October : goals

and Boho Blogtober has officially begun! woot!

I'm starting off October by listing my goals for the month...talk about intimidating.

Nothing like sharing your goals with the world to help keep you accountable, right?!
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+exercise 3-4x a week.
+finish reading 'the count of monte cristo.' only 1,000 pages to go. but hey--I've already read 450!
that book is so good--talk about rich classic literature. 
I used to read all the time when I was little, and that sadly dropped off as I got older. 
Trying to get back into that habit.
+memorize I Thessalonians 2. 
I already have chapter 1 done, time to crack down and make chapter 2 happen.
+get caught up on letter writing. 
let's ignore the fact that I have 9 letters on my desk to respond to, shall we? 
My apologies to all the friends out there wondering when I will ever reply..
+get up early consistently. 
my schedule is so different each week, so sometimes that means getting up early and working, 
and other days staying up till 1am (or later) editing.
I know it works best not only for me, but my family as well if I work in the morning,
so I want to aim more for that. although I do wear my 'night owl' badge with pride. 
#hoothoot #nightowlsunite
+enjoy and make the most of 2 road trips with friends.
+journal more. 
because it really is therapeutic to some extent and important...
and whenever I do it I wonder why I don't more often.
+make a 'morning' and 'evening' routine to be 'bookends' for my day. 
a friend recently shared this profound idea with me and I definitely plan to implement it.
Since we have the most control over how we start and end each day, make yourself a plan for those, 
and then keep the middle of your day more open. 
Because, let's be real...no day ever goes exactly as planned, 
but we can definitely control what we do when we hop out of bed, and what we do before we hit the pillow each day.
Obviously I will have things on my list to do throughout the day as well,
but I want to keep those things more flexible. 
Corrie Ten Boom said, 
"Hold everything in your hands lightly, otherwise it hurts when God pries your fingers open." 
Yes, it is extremely beneficial to have a plan for each day, but I know for me personally, 
if I wasn't so glued to my to-do-list  it would bless those around me. :)


+make a plan and stay organized with my editing this month.
+blog everyday for Boho Blogtober. :)
+get my inbox down to zero. 
staying on top of e-mails is so challenging, but I'm resolved to knock them all out this month.
+second-shoot 2 weddings and the rest of my portrait sessions for the year. 
I'm only scheduling sessions into the first couple days of November this year so I can stay sane by the time Christmas rolls around. :P 
you know how some guys do the 'no-shave-november' deal? 
Well, for me its 'no-shoot-november,' and I'm sticking to it.

I'll pull these goals back up on the blog here in about a month, and we'll see what got accomplished.

let's do this, October.

~H. Elise

do you have any goals for the month?! I'd love to hear them. 
that's what the comment box is for. :)
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  1. Ooh I love this! Especially the Corrie quote. :) Where are you roadtripping?

  2. I'm still so excited about this project that you and Chels are doing!! =) Loved reading your goals - it's super inspiring to hear the goals that other brothers and sisters-in-Christ set, so thank you so much for sharing! Ah, that letter-writing goal is convicting for me - yep, I definitely need to catch up on that one, too. =) One sweet friend asked me if we had moved to a new address. :P Hope you are having a blessed day and looking forward to your post tomorrow! ~EB

  3. awesome goals. you inspire me as always. especially with getting the email inbox cleaned out.I'm gonna shoot for that too. =)

  4. The scripture memory one is great! I started memorizing 2 Peter 1. The letter writing one is also one I so need to catch up on. (: Excited about the project you to gals are doing!!1

  5. these are great goals! a lot of these are similar to ones that i need to be doing - exercising, reading, memorizing scripture.
    and that quote? AHH i needed that so badly today! :)

  6. Enjoyed reading your goals. Can't wait what's tomorrow's post. Working on memorizing 1 John and going through a rut:( I just my permit today so my month is starting out pretty fun so far! Can't wait to see what else is in store for me.

  7. Wow, lots of goals!!!! Fun! :) #loosingafellownightowl ;)


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