score thrifty : orange + yellow!

Wow, it has been a looong time since I've done a score thrifty post.
sorry about that!
 photo score.jpg
I'm excited to be sharing a new one today, though--
recently I've been finding a lot of orange and yellow items...go figure. ;)

check out these heels.
I saw them at a garage sale and then told a friend that they were purple and orange,
and she was shocked that I didn't get them.
yep, I went back...
that will be the day if when I actually wear them in public. :P
 photo IMG_8545.jpg
speaking of shoes--how awesome are these?!
 photo IMG_8546.jpg
 photo IMG_8547.jpg
I was at Cato's the other night with my Mom, and found these awesome sandals!
boo that summer is over, but since its been 80 degrees this week I have gotten some use out of them already.
 photo IMG_8552.jpg
 photo IMG_8604.jpg
for some reason I couldn't leave this book at a garage sale.
isn't the cover gorgeous?
25 cents.
 photo IMG_8553.jpg
Dr. Suess books...always super fun and colorful.
25 cents as well.
 photo IMG_8555.jpg
 photo IMG_8557.jpg
happy striped paper--50 cents.
anyone who has read this blog for very long knows I'm kind of obsessed with packaging. :)
 photo IMG_8558.jpg
brand new orange + yellow files--$1 each.
 photo IMG_8569.jpg
25 cents for gold flats..umm, yes!
 photo IMG_8571.jpg
okay, hold the program.
how crazy adorable is this little orange ice container?
I mean seriously...doesn't get much cuter than this.
 photo IMG_8574.jpg
 photo IMG_8575.jpg
and the little scoop?!
 photo IMG_8577.jpg
I need to have a party, people...just so I can use this.
 photo IMG_8579.jpg
thick yellow hot pads for a quarter.
you can see the one on the right has some stains, but who has perfectly clean hot pads in their house anyways?
 photo IMG_8582.jpg
glass pitcher--$1.
 photo IMG_8584.jpg
love how the top is shaped..so lovely.
 photo IMG_8586.jpg
4 Creative Memories pens for $2.
ehhh, a little price-y for me, but I've had these pens before in the past and they rock.
so, it was worth it.
 photo IMG_8587.jpg
2 Creative Memories corner rounders--$1.50 each.
who gets rid of quality tools like these?!
sorry, that just blows my mind.
I actually already have both of these rounders, but one of them is a little dull 
so these will be great backups.
 photo IMG_8589.jpg
Creative Memories file box.
not that I have time to scrapbook right now,
but when I do need it at some point it will be ready for me. :)
 photo IMG_8592.jpg
 photo IMG_8596.jpg
$5 Bagolita.
Not sure yet if I'm going to keep this or resell it...we'll see.
 photo IMG_8598.jpg
I love how gorgeous and simple this orange vintage tin is..
I paid $2 for it I think..I got it back in June so its been awhile.
 photo IMG_8606.jpg
25 cents for each of these glass jars.
I'm going to fill them with something and give as gifts for Christmas I think. 
 photo IMG_8610.jpg
Orange and Yellow frames--4 total.
$2 per set.
I bought them at a garage sale and then realized they were from IKEA--still in the package--what?!
someday, I will actually go to an IKEA store and it will be glorious.
I just know it.
 photo IMG_8611.jpg
I picked up this vintage Clue board game at a garage sale for a buck--
why don't they make all board games as cool as this anymore?!
so awesome.
 photo IMG_8617.jpg
 photo IMG_8619.jpg
hope you enjoyed some of my latest scores!
Thrifting is definitely one of my love languages...so. much. fun.
what are your favorite summer finds?
~H. Elise
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  1. love all of this!! those heels? hello, gorgeous! :) you would look fab in them! I'll say it again, we need to go thrifting together. ;)
    have a lovely day, Hannah! :)

  2. you are the queen of thrifting! I love seeing all your great finds!


  3. "You had me at yellow" ;). Epic finds!

  4. Nobody thrifts like you do! Your finds are too cute. Love the taupe colored shoes, orange sandals, and gold flats.

  5. I adore these posts, they're my favorite (mostly because I'm a thrifter too). :)

  6. Gosh!!! You scored some awesome things!!! I love them all!

  7. Those orange sandals and the ice container! LOVE. so cute! ah, I think you're a pro at finding things for cheap. :) Thrifting can be so much fun. :) And ah! the vintage clue game! so fun! I love that game.




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