue suitcoat with white buttons that fits Rein perfectly.

there's something to say for going back to a garage sale a second time.
I took Berend and Jurgen to one I had gone too, and found this on another rack:
$2, and which fits Jimi really well.
love the double-breasted buttons + houndstooth.

.25 mini file for papers
I love having gifts on hand, and this hydrangea notepad with pencil was only half a dollar.

adorable little pitcher for a dime.
for a tea party, perhaps?

.25 cent coca-cola bottle.
yet another photoshoot prospect.
4 movies on the left were a quarter a piece, and .10 cent winnie the pooh movie for the boys.
on the left we have Porky Pig, Foghorn Leghorn, Popeye + Woody Woodpecker.

.25 cent Tupperware...

that is the expandable kind, so it'll perfectly fit whatever you need.

$1 lampshade....too bad my room isn't purple (its a vintage horse room)
I think I'll recover this with book pages from Black Beauty or something.

and these pillows (50 cents for both) I need to recover sometime for my bed.
prolly this winter.

and this was for my horse room too. (.10)

remind anyone of this?

image from HERE

gotta love BBC's Emma.
best ever.
from google

love this gorgeous skirt.
3 bucks.

and I loved this skirt too.

also for $3.
I looove the beadwork at the bottom.

and then this is my latest new favorite shirt.

for $2.

+ this .50 cent necklace that I've been wearing SO much lately


photo credit for these pics go to my brothers Berend(9) + Burg (7)
pretty good photographers, eh?

$2 shirt, .25 cent Aero jeans, .50 cent necklace,  and flipflops FREE from a neighbor!

and there ya have it, friends!
one extra long thrifty post for ya.

and since princesses was a major theme in this post, why don't ya click on that little comment box below and say who your favorite princess is!

happy Friday!
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  1. Seriously I think you are set for the rest of your life for Easter Eggs!

    I agree over and over about Emma...it's like THE best...

    Also about the state puzzle...you picked some of the best states to photograph!

    Hey so my favorite princess growing up was, Cinderella.

  2. Repunzel is currently my favorite princess. "stellar green eyes that take up about half of her face" love it!


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