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Wow I'm excited to blog these. :)
The Campbell's lived in Iowa and I met their girls, Elisabeth & Ana through Bright Lights...
over time I started e-mailing Ana and she officially became my 'e-mail' friend.
Seriously I have sent hundreds of emails back and forth with her...
and back when we first strarted and I was using my family's e-mail,
 my brother would joke that if we got 11 new e-mails, 7 of them would be from Ana, or something like that. :P
Two years ago around the 4th of July they moved to North Carolina with their dad's job
[I know, they moved away from me, so horrible]
and Ana and I have still been super close all thanks to e-mail and gchat. :)
This year I wanted to go visit them before Ana headed off to college,
 and it worked out perfectly because I was able to do a mentorship session with Cheyenne Schultz and visit their family for a few days in the same trip!
I had such a relaxing, enjoyable time with them...
the Campbell's are so down-to-earth, hospitable, sweet, and hilarious...love them.
While there I got to do pictures for their family, obviously, which was super fun. North Carolina is totally beautiful and so are these people. :)
[I still vote they move back to Iowa] :P
 photo IMG_7544.jpg  photo IMG_7562.jpg  photo IMG_7591.jpg  photo IMG_7615.jpg  photo IMG_7655.jpg  photo IMG_7676.jpg  photo IMG_7686.jpg
seriously, how drop dead gorgeous are these girls?!
 photo IMG_7705.jpg  photo IMG_7714.jpg  photo IMG_7718.jpg  photo IMG_7725.jpg  photo IMG_7721.jpg  photo IMG_7728.jpg  photo IMG_7743.jpg  photo IMG_7758.jpg  photo IMG_7782.jpg  photo IMG_7795.jpg  photo IMG_7806.jpg  photo IMG_7773.jpg  photo IMG_7819.jpg  photo IMG_7851.jpg  photo IMG_7875.jpg  photo IMG_7879.jpg  photo IMG_7883.jpg  photo IMG_7888.jpg  photo IMG_7899.jpg  photo IMG_7892.jpg  photo IMG_7906.jpg  photo IMG_7937.jpg
when I take pictures of good friends, they apparently feel more at ease in front of the lens:
 photo IMG_7582.jpg  photo IMG_7861.jpg  photo IMG_7920.jpg
happy Wednesday!!

~H. Elise
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  1. Love them, girl! I am so glad that you were able to visit!

    The last three photos were a great way to end the blog post :P

  2. Love these! My fav is probably the fourth to last one. So cool! :)

  3. Family picture with the green posts{on instagram} is my favorite! Breathtakingly beautiful!!

  4. These are awesome, Hannah! Love the beautiful scenery/backdrops, too. Photo sessions with good friends are some of the best. :) Blessings! [Oh, and thanks sooo much for the encouraging words you left on my last post - it means so much coming from you :) Hope you're having a blessed summer!]

  5. May we all say "beautiful"??!! Yes!
    lovely job, Hannah!

  6. Where did you take these pictures? I LOVE the locations! I'm in NC and would be interested in maybe using them sometime. =) The pics are awesome!

    1. Hi Hannah!

      Around the Reidsville, NC area! E-mail me hannah@hannaheliseblog.com and I can put you in touch with Ana who will give better specifics on the exact locations :)

  7. These are SO great!!! They're all amazing but one of my favorites is the one where the two sisters are holding hands.

    I love the location too :)

    Great job Hannah!!!


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