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wow, it has been absolutely gorgeous here the last few days!!
warm weather does wonders, and I'm convinced the only thing better than gorgeous spring days is shooting in that kind of weather.
Every so often I enjoy doing something creative or shooting more for "me", and so I contacted Lucy's mom and asked if she would let me 'borrow' her for an afternoon to do some pictures for fun.
She was excited and then later mentioned that Lucy's friend Sina would also be over at their house that day--so, I asked if I could just do pictures of them both!
[win, win!]
since I don't have any sisters, photographing little girls always thrills me as an artist. :)
hope you enjoy my spring-y favorites of these two...
 photo SpringShoot-2.jpg
Lucy--little cutie in an orange dress [major score, right there]
My mom mentioned that she reminds her of someone off Peter Pan,
and the more I think about it she could totally be Jane on the Return to Neverland one.
she has so many similar features.
 photo SpringShoot-1.jpg
Sina [prounounced Sy-nuh] is this little wisp of a beauty paired with a fun and adventurous personality...
 photo SpringShoot-3.jpg  photo SpringShoot-4.jpg  photo SpringShoot-5.jpg  photo SpringShoot-6.jpg  photo SpringShoot-7.jpg  photo SpringShoot-8.jpg  photo SpringShoot-9.jpg  photo SpringShoot-10.jpg  photo SpringShoot-12.jpg
 photo SpringShoot-11.jpg
 photo SpringShoot-024.jpg
 photo SpringShoot-15.jpg
 photo SpringShoot-14.jpg
 photo SpringShoot-16.jpg
 photo SpringShoot-23.jpg
 photo SpringShoot-18.jpg  photo SpringShoot-19.jpg  photo SpringShoot-20.jpg  photo SpringShoot-21.jpg  photo SpringShoot-22.jpg  photo SpringShoot-24.jpg  photo SpringShoot-26.jpg  photo SpringShoot-27.jpg  photo SpringShoot-28.jpg  photo SpringShoot-29.jpg  photo SpringShoot-30.jpg  photo SpringShoot-31.jpg
 photo SPRINGSHOOT-033.jpg
 photo SpringShoot-32.jpg  photo SpringShoot-33.jpg  photo SpringShoot-34.jpg  photo SpringShoot-35.jpg
 photo SpringShoot-36.jpg
 photo SpringShoot-37.jpg  photo SpringShoot-38.jpg  photo SpringShoot-39.jpg  photo SpringShoot-40.jpg  photo SpringShoot-41.jpg  photo SpringShoot-42.jpg
 photo SpringShoot-43.jpg
I think this [below] is my favorite of Lucy:
 photo SpringShoot-44.jpg
 photo SpringShoot-45.jpg
 photo SpringShoot-46.jpg
happy monday, everyone! :)

~H. Elise
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  1. Soooooo precious. such beautiful, sweet pictures. LOVE.


  2. these are so precious! love these, Hannah! :) what cuties... :) <3 xx

  3. Aww... so sweet! Good job! :) the 10th from last is a favorite. :)

  4. Lucy...is SO so adorable! I love all of these Hannah, they are so good and cute!

  5. Woah, that was awesome! I loved the shots of two together and the detail shots...so sweet.

  6. Loooooove these!
    Oh, and I want Sina's dress:)


  7. Oh my gosh. Their cuteness is too much to bear....

  8. Love these! You are an amazing photographer, Hannah! :)

  9. Hannah, these are so beautiful! And yes, this weather is sooo lovely... :) Ah, these pictures are just too precious + gorgeous. Love seeing pictures from your recent sessions, Hannah! Love the clear focus and the sweetness of these pictures. Your favorite one is one of my favorites, too. Ahhh...these are so beautiful, Hannah!! Okay, I'll stop rambling on and on. Basically: love your photography work! :)

  10. LOVE these Hannah! What adorable little girls (very stylish too... love their dresses:) and they're naturals in front of the camera:) You did an amazing job photographing these two little ones. I love the one where Lucy is resting her head on Sina's shoulder. Too cute! I can't choose a favorite... they're all amazingly gorgeous!!!

    You are truly an amazing photographer... and I mean that!

  11. Absolutely precious!!
    I love shooting completely for fun and trying out new things. This is some amazing work, girl! :)

  12. awww,darling. Oh dear she could play Jane!!!!!!

  13. These are so sweet, Hannah! The two little friends are just adorable, and you did a beautiful job capturing that. =)

  14. You did an awesome job! The pictures turned out beautiful and your models are most lovely!


  15. Beautiful pictures Hannah!! What cuties! :)


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