a few Michigan frames + July instagrams

I know, I know..I'm way behind on posting my roundup of instagrams from July,
but better late than never. :)
and this way I get to kind of re-live that month as I look back through them.
July was such a full month...it started with me being in Houston, TX,
then North Carolina, then home, shooting my first wedding and also an 'after' session for another couple, and family camp.
Good, good times.

I'll start with a few frames I took at a state park in Michigan the other day, though...
pretty much the only time I really 'used' my camera during the whole BL trip, and I'm glad I did.
 photo IMG_3876.jpg  photo IMG_3853-1.jpg  photo IMG_3856-1.jpg  photo IMG_3900.jpg  photo IMG_3869.jpg  photo IMG_3883.jpg  photo IMG_3903.jpg  photo IMG_3890.jpg
 photo IMG_3891.jpg
on our 'off' day in Houston, our team went to NASA which was pretty cool.
 photo IMG_20130702_112843.jpg
me and my homie, Scarlett.
love [and miss] that Alabama girl.
 photo IMG_20130702_152359.jpg
Mango lemonade?
yes ma'am.
 photo IMG_20130703_075619.jpg
the same day as NASA we went down to the gulf.
so gorgeous.
 photo IMG_20130703_075809.jpg
While in NC I got to do a mentorship session with the totally fab Cheyenne Schultz.
 photo IMG_20130703_172311.jpg
and she gave me this:
[talk about cuteness!!]
 photo IMG_20130703_170606.jpg
I really love flying...I'm sure at some point in my life it will get old,
but as of now, it hasn't.
 photo IMG_20130703_224652.jpg
so, in North Carolina there is this awesome food place called Cookout.
see that McFlurry type thing?
yeah, enough said.
so crazy delicious.
it's probably good that restaurant is so far away from me...along with Blue Bell ice cream. ;)
 photo IMG_20130703_224937.jpg
you know you're in the south when the store sells hats like these..seriously. :P
don't we look fabulous?!
 photo IMG_20130705_151938.jpg
I was kind of totally stoked about my first experience in H&M.
 photo IMG_20130705_222959.jpg
got these at a totally southern/sketchy gas station in NC...it was an experience going in there. ;)
 photo IMG_20130706_102738.jpg
now don't I look stoked to be in Stokesdale?!!
 photo IMG_20130706_145053.jpg
Elisabeth, me, Ana.
boy, do I miss these girls.
 photo IMG_20130707_122010.jpg
for the wedding I photographed, I rented a 100 mm 2.8 macro lens,
and umm, I was obsessed with it.
 photo IMG_20130712_144952.jpg
our whole family went and saw this in theatres.
and I may or may not be naming my future daughter Agnes. :P
[I kid--well, sort of..that character is so adorable.]
 photo IMG_20130717_162940.jpg
Every year my family goes to a camp in northern Iowa, and this year we had quite the surprise
 when my brother Erich drove 13 hours and unexpectedly showed up to spend a day with us!
 photo IMG_20130730_195600.jpg
 photo IMG_20130731_114325.jpg
the last morning at camp...until next year! :)
 photo IMG_20130802_111922.jpg
blue sandals via Forever 21, orange skirt via Goodwill [old navy brand]
some of my new favorites. :)
 photo IMG_20130722_171420.jpg
now that school has started up again, its fun to look back over the summer and reminisce. :)
grateful for a beautiful summer filled with travels, family, friends, laughter, growing experiences.
what were your summer highlights?
~H. Elsie

p.s. most of these instagrams are from my private account,
however I now have a public one!
so feel free to go follow @hannahelisephotography :)
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  1. *LOVE the matching dresses! Ya'll are {SO} lovely.
    *the hats are epic...truly southern, yes.
    *I'm coveting the forever21 blue beauties.
    *every time you post a picture of the amazing scarlett I just become so jealous. {miss her!}
    *your mention of sketchy gas stations brings back such a flood of memories from a certain trip...=) hehe.
    Bet just maybe we'll get to experience some more of those on our road trip later on this fall...=)

  2. Oh man, I laughed through most of the descriptions of NC...such good times! I am so proud that Cook-Out got a shout out! ;) Also, I totally cracked up about the gas station...I didn't know it would have that kind of lasting impression on you :P

  3. LOVE those b+w striped dresses. And I've so enjoyed being able to follow your summer via instagram. :) Excited to see more pictures from your recent wedding/sessions!!

  4. Super fun pictures. Looks like you had a blessed summer. First H&M experience... Are there no H&M's in Iowa? that was so sweet of your brother. Can't wait to see the wedding pictures!!!

  5. Fun post! :) AND macro lens?!!! That would be too fun to have around! Have you tried free-lensing before? Gives a macro or tilt shift effect{depending on how you do it} with a regular lens! Fun to play around with!

  6. Love your instagram pictures - so fun + beautiful!! And yayyy for BL conferences, scoring thrifty awesomeness, summer memories <3


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