summer adventure : day 1

I'm out, I thought.
the words crushed me and drained out most of my hope.
"due to a high volume of applications I'm no longer accepting intern applications for Summer 2012."

I had sent my e-mail on Thursday, and on Saturday I looked at her twitter and saw the above words.
I went downstairs and told my mom.
"Well why don't you try contacting her and just tell her you're definetly interested and ask if she could still consider accepting you?"
so I did.
and I didn't hear anything back.

The next day I struggled.
I really wanted to go...I had waited all year to hear the details about the internships Jessica would do this year (I had wanted to go to one since last year when she started doing them).
I felt like I really needed to go to some sort of photography class or something this year to sharpen my skills, and this summer adventure internship would be the perfect thing not only to improve my photography, but since Hannah Nicole would also be there I would also learn more on the graphics/web design side, which I love as well.
and now, I probably wouldn't even be accepted since I had e-mailed my application after she said she wasn't accepting anymore, but I didn't know that at the time.
so that sunday as I sat in the church pew, I gave it over to Him.
letting go is so hard, but so necessary.

that Monday I remember thinking that I should look online and see if there were other good photography workshops/internships going on this summer.
but I still felt like Jessica's would be the best fit for me.
I had read her blog for two years, and loved her style....I felt like it would be weird doing an internship with somebody else that I didn't feel that I "knew" as well. [you know how you feel like you "know" people from reading their blogs?]

Monday night I was doing random things on the computer, and then I realized I had gotten a new e-mail...

it was from Jessica, and it said that there was a spot with my name on it reserved for her summer adventure internship.

I was blown away.

giddy with happiness, I ran downstairs to tell my mom.

So here I am now, in Texas.

I flew for the first time yesterday with layovers and delays and it was amazingly easy and wonderful. so thankful for all my wonderful friends and people in the body of Christ that were praying for me.
I didn't have any problems with anything, and so many of the little things went so well--[i.e. I got to DFW airport and I got my suitcase literally in like 2 minutes!]

I had a lovely evening last night with Jessica, Josh ('the boy'), and Hannah trying to find a place to eat dinner at almost 10 pm, and laughing and sharing stories in the car.
one of the richest blessings in life is having people you can connect with right away and that share such similar backgrounds.

so today was day 1. I feel so incredibly thankful and unworthy of the amazing ways He has blessed me. I've already so loved getting to know all the other sweet girls here and we're having ohsomuchfun.

verse of the day: "that your love may abound still more and more in knowledge.." [phil. 1:9]

car rides... ;)

so ignore the fact that I'm blurred, just focus on the other two happy people in this shot:
 Lauren & Anna :)

 practicing some manual shooting here at the Gaylord. this place is increeeedible.

 amazing shoot with two couples tonight.
our 'mob'...
 Jessica did pictures with them first and then we all were given a few minutes to pose them ourselves, and move around by the lake.

gorg lighting, gorgeous location, gorgeous couples:
doesn't get much better.

people kept flying/driving in over the morning...this was early on in the day when we only had four. :P

the whole groupie group.
back row: l to r [madeline, hannah, julianna, anna, lauren, madison]
front: me, olivia, & chelsea
these last three via jessica

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  1. So happy for you, Hannah! God loves to give you good gifts, my dear, and this is one of them. You do take beautiful photographs, and I'm excited for your future in photography and graphic design. I'll look forward to keeping up with you on your summer adventure. Enjoy what He's giving you every day. Kelli Norton

  2. Hope you are having a fabulous trip...want to hear all about it when you return...God's blessings to you. Mrs Zuber

  3. :D :D. I can't wait to meet y'all!!

  4. Oh,what a blessing. Tell Jessica to please do one again next year so I can go. Selfish I know,but I just saw yesterday on Hannah Nicoles blog about this. And I can start saving up now,so I'm hoping she'll do it again next year. :)

  5. Oh, Hannah, thanks SO much for the update! =) I'm so happy for you ladies and if I was a bit older, I'd LOVE to be there with you all. =) Blessings and have a fabulous time during the rest of your adventure! =)

  6. I dig that I know and have hugged you all. ;)


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