Monday, January 2, 2012

sisters : alli + missy {hannah elise photography}

"we're going to go inside!"
"its like I'm about to go inside and then someone says, 'alli!' "
I love how this looks like a split image....but its not.
we can be serious.
or not? :)

allison trying out her photography skills....
with one of my vintage cameras.

"this is our Christmas card."

a printing place I work with was having a I bought some jumbo business cards to use for now (I have to get some regular sized ones printed....yet another thing on my to-do list...aah, its endless.)
and I knew I wanted to use this picture on one side...but I wasn't sure what to use on the other side.
I ended up going with this one..


  1. Wohoo! Love the shoot! So hilarious but yet so sweet!

  2. Oh and I love. love. love the "two in one" pic.

  3. The business cards look great! Love all of these photos. :)

  4. Those are beautiful, Hannah! Love the bokeh, too... And your business cards are amazing! =)


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