MoriahMade : shop + giveaway!

remember this lovely girl?
this is my Amanda friend, who I talk about a lot...umm, well, because I see her a lot and we have so much in common and read so many of the same blogs that we could literally talk for 24 hours straight.
umm, yep.
she's pretty awesome. ;)
well, what many of you don't know is that she is a totally incredible seamstress!
seriously, this girl is the most creative person I know when it comes to sewing/DIY projects.
and she's officially starting a sewing business!
woot woot!
why the name?
well the 'made' part of it is obviously because she makes things, and she liked that the name 'moriah' in Scripture means 'the Lord will provide', and the meaning in the baby book was 'the Lord is my teacher.'

she specializes in headbands, zippered pouches, and camera straps, but is open to custom sewing projects as well!
she does not have an online shop, but if you want to purchase one of her products you can do so by contacting her:

she loves to do custom orders!  just contact her to work out the details!

{shipping and handling is not included in the prices below}
 {All prices are based on the amount of time needed to make the item and the cost of materials}

here is just a sampling of some of the amaaaazing creations she's made...

{camera embroidered pouch-$18}

{pencil case-$12}
the detail in the embroidery is so amazing..

{camera Strap-$10}

 this ruffled one is so fun!
{camera strap with ruffle-$16}
me and my zebra strap she made me...lovelove.

I commissioned her to make a bunch of headbands for my girl piano students as Christmas presents in December...


would be a fun idea for birthday party favors, etc, as well.
{if you have a little girl/younger sister}

and look what she made me for my birthday!
{contact her for specific pricing if you are interested in this item} :)
isn't that the most incredible handmade thing ever?!
and we're giving away this totally cool zippered pouch to one lucky blog reader!
{you knew all those hours of reading this blog would pay off, didn't you} :)
isn't it just screaming 'win me!'

she does the embroidery all by hand....ah.maz.ing.
 could be handy to hold your camera manual in, eh?
how to win:
just comment with your name + why you would like to win this pouch!
{one comment per person}
my name is Hannah Elise, and I would love to win this pouch because I love free stuff!
(and you so cannot copy that comment. come up with your own creative one.) :P

the giveaway is closed on Monday, Feb. 13th, 2012, at midnight, (Central time), and a winner will be announced on Tuesday, Feb. 14th {Valentine's day!}

if you are the lucky winner you will need to e-mail me
within 48 hours, with your mailing address so we can send you your pouch!
if you do not e-mail me within that time, I will pick another winner.
open to US residents only, sorry.

I also now have a sidebar link that goes to a Moriahmade page so you can easily find her products/contact info to order something!
keep her shop in mind if you need a gift for someone!

start commenting! :)
(and pass on the word about this giveaway!)
connect on


  1. My name is Allison Bontrager and I'd love to win it cause.....the pouch is so cute! Yaya for giveaways!
    Love ya!

  2. hey! i'm corina. i'd love to win this pouch because embroidery + vintage camera = complete awesomeness! (:

  3. Gasp! Love all the items. Amanda, you're amazing. My name is Ana Campbell. And I would love to win because I love vintage cameras, Amanda, and give aways! :)

  4. Hi! I'm Ruby Mikula. I would love to win the pouch because I love old cameras!!!!

  5. My name is Elizabeth and I would love this pouch because it is simply adorable and perfect for stashing in my camera bag. =) And the embroidery is beautiful! =) Blessings! Thanks for hosting. =)

  6. Hi! i'm Mia Kittelson. I love love love the pouch and everything else i see... I think i'm going to have to order the camera strap! Yay!
    (( i'm anonymous!))

  7. I'm Kelsey Kemerly...and I'd love to win this because a. I've never won a giveaway and b.my family calls me the bag lady...perfect for my collection ;).
    Enjoyed your post!!
    Love ya!

  8. I'm Abbey Meyerholz and I would love to win this because I adore cute small bags and I would use it to store my craft supplies in a fun and stylish way! Love your blog Hannah!- Abbey

  9. Beautiful work! I would love to win this! ~ Evy

  10. I'm Emily, and I'd love to win this because it's stinkin adorable, and I love pouches. They seem to have endless uses for me. And one with a camera on it? Perfect.

  11. My name is Jennifer. I love the beautiful work Amanda, and it looks like it would fit my digital camera beautifully. Would enjoy using it. I would also like a business card!

  12. My name is Haley King and I would love to win this giveaway because to me this shows passion, uniqueness, and creativity....very intriging. Keep up the good work! On another note, looking to have a few custom things made.... baby diaper bag and possibly some pregnancy photos? Hannah, you may give her my email and we can connect. Thanks!! Good luck to all!! Ididn't know what to put for my account so I wentfor anonymous.

  13. My name is Layel Hofmaster and I would love to win this giveaway because it would be perfect for my camera and i would love to show your amazing work to all of my friends!

  14. My name is Amy Armstrong and I would love to win this pouch for my daughter that wants to get into photography after she graduates:)

  15. My name is Hanna. I would love to win this pouch! It is so unique and the embroidery is amazing! I think I might get a a strap to!:) Great job keep it up!

  16. Good Evening!
    My name is Elizabeth Beckman.
    I would be delighted to be the winner of the pouch, because it is simply adorable!
    Thank you for having the contest!


  17. I'm Jean Marie and I'd love to win the pouch because it is amazing, and adorable and I love having little pouches to put camera gear in!! :)

    and her other products are amazingly cute too!!


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