frames of friends.

A few weeks back I traveled with a team of girls, and one day I took pictures of some of them..
 photo IMG_7270.jpg
I don't know why everyone has to be sprinkled all over the US
and all my friends can't just all live in Iowa. :P
I met this Alabama-southern-belle-girl last summer and was kind of excited
to get to see her again. :)
she has the cutest laugh/smile, oh, and her accent is de bomb.
I mean, because she can do a legit southern accent, unlike my totally fake one. ;)
 photo IMG_7243.jpg  photo IMG_7248.jpg  photo IMG_7250.jpg  photo IMG_7246.jpg  photo IMG_7282.jpg  photo IMG_7278.jpg
 photo IMG_7284.jpg
Allison...she is so happy and I love her fun personality.
Seriously sharing funny stories or getting ideas from her leaves me
grinning ear to ear and feeling all inspired.
So glad I get to see her more this summer!!
 photo IMG_7318.jpg
 photo IMG_7329.jpg  photo IMG_7334.jpg  photo IMG_7341.jpg  photo IMG_7378.jpg  photo IMG_7399.jpg  photo IMG_7404.jpg  photo IMG_7420.jpg  photo IMG_7428.jpg  photo IMG_7252.jpg
Ruth...very sweet and so fun to be around--
right when I met her I found out she loves orange as well
so we were instantly kindred spirits. :)
yay for new friends like her!
 photo IMG_7349.jpg  photo IMG_7354.jpg  photo IMG_7355.jpg  photo IMG_7394.jpg  photo IMG_7396.jpg
this girl carries herself and acts with a maturity beyond her years--
it's hard to describe but one word that comes to mind is grace.
Everything about Natalie is graceful, sweet and collected.
I met her last summer as well and loved the late night chats and stories she shared.
 photo IMG_7435.jpg  photo IMG_7448.jpg  photo IMG_7379.jpg  photo IMG_7453.jpg  photo IMG_7463.jpg  photo IMG_7476.jpg  photo IMG_7483.jpg  photo IMG_7470.jpg  photo IMG_7494.jpg  photo IMG_7505.jpg  photo IMG_7512.jpg
hope you enjoyed 'meeting' a few of my friends!
loved my time with these girls and everyone else on our team!
I would go to bed many nights with my cheeks hurting from laughing/smiling so much!
That's how you know when you're having fun, right?! :)
hope everyone has a lovely weekend!
~H. Elise
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  1. Great job on these pictures. Absolutely love them all! You have some gorgeous friends!:)

    Oh, and could you resend your e-mail? Our main computer is not working so I lost your e-mail.

    1. Resent it! If you didn't get it then just email me about a get together! :)

  2. These are such amazing pictures!! :) I love the ones of Ruth!! I have the awesome honor of knowing her! So neat how you could capture her sweetness and love in your pictures!

    And ALL your pictures are AMAZING!

    ~Hannah <3

  3. One word: Epic! I love how you captured all of the girls and their own personalities. :)

  4. Loved all these photos! :) I was scrolling through them and was like "Oh my goodness! There is Allison W.!" I just met her a week ago, at a Bright Lights conference here in TX (she was my small group leader). She's a sweetie! :D


  5. Beautiful pictures, Hannah!! :)

  6. o orange totally my fave as well.
    Love the first one with all the freckles, summer freckle photos make me happy

  7. Ah, these portraits are so lovely! And yay for BL friends - so thankful for them :) Blessings, Hannah!

  8. Beautiful pictures again! :) Natalie is absolutely stunning! She looks like an actress.


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