things to woot about : october

Welcome to a new roundup of "woot-worthy things." :)

How about a clean room/desk?!
You can actually see my desk now, hallelujah..as of yesterday afternoon it was totally buried.
Plus, I now have my planner out, and am back into writing in my lovely zebra journal.
I won't go into details of how long it's been since I had journaled until I picked it up again this month,
but it was embarrassing.
This whole month has been so crazy that I had stuff everywhere around my room, 
and last night I sorted/folded/cleaned up...and afterwards totally felt like my life could go on.
Nothing compares to a clean room.
It's like having a perfectly sharpened or mechanical pencil for writing--
if I have a dull one my ideas or writing feels lame, but a new one feels magical.
Maybe that's just me. :)
Regardless, let's hope my room stays maintained for awhile and I can enjoy the organized-ness!
 photo IMG_2183.jpg
This morning I didn't get up at the time I wanted to,
but resolved to use my time well and knocked out a bunch of cleaning, etc.
Love crossing off things off my list!
Sometimes I think it's not how much free time we have, but if we choose to make the most of whatever time we're given.
Because I could get up at 6 am and be totally lazy and take my time with things all day, 
or wake up later and really maximize and speed through my tasks.
how fun is this orange glass water bottle?! woot!
purchased last week at the 'sketchy caribou' and will forever remind me of that road trip.
 photo IMG_2186.jpg
gotta love hat weather...I've been wearing this all day.
thanks, Ana. :)
 photo IMG_2216.jpg
oh, slippers!
I think one of the top features of fall is the all-around coziness of everything.
these kind of look like I'm wearing squirrels on my feet or something, but hey, they're warm and comfy. :)
 photo IMG_2190.jpg
so last week at the Getty concert I got a cd, and then realized I should have gotten this one...
so yay for local Christian bookstores!
If you're looking for new music to listen to, I would highly encourage you to get this record.
so good, plus it conveniently has 4 of my favorite songs in a row. ;)
 photo IMG_2199.jpg
I love my new Macbook Pro.
Making the switch from PC to Mac has been interesting, but the land of Apple is a fun place to be..
and woot woot for using it to Skype with some friends today!
 photo IMG_2196.jpg
last week I got this skirt at the classy Salvation Army in MN for a couple dollars.
I am super obsessed with it...such a gorgeous floral print!
It doesn't even have a tag with the clothing brand or anything, 
so thank you to whoever donated it to the thrift store, you made my day. :)
 photo IMG_2202.jpg
some friends gave us a bunch of these amazing apples.
ate some with nutella today...it was a good day.
but let's be real, any day is a good day when nutella is involved. :)
 photo IMG_2207.jpg
what are you woot-ing about today?

~H. Elise
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  1. how about freshly-made Pumpkin Creme Brulee candles? Or maybe some hot chili? Or a cup of hot mint tea while chatting incessantly with lovely brand-new friends? Yeah, I'm blessed. Definitely lots of woot-worthy stuff in this life of mine.

    btw....loved your post. and SO glad you got that cd. cause you would have had no peace till you did, right?:):)

  2. The having a go getter attitude no matter what time you wake up is so true. I tend to take the attitude that the whole day is wasted if I wake up late, but it's all about attitude. My major woot woot would be about mine and my families trip to Ecuador this November!

  3. wewll....we will be going to the great big woods of Oklahoma for a whole week. That's pretty woot worthy. Oh, and coming up one my 1 year anniversary for braces. That means only 6 more months!

  4. How about woot woot for a Chris Tomlin concert this weekend! So super excited for it! Been loving all your posts Hannah. Loved the recap of your adventures last weekend. Sounds like it was a blast!


  5. a clean desk (yes, me too!!), clean bedroom windows (another thing off the list!), a baby calf that finally learned how to drink its bottle without it being an all-out production-process, (#yaybabydiscovery) a cup of hot mint tea (tea leaves straight from the garden), falling leaves, and, um, the approach of the END of blogtober!! (#stillcan'tbelievewearealmostdone) =)
    great post...I adore the hat and I too am so glad that you can rest now knowing that you own that cd. =) life will be better because of it. =)

  6. Loved this, my fwend! You are welcome, you look so adorbs in the beret. I loved skyping with you, so epic!

  7. *looks over at my desk* Um, yep, I can definitely understand what it looks like to have a buried desk. ;) I adored this from your post: "Sometimes I think it's not how much free time we have, but if we choose to make the most of whatever time we're given." #needtowritethatdowninmyquotebook Your hat is adorable and so is that be-autiful skirt. And, yep, nutella is pretty amazing. Especially with pretzels. The end. :)


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