september : instagrams!

September was good and fun...
it was so nice to 'ease' back into a normal routine again after a crazy/fun summer.

here a few of my favorite instagrams from that month!
these are from my personal account, but I also have a public photography one you can follow:
@hannahelisephotography :)

let's start with nutella, shall we?
oh my, so good.
I know there are people out there in the world that don't like this stuff, 
but I seriously can't imagine that.
 photo IMG_20130917_111027.jpg 
I enjoyed talking and laughing with my friend Kelsey and her sisters when they came to visit!
 photo IMG_20130903_004939.jpg 
boy, do I ever love fall style.
colored pants with boots and colored corduroy skirts--aah!
I wish fall could go on forever..
 photo IMG_20130922_154918.jpg 
I recently printed a bunch of instagrams...partayyy!!
It seriously feels like Christmas or something when I print recent photos..
its like sending a present to myself because I just love having new pictures out.
 photo IMG_20130923_140309.jpg 
so, long story short, my PC laptop died on my in September, and I got a Mac.
It's been a bit challenging making the switch, but I'm really becoming attached to the world of Apple. ;)
 photo IMG_20130927_103818.jpg 
this isn't the best picture, but this is by far my new favorite clothing item for fall!
I got it from Cato's, because I couldn't morally leave it there. :P
it was calling my name.
I've worn it with a brown long-sleeved tee and boots, but want to try it with more colors as well.
 photo IMG_20130913_210901.jpg 
did anyone else eat Star Crunch as a kid?
childhood memories biting into one of these. ;)
 photo IMG_20130923_111954.jpg 
I just might cry if these boots ever fall apart one day...they make any day better.
sort of. :)
 photo IMG_20130920_172738.jpg 
virtual high-five to any other ICEE obsessors out there. :P
 photo IMG_20130907_170046.jpg 
pretties at a friend's house.
 photo IMG_20130907_080625.jpg 
location scouting with this little ham one day.
it was so gorgeous out--and he's my favorite 3-year-old to run errands with. 
 photo IMG_20130912_174031.jpg 
blurred night sky...the heavens declare.
 photo IMG_20130915_200034.jpg 
some days you get desperate and drive to your gas station to buy milk.
and an overpriced box of cereal.
to be instantly consumed by your large family. ;)
because some days, it's worth it.
 photo IMG_20130906_094048.jpg
hope you enjoyed a peek into my September!

~H. Elise
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  1. Your fall style is on point! Love love it. I'm so excited for fall. Can't wait to eat pumpkin pie:)

  2. So fun to see these instagram re-caps, Hannah! I don't think I can imagine not liking nutella either. ;) Nutella with pretzels is my very favorite, although homemade mini nutella cheesecakes are pretty yummy, too. =) Printed photos definitely also brighten my day and that photo of the charm/jewelry things is so lovely - love the wood contrasted with the pretty colors. =) Have an awesome day!


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