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last week kind of got away from me...
and now I've so many things to post about its almost overwhelming!
I hope you had a lovely Easter--I'm reminded of  how much I have to be grateful for with the reminder of the cross, how He sacrificed Himself for me, and the hope I now have...so much to be thankful for!

Some random things that have made me happy lately...

Sticker books!
Anyone else drool over Moo's products?!
man they are an ah. maze. ing. company.
ooh, sticky!
I ordered 2 sticker books to use with my client packaging.

Recently I got this in the mail...
via Brookish {looove that shop!}
the locations in pride + prejudice.
I've had my eye on that for awhile and finally splurged and bought it.

and speaking of splurging, I bought new polos for Easter for the little 5...
thank you Children's Place.
{side note--I think there should be an Adult Place too so people don't feel so deprived when the browse their clothes and they're only in little kid sizes...if there was one I would def be shopping there! ;)}
last week I finished up designing/ordering grad invites for one of my seniors.
my printing place I use has such quick printing turnaround...I love it.
holding in your hands the finished product of something you've put so much time into, and the fact that it was printed on the ever gorg pearl paper...it doesn't get much better than that, people.

I found out last Friday I was the winner of Evy's spring photo contest with this picture...which blew me away!
flowers...handpicked by Burg.

 golden hour bokeh.....bliss.

 Saturday the littles went to an Easter egg hunt...
 Otto preferred sitting on the riding mower first..
 attempting to get a good pic of the 5...
 lilacs in full bloom right now.
can someone please create a lilac candle just for me so I can enjoy their scent year round?!

Rein..apparently relishing his bunny cookie. :P

Anton...he's always creating and so imaginative.
I love watching him play...he's so resourceful and happy just to play with whatever his hands find...outside or indoors.

He just loves life.
loves it.
last Monday I took him with me to run errands, and as we drove away he yells to Mom in the driveway,
"Mom! I saw a white butterfly!"
have a wonderful rest of your Monday!

p.s. new score thrifty will be hitting the blog this week as well as the rest of these senior pictures! ah! I can't wait to post those!

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  1. Mmmmm..... I'm with you on the idea of a lilac candle! That would be awesome.

    Wow. I feel like I'm the only one who has never seen pride and prejudice.:) EVERYBODY tells me that I just HAVE to watch it but i've never got around to it:) Which version is the best?

    Have a great week!

  2. you totally need to watch it, Emily! :) I've only seen part of the old one...the new one is really good. gorgeous soundtrack.

  3. Great photos!! LOVE the P&P shirt! :D I've slowly been buying things I love out of my etsy favorites. Looks like you had a great week! love those stickers too!

  4. Hahaha! Adult Place... GREAT idea! I used to have a lilac candle... It was amazing... It ran out too fast :'(


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