what today means to me : personal

two years ago today something happened.
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on my photography postmark/logo there is a date--September 24...
which is today, and I didn't just pick that date randomly, but chose it because it meant something to me.
On September 24, 2011, I got together my camera and lenses and carefully cleaned them.
made sure I had all my new memory cards, my pose sheets I had printed off,
or papers drawn with stick figures for reference. ;)
I put everything in my Jotote and walked out the door thinking 'wow, this feels legit.'
And not really knowing what I was doing, I went out and did my first session, a family / senior shoot,
and my first one that I was actually getting paid for.
[this was a big deal, people, as no one had ever hired me to take their pictures before] 
 photo marci.jpg
 Since that day, I have been humbled by, and am beyond grateful for everyone
that has believed in my work and stepped before my lens.
A few years ago I would never have thought I would be a photographer someday,
 or realize how satisfying this job is as an artist...
thank you all for the encouragement over the past 2+ years and above all,
I owe everything to the Lord for any talent He has given me.
He has truly blessed my business more than I could have ever expected!
~H. Elise

p.s. get excited for a big announcement later this week..!!
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  1. Your photography skills have really grown, you talented lady, you. Also, I love that family picture...so perfect...with the children just playing around them. it's so real and honest. LOVE.

    Blessings on your many years to come as a photographer!


  2. Lovely post, Hannah!! Love the family photo! Beautiful!

  3. You've grown so much in your art! And I think it's so cool that I've basically followed you the whole way (and even got to MEET you AND you came to visit! ;) )
    I'm so excited to see where you continue to go! <3

  4. Congrats Hannah! I can't believe how much you've advanced last 2 years, such a big difference in your photos for sure!

  5. I love it. Wish I would've taken note of that first time I did a paid shoot!
    And the announcement. Oh my goodness. I feel like a little kid who can't hold in the excitement anymore. Can't wait to blow it all over cyberspace! =)

  6. Isn't our Heavenly Father's faithfulness amazing?! So encouraging to read how He has carried you through your photography journey and I can hardly wait to hear what your big announcement is! Please post it soon?! ;) Blessings, Hannah, and thanks so much for your encouragement + inspiration! Hope you are having an awesome day. <3

    {p.s.} That second picture is absolutely so stunning - I absolutely LOVE it!


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