new instagram profile + snippets from june!

hey hey!
hope everyone is having a great start to July! :)
I'm excited to announce that I now have a public instagram profile
for my photography business--
@hannahelisephotography !
I would love to have you follow along :)
you'll see behind-the-scenes, packaging fun, and other photos related to my business!
I pulled some of my favorite June instagrams into this post...
June was a good, full month...and July is shaping up to be the same way!
 it's a given, if I ever have a daughter someday she will wear shoes like this.
 photo JuneInsta-19.jpg
the five littlest boys. :)
Reiner, Jurgen, Anton, Berend + Otto.
 photo JuneInsta-1.jpg
drinking Snapple's mango madness is serious business,  y'all.
and given that I was just in the south for 2 weeks, I find no shame in saying y'all. ;)
 photo JuneInsta-2.jpg
one day on a whim I took my camera strap off.
shooting strapless has been so freeing--love it.
 photo JuneInsta-3.jpg
unexpected gifts from friends always make my day.
 photo JuneInsta-4.jpg
some garage sale finds!
 photo JuneInsta-5.jpg
haha..someone was feeling creative..
 photo JuneInsta-6.jpg
honestly the best part about hotels--cereal dispensers and the elevator rides.
 photo JuneInsta-7.jpg
doing a mentorship with Ariel Renae in TN was a huge highlight from June.
 photo JuneInsta-8.jpg
Krispy Kreme. enough said. :)
 photo JuneInsta-9.jpg
I hung out with this woman-Hetti-Marie while in TN...
she is full of life...full of it..and I also got to see her three cute baby girls!
so fun spending time with her.
 photo JuneInsta-10.jpg
TN sunset.
 photo JuneInsta-11.jpg
Dad, Erich, Me + Gunther in TN for Father's Day!
 photo JuneInsta-12.jpg
man, I love when people order these because it feels like Christmas morning
when I get them in the mail... :)
okay, maybe not quite but still, I get excited.
 photo JuneInsta-13.jpg
I taught piano lessons for the first 3 weeks of June and now am off until this fall.
sad to close the piano lid and push aside flash cards, but it is always nice to have a break.
 photo JuneInsta-14.jpg
I got to travel with the Bright Lights team and help at the Arkansas conferences..
what an awesome week!
My cheeks were hurting most nights from smiling/laughing so much..love those girls.
here is me and my Alabama-southern-belle-friend Scarlett. :)
 photo JuneInsta-15.jpg
my crazy fun small group. :)
 photo JuneInsta-16.jpg
aside from leaving all my fabulous friends, one of the biggest things
I miss about the south is Blue Bell ice cream. :(
 photo JuneInsta-17.jpg
ha...interesting giftbag at..where else?
 photo JuneInsta-18.jpg
I'm kind of obsessed with frozen yogurt.
 photo JuneInsta-20.jpg
and even more obsessed when the store is decked out with orange! sparkles! fun lights!
 photo JuneInsta-21.jpg
relaxing on our 'off' day in Arkansas :)
Supriya, Anna, Natalie, Allison, Me, Baylie...just a small part of our team!
 photo JuneInsta-22.jpg
hope you enjoyed the June roundup!

~H. Elise
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  1. Loved the recap! There is definitely no shame in saying "y'all"

  2. Live all the bright colors! Even your Instagram pictures are beautiful that equals you are an amazing photographer. Enjoyed the June recap.

  3. Miss you! Looks like an amazing June....love the pic of the boys!

  4. Looks like you're having an amazing summer!

  5. Thought it about time I commented on one of your loverly posts!
    Love your "recap" posts.
    Krispy Kreme... BEST ever, hands down! Totally having a donut for my b-day this Saturday. Who needs chocolate when you have donuts?
    The necklace is gorgeous! Love it. Love it!
    Yes, frozen yogurt places are Uh-dorable! Esssspecially when they're decked out in orange trinkets and such! =D
    Saw the same bag in Walmart. Expect great things from Walmart. ;p
    Sooooo... are you going to the BL conference in October???


  6. Love seeing your instagram pictures, Hannah! :) Miss you and hope you are having a wonderful summer!

  7. Love seeing what you've been up to! Looks like your having a wonderful summer so far. :D

  8. I'm following along on your photography Instagram! Can't wait to see what's in store :)

    Those baby TOMS are uber cute and so tiny.I just tasted frozen yogurt recently and I'm hooked; It's SO good!

    I enjoyed this months IG roundup :)

  9. Love the post, Hannah!
    I'm still trying to get over my jealousy that you got to spend to much time with Scarlett. (waahhh) and Baylie!! Man, I miss those girls!!
    And miss you. =)

    commenting all the way from far-off alaska, I remain yours truly....=)
    (can you tell I've been hanging w/ Anne of Green Gables? =))

  10. Miss, miss, MISS those young ladies! Oh yeah, in Kansas, we have a frozen yogurt place called "Orange Leaf" :)


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