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this is my beautiful friend, Hannah.
I just met her earlier this year, and sadly she is moving away from me this fall! :(
She is a fabulous photographer, and I took a few photos of her when we met up for Chick-fil-A
to talk and then do some shooting.
We had talked about meeting up for awhile,
but it took her moving away for it to finally get scheduled, which is sad.
 photo IMG_5776.jpg
But this leads to an important point--if I say I'm going to do something, I need to be sure it happens.
And that it happens sooner rather than later.
Because so often I say I want to get together with someone, or finish a project [or begin a project, for that matter], etc....
and if it isn't urgent, it doesn't happen.

Which is sad--because somehow I always have time for the things I want to do,
 but sacrificing my schedule or plan to reach out and encourage someone else needs to become more of a priority.
The only things that will last forever are the Word of God and people,
and if we all put more emphasis on that what a difference it would make!

So, I encourage you to put priority on something this week that you've always 'said you wanted to do.'
I was so blessed by connecting with this girl and it reminded me how important it is
to spend time with other Christian photographers.

Enough said--meet Hannah!
 photo IMG_5774.jpg
 photo IMG_5783.jpg
 photo IMG_5800.jpg
so stunning.
her dark eyes/hair remind me of a doe for some reason..
 photo IMG_5810-2.jpg  photo IMG_5811.jpg  photo IMG_5837.jpg  photo IMG_5841.jpg  photo IMG_5845.jpg  photo IMG_5850.jpg  photo IMG_5857.jpg  photo IMG_5859.jpg
happy Thursday!

~H. Elise
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  1. wait! how in the world do YOU know Hannah?!? I had no idea you knew her! Beautiful photos!
    And so true..about not putting off the most important things..I really needed to hear that. Have been experiencing that (failing in it) so much lately. Needed the reminder!
    Thanks girl! three days down for you! (woot!)
    oh and this is random but guess what..the place that we stay at every year when we come to Shipshe? Well, they finally got with the program and got wifi in their guest houses! =) I 'bout died with joy when I walked in and saw those lovely three words "Complimentary Wifi Available"! YES! =)

  2. Dude, these are so gorgeous! Love, love!

  3. she's absolutely beautiful.
    It's so true that if something isn't urgent it's easy to let it get put on the back burner and sometimes forget about it, or just not get to it at all. But, it's a good challenge to do things sooner rather than later before we lose an opportunity. :)

    Loving your Boho October! ;)


  4. Love the crisp focus of these portraits and thank you so much for the reminder about priorities, Hannah! <3

  5. Hannah is so beautiful! :) I love her brown hair and her brown eyes. That's funny that you both have the same names!


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