April instagrams + other randomness!

April was such a busy month! Lots happened and I'm excited to share some instagrams and other news today!
In other insta-monthly-roundups I've made a big collage or done the pictures individually,
and this month I'm going two by two. :)
 photo 001.jpg
one of my favorite recipes, which I actually posted on the blog waaay back here. so good.
I'm all about color--pretty much every day. :)
mustard jeans-$5 and purple tee $3 via kohls, fun sandals for less than $10 at a Target in SD!
 photo 01.jpg
okay, major storytime on the left photo:
ever since we moved into our house here 7+ years ago, we've had a Post Office box and every day it has been 'my job' to go get the mail.
Through heat/rain/sunshine/snow--you name it.
Highlight of my day--honestly I don't get outside a ton and this was my little 'outdoors-y routine'.
And last Friday, my little post office with less than 200 boxes closed.
Sad, sad day, people.
I seriously thought about crying over it...*sniffle*
moving on--we have this 'pen-problem' in our home where we never seem to have any pens around when we need them.
However, I cleaned the boys' room recently and found 11 pens.
 photo 02.jpg
Today I have 2 letters left to write and then I will have written a total of 10 this week,
and officially knocked out my letter-writing pile! woot woot!
I just might go buy myself ice-cream or something to celebrate.
I've literally gotten hundreds of grad invites and other print products over the last few weeks--crazy!
Which means I have literally yards of green packaging bubble stuff to pop--who wants to help me??
 photo 03.jpg
how gorgeous is this flowering bush across the road from our house?! Love it.
I'm on staff with the Bright Lights ministry, and they needed some sister pictures to print on their postcards about upcoming conferences this year!
So I checked with both families about using those and it was weirdly cool to open boxes of thousands of postcards and see pictures I took printed on them!
 photo 04.jpg
You know all those 'keep calm' quotes? Well I've never heard that one before--about time someone said it!! Seriously, keeping calm and eating a cupcake is never really going to solve your problems.
Nothing beats finding Easter candy weeks later. :) Thanks Easter Bunny.
 photo 05.jpg
Me and almost all my students at the spring recital!
[look at all those kids!!]
They all worked so hard, performed well and I was so proud of them.
I unexpectedly got to see my lovely friend Kayla (second from left) one night--so fun!
I met this girl years ago and we have been letter-writing for awhile now,
but it has been a long time since I've seen her in person.
Super sweet and loved catching up with her (and seeing Allison + Chelsy!), even though it was short.
 photo 07.jpg
Mom and I got to go on a girls weekend up to northern Iowa and visit some friends..so fun!
I seriously was considering purchasing this hat at Kohls...c'mon it was on sale and orange!!!
Quite Lorax-ish, isn't it? :P
 photo 08.jpg
My friends that write me letters are really quite awesome.
Chick-fil-A is officially one of the best places to eat. Who's with me?
 photo 09.jpg
My favorite two-year old...Otto! :)
Although I've created a tongue-sticking-out monster--I honestly can't really get normal smiling pictures from him anymore.
Coffeesmiths. If there isn't one in your area you're missing out--best hot chocolate evaaaah.
 photo 010.jpg
definitely a major highlight from April was my SD roadtrip to Emily's wedding with these lovelies!
ah, such good times.
I've been walking one morning a week with a friend, and usually it is freezing but this week it was actually warm [hello!!] and I could walk without wearing 2-3 layers. yay!
 photo 011.jpg
Some of the great friends I got to see in northern Iowa--Jennifer, Shelby, me, Janette.
 Love those girls!
Something pretty I got via Garlands of Grace for a friend--go buy one of their lovely new spring pieces!
I had the privilege of designing the Turning Hearts celebration poster again for my friends, the Bontragers!
This year they have the Duggar Family coming--so exciting!
 photo Flyer.jpg
We had a major heat-wave earlier this week and tulips started exploding!
some frames I took yesterday..
 photo May-1.jpg  photo May-3.jpg  photo May-2.jpg  photo May-4.jpg
 photo May-7.jpg
 photo May-5.jpg  photo May-6.jpg  photo May-8.jpg
Plans for this summer are starting to come together and I'm excited to be doing quite a bit of traveling to different states over the next few months!
I'll be sharing where I'm headed at a later time--I know I have blog readers from all over, so I would love to set up any photo sessions and meet you if I'll be in your area!
hope you all have a lovely weekend!
~H. Elise
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  1. That was just plain awesome! Loved it girl! :)

    Btw, the pic of you and the orange hat is too hilar. :)

  2. Love all the Instagram shots! It's always fun seeing what you've been up to. :)

  3. Love seeing your instagram re-cap posts, Hannah! One of the BL postcards arrived in our mailbox the other day and I recognized your beautiful pictures on it. :) Your spring pictures are so clear + gorgeous, too! Another blanket of snow has covered the ground over here again. I went outdoors yesterday and photographed some of our spring flowers with snow/ice on them. :) Blessings, Hannah!!

  4. Love this! Oh, and I definitely think you should have bought the hat:)


  5. I love the springy pics they make me happy :)

  6. ah you know the bontragers? that's awesome. I wouldn't say I know them well, but our families have connections and our parents grew up good friends. I had the pleasure of meeting them in Texas. amazing. such a small world. xx

  7. Loved the Ig recap! I can so sympathize with you on the whole mail thing I get super sad when there's no mail:) ohh cant wait to see the states you'll be traveling to!!!

  8. Just think of a wonderful thought! Awesome...

  9. This is a lovely mixture of things. Love those sandals! Might have to go to Target soon. & Chick-fil-A is pretty great.. I work there :) Love the rainy pictures at the end! Gorgeous !

  10. the "keep calm & pray on" quote I love. goodness knows I need it. =)

    I am also thinking that hat should have gone home with you. considering your love of all things orange it really seems made for you. =)

    okay, how do YOU know Shelby Helman?!

    SD was beyond epic. we are all in agreement here, yes??


  11. Oh my. I am so sorry about your post office!! I would be crying. I'm so upset they are closing so many post offices and downsizing the postal service (I think in August they won't be delivering mail on Saturdays... I'm going hate Saturdays now! I'm always so depressed on national holidays because the mail doesn't come... now every week?!?!). *sigh*


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