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Recently I mentioned that I would be doing a blog post about my new packaging once I received all the new items I ordered...and today is the day!!
Over the past few months I've literally spent hours on pinterest/etsy/google trying to find the 'perfect' items I wanted--mainly the 'perfect' boxes. I would find something I loved on pinterest, and then couldn't find where to buy it online, or it didn't end up being what I thought it was..urg! Irritating.
But, I finally reached the point where I made some decisions, purchased some things, and realized that I can tweak and customize my packaging even more over time. Sometimes 'done' is better than perfect...and I could go round and round about every little thing, but that can end up taking way too much time! :)
Up to this point, I have just done prints with my clients...which might surprise some of you.
I liked ordering, wrapping up, and presenting my clients with the printed pictures they chose, but after a crazy fall last year I was feeling stressed out from trying to keep up with so many print orders from all my clients.
So, this year, I decided to switch over to giving all of my clients their digital images on a flash drive, and also offer prints/products along with that!
And today, I received these gems:
 photo 1.jpg
 how totally cool are these flash drives?!
you twist the top and the metal usb pops out!
 photo 2.jpg
on the back is my e-mail + website:
 photo 3.jpg
I purchased these from Flashbay, and they were totally awesome to work with--highly recommend their service!
You send them your logo or artwork and then they will send you sample customized proof of a flash drive and how your logo would look printed on it.
Originally I was planning to buy just a regular-looking flash drive, but then opted for something fun and chose these square ones!
I'm really happy I did--I love these and can't wait to start using them.
 photo 4.jpg
 I got this orange foldover elastic off etsy from this seller.
you know how obsessed I am with orange. ;)
 photo 5.jpg
 photo 6.jpg
This might be my favorite thing I've bought so far for my busines...a custom rubber stamp of my logo!!
 photo 8.jpg
stamp via www.rubberstamps.net
 photo 7.jpg
I used the stamp on these adorable matchbox/slider boxes I got from this etsy seller!
The matchboxes are to hold the new flash drives.
 photo 9.jpg
They arrived as flat, perforated and creased paper cutouts, so I had to do some assembly for these, but it didn't take too long, and I love how they turned out!
 photo 10.jpg
 photo 11.jpg
my army of boxes...ready to go:
 photo 12.jpg
I didn't want to just give my clients a little matchbox with their pictures on the flash drive inside, so I also purchased these fabulous bigger boxes from Papermart!
 photo 13.jpg
and here's what's inside:
 photo 14.jpg
there's the flashdrive, nestled in book paper strips, tucked inside the kraft matchbox!
 photo 15.jpg
the tag is my thank you note :)
from the beginning, I've always included a hand-written thank you for each of my clients with their pictures...another photographer told me she did this and I thought it was a fabulous idea, and so I always have done it.
 photo 17.jpg
and I include some of my business cards--these are from Moo.
awesome company with the best business card quality I've seen, and their printfinity option is pretty sweet as well. go check them out!
 photo 16.jpg
so there you have it!
hope you enjoyed a peek into my new happy packaging...
I really love it and can't wait to use all my new items for 2013 clients. :)
I'm also excited because my old packaging was nice and proffessional looking, but it wasn't me.
I used black photo boxes and this tissue paper that said "professional portraits are priceless" in silver script, but it didn't really fit with my brand and photography style.
It may take you some time to find packaging that fits your work, but it is totally worth investing in!
I'm kind of a packaging freak and love details...wrapping presents is super fun for me, so I love being able to present my clients with their pictures in a new and creative way this year!
 photo 18.jpg
happy Thursday!
~H. Elise
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  1. Awesome! I love your new packaging...it is so you! I love how your packaging reflects your personality and brand. :)

  2. Love all your packaging, Hannah! Those USB's are awesome.

  3. ok, you totally just inspired me to start working on my packaging! girl, these are the bomb! LOVE them! :)

  4. I love these! My packaging is pretty simple right now, but eventually I would love to get more creative with it. This is definitely some good inspiration for when I do! Funny, just the other day I was thinking that a matchbox would be a perfect for packaging - but I never thought of putting flash drives in them! What a great idea. =)

  5. Great job working to get a look that you really love for your packaging. Love how it turned out. You are incredible!
    Oh, and that stamp...awesome!


  6. Oh, and that little girl on the first business card shown is just too cute:D


  7. LOVE your packaging, Hannah! So creative, epic, and beautiful. =) What a fun way to receive your photos! I know I would be thrilled to receive one of these adorable 'lil packages. :) And thank you for the links to where you purchased the supplies ~ it's helpful to have those links as resources. Blessings! <3

  8. Oh my goodness, Hannah! The newspaper shreds (or whatever kind of paper it is.) idea is W A Y too cute! Love. Love. Love. It! Everything you do is so completely awesome! =D Love you!

  9. This is sooo you! Love all the new things they're so pretty.

  10. Love your new packaging!!! It's so you!

  11. lovely.....simply lovely! You are a creative genius. Love how you "brand" yourself....so good.

  12. these look SO GOOD! may just have to jump on the bandwagon! ;)

  13. I love every little thing here! It's all so cute Hannah!!!


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