Thursday, July 12, 2012

things to woot about // summer-ness

 this week has been a blur of activity zipping past and me trying to be as productive as possible and get lots done this week. I'm heading out on a trip soon, and there's always so many random things to finish up. I'm excited tomorrow is friday! best day ever. 

the past month and a half have actually seemed slow-ish..which has been so nice. this week I've been relishing being at home with the fam. the lovely, simple folding-laundry-washing-dishes-editing-laughing-reading-letter writing days of just being home. I'm sad to leave soon, but am definetly excited for what lies ahead! I don't foresee my life slowing down over the next few months here, so I'm trying to gear up for all the funfun craziness!

Its important to be thankful in the mundane everyday moments of life. because that is, here's a few things I've been wooting about lately... 

popsicles. these are so crazy good. favorite flavors, anyone?!
the other day Rein said "orange is the best!"
I've trained him, one of the best colors out there [fact].
One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp has hit a chord with me.
not done with it yet, but I'm looooving this book.
 little brothers. they crack me up. love them to death.
 envelopes. I now have a thousand white envelopes in my room...who wants to come over for an envelope party?! ;)
 epic laptop sleeve made by my ever-fab Amanda friend...
mailing out orders for card sets...woot woot!
 golden hour bliss...that light, oh that light.
 and woot for awesome photo sessions...sneak peek from tonight, the lovely Jordan:

~H. Elise


  1. These pictures are lovely, Hannah! Especially that last one- ooh her eyes!



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