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Earlier this year Liz contacted me about wanting to to do an 'after session'
of wedding photos for her and Adam.
They were married in the fall of 2011, but their wedding was in the evening so they weren't
able to do any outdoor pictures on that day.
I was instantly excited and couldn't wait to do it!

When she first messaged me Liz also mentioned that they "weren't photogenic," 
and right then I thought,"are you kidding me?!"
You will see from their photos how stunning she is--together they make such a beautiful couple. 

I knew Liz through church back when we lived in Northern Iowa and I was 12 and younger...
I barely ever talked to her being so 'little', and about all I knew was that she was
 this cool older girl who had worked with the Lipizzaner Stallions at one point.
yeah, way cool. :)

Right when we met up and were about to start they warned me not to take
anything they said seriously as they were both really sarcastic...haha.
I can be pretty sarcastic at times myself so we got along great,
and I loved getting to know them better as we were shooting.

I was so grateful it worked out to do their photos when I was up in Mason City in July--
it felt so nice not to have any time constraints of a whole wedding day,
but really enjoy all the time spent shooting and getting to utilize so many different backgrounds.
I love the mix of classy/nature/urban..shooting in new places is the best!

enjoy--I'm so obsessed with these images.
 photo IMG_2532.jpg  photo IMG_2576.jpg  photo IMG_2597.jpg  photo IMG_2607.jpg  photo IMG_2616.jpg  photo IMG_2625.jpg  photo IMG_2640.jpg  photo IMG_2657.jpg  photo IMG_2695.jpg  photo IMG_2706.jpg  photo IMG_2697.jpg
 photo IMG_2742.jpg
 photo IMG_2736.jpg
 photo IMG_2750.jpg  photo IMG_2756.jpg  photo IMG_2765.jpg  photo IMG_2771.jpg  photo IMG_2782.jpg  photo IMG_2788.jpg  photo IMG_2803.jpg  photo IMG_2845.jpg  photo IMG_2820.jpg  photo IMG_2848.jpg  photo IMG_2984.jpg  photo IMG_2859.jpg  photo IMG_2875.jpg  photo IMG_2945.jpg  photo IMG_2885.jpg  photo IMG_2895.jpg  photo IMG_2899.jpg  photo IMG_2911.jpg  photo IMG_2920.jpg  photo IMG_2972.jpg  photo IMG_2958.jpg  photo IMG_2930.jpg  photo IMG_2935.jpg  photo IMG_2931.jpg
get excited for more photos of them next week--
after taking these we shot some casual pictures at her parent's farm...can't wait to blog them!! :)
have an awesome weekend!
~H. Elise
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  1. Very good pictures! Good job!!

    You may not remember who I am... but I met you at the Turning Hearts Celebration!.. And I have been having fun following your blog!!! This has been very fun, watching what you and Chelsy put on everyday! Anyhow, just had to let you know who I am kinda! -Mary Anne Ebersole

  2. yes, I think I remember you, Mary Anne! I talked to a lot of people that day so its a little hard to keep track of everyone. ;) so glad you are enjoying the Blogtober!!

  3. Lol, I agree... I talked to a lot of people that day too!!! Oh yes, and I LOVE the name for this! Boho Blogtober! "fun" -Mary

  4. ... they aren't photogenic?? =) These are beautiful, Hannah! 8th from top is just soo sweet... and prob my favorite, too. ;-)

  5. Hannah, these are INCREDIBLE. Love each of them, but especially the one of her standing up on the stone looking wall and then the one right under it. Great job Hannah. I'm sure they love the pics!


  6. Woah, these are killer awesome!

  7. These are Stunning! My favorite session so far. Everything about this shoot is just amazing. Having your bridal portraits done after the wedding is actually a good idea. The pressures of the wedding are not their, so they look so relaxed and very photogenic :D

  8. Such beautiful pictures, Hannah! These are definitely some of your best shots. :D

  9. love love! -Kayla :)

  10. love LOVE!!!! So so gorgeous, Hannah. And what lovely subjects. I love how her hair is kinda the casual look with the wedding dress. you did a fabulous job, too. See you soon! (cannot wait.)

  11. These are gorgeous! Go Hannah! :)


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