Boho Blogtober!

I am beyond excited to announce about Boho Blogtober!
For the month of October, I am collaborating with Chelsy Renee, and we will both be blogging every weekday!
 [yes, you heard that right]...woot woot!
 photo BohoBlogtober.jpg
 I was talking to Chels recently about consistency in blogging, and then she later texted me about
how we both should blog together for October.
So excited about this..!!
A small disclaimer before I explain what this is all about:
 sorry to disappoint anyone, but this will not be a month showcasing Bohemian or hippie stuff...
we just picked the Boho word because it sounded fun. Honestly. :P
Starting next Tuesday we will both be blogging every weekday until October 31st, and posts will include:
--a score thrifty post [about time I did one..it's been so long]
--new photo sessions [that I am dyyying to blog]
--a giveaway [get stoked]
--recipes [perhaps a new muffin monday?!]
--blog interviews [can't wait to share them]
--personal goals for october [yay for social networking accoutability..right?]
--plus many other blog-worthy things to share! ;)
Another optional blog post I may do (and would need your help with!) is a Q&A post
if anyone has photography related questions, or any other questions for that matter.
Feel free to comment on this post with them and I would be happy to answer! :)
We hope you will follow along with both of our blogs and enjoy the ride!
October is gonna be a fun month, people.
Get excited!!
~H. Elise
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  1. I was super excited to hear your announcement, Hannah, and am so looking forward to seeing your posts. =) Yay for so many posts planned by two of the most encouraging, awesome friends everrr! And love that graphic you designed, too - so pretty. Hope you have a blessed day + I'll be thinking of some Q+A questions... =)

  2. This is SO exciting!!! :) Looking forward to your posts!! I think the Q+A is a good idea!

  3. Ahh this is going to be awesome! So excited!
    OK, questions:
    1. What is your favorite kind of shoot?
    2. What is your method of communicating with your subjects to capture genuine smiles/laughter/etc?
    3. Where do you see yourself in your photography business over the next few years?

    I'm really looking forward to this! :)

  4. Can HARDLY wait to see all the posts you girls come up with! Looking forward to the Score Thrifty posts!


  5. Q&A question.... How do you get started into photography? How to make the people you are photographing relaxed and enjoy the session? How much do you tell them how to pose?

  6. Here is a handful of Q+A ideas... =)

    - tips for scoring thrifty treasures
    - how you answer the often-asked question people ask about what you're doing now that you have graduated
    - any tips/suggestions for aspiring photogs is always much appreciated ;)
    - tips for capturing authentic images with clients that you just met at the session
    - for capturing everyday memories + events, do you mainly use your phone? or both your dslr + phone?
    - what has the Lord been teaching you recently?
    - what is one of your current photography dreams/goals? is there a special shoot you have been envisioning for a long time that you'd love to shoot someday?
    - what is your "turnaround" for getting images to your clients?
    - how did you make the transition from an aspiring photographer to a professional photographer?
    - how much editing/culling do you do after a session?
    - how do most of your clients hear about your work?
    - what's a typical day like for you?
    -andddd a fun one: what are your favorite frozen yogurt toppings? =)

    Whew, that actually turned out to be quite a few! :P You definitely don't have to answer all/any of these, but if so, it would be awesome to hear your answers. =) Blessings, Hannah! ~elizabeth.

  7. Q&A:
    What is your favorite session/person you've done?
    What does a "normal" look like?
    Do you use Photoshop? Lightroom? Elements?

    Allison Ockenfels

  8. Great pictures, but do the people not mind becoming so public.

  9. What kind of editing program do you use??? Thanks!!! Love your photos!!

  10. Here's some Q's for you! What editting program do you use? Who/what inspires you the most?


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