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I just got home from a seriously amazing roadtrip up to MN with some other dear friends for a wedding...
can't wait to blog more about that soon!!
While up there, our crew went to a Keith + Kristyn Getty concert---um, talk about epic.
That concert was so rich, worship-ful, beautiful, inspiring.

I only knew a few of the Getty's songs before going, but now am kind of addicted to them.
Many songs nowadays have weak lyrics, so I really respect the depth and theology in their hymns/worship music.

I bought one cd while there, and now realize I should have gotten their newest one,
"Hymns for the Christian Life," because it has a ton of awesome songs on it like 
"The Perfect Wisdom of Our God," "Before You I Kneel," and "Simple Living," among many others.
Basically, I'm super duper obsessed with their music. ;)

Today I've really been pondering the words from "Simple Living," and especially this phrase:
"Not what you give but what you keep, is what the King is counting."

At first I thought what does that mean exactly--is that true?
Then the more I realized--wow--that is totally true and super convicting.

Too often we think "I've given this to God, and surrendered this area of my life to Him, so I'm good."
When it really is the one or two things we hold back that the Lord is wanting.
He doesn't want part of us, most of us, but all of us.

Just what has been on my mind today...check out the rest of that song here.

be back tomorrow! :)

~H. Elise

a favorite from my engagement session tonight..
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  1. yes. YES! totally love their music too. And all the memories before/during/after that concert. Enter smoking hot.:)

    love and miss you girl! loving seeing what you come up with each day in this boho thing!
    have a happy week.

  2. ah yes, that song. So convicting. I was thinking that maybe God had it was written just for me. Its so where I'm at too!
    I will never get over that concert. Best I've ever been to. Perfect blend of worship and harmony and presentation and everything. So glad we could experience it together. (although we so could've done w/o the..ahem, "gentleman" who shared our row. =) hehe)
    what memories...
    looking forward to seeing more of that engagement shoot!

  3. I never heard of them, then I listened. Simply beautiful. I love how its kind of country-ish. I do believe I have new fav band. Do they live in MN?

    1. yes!! aren't they amazing?! :) I believe they live in TN.

  4. "He doesn't want part of us, most of us, but all of us." Mmm...pretty convicting and inspiring, Hannah. Thank you for sharing. <3


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