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Oh man...am I ever delighted to post these!

If you have been following my blog for very long, you will know that Chelsy is one of my good friends.
I don't remember when I officially 'met her, but over the last few years we have grown a lot closer.

One of the many things I respect about Chels is that she's someone who is totally real and genuine,
and it puts you at ease to relax and be honest with her.

We all need people we can:
-talk a mile a minute with
-talk loud with, and they don't care whatsoever ;)
-roadtrip all over creation with
-laugh with over the most bizarre and random happenings until you're practically crying
-majorly thrift it up with :P
-hash out the world's problems with--at 3 am, naturally
-text with urgent prayer requests.
-watch BBC/Jane Austen movies with and quote the hilarious/witty lines

People that just "get"  you.
I'm so, so blessed to know this girl, and am super grateful for all the awesome memories we share.

I only see Chelsy and her sister Allison every so often as their
family's travel schedule has them away a lot, (<-- ultra boo right there)
but when we do get together we always talk non-stop about various life happenings (or matchmaking) :P
and it's simply awesome.

We took these pictures back in October at a rock quarry in Minnesota for her new blog design.
If you haven't seen her website, check it out!
Rachel Busenitz (Wissmann) did amazing work and I just love how the photos/new design look together!

For the pictures on Chelsy's website I stuck with my previous editing style,
but since then have played a bit with my favorites using vsco...and I like the different feel it gives.
Still figuring out all the wonders of vsco, but I really am enjoying it a lot!

Oh, and if you'd like to see some other photos I did of Chelsy last year, click here. :)
 photo IMG_9587.jpg
jeepers, I have gorgeous friends, people.
 photo IMG_9598.jpg  photo IMG_9614.jpg  photo IMG_9640.jpg  photo IMG_9644.jpg
I know what you're thinking--yep, her eyelashes are pretty much insane.
 photo IMG_9683.jpg  photo IMG_9720.jpg  photo IMG_9722.jpg  photo IMG_9734.jpg  photo IMG_9757.jpg  photo IMG_9760.jpg
Alli was along with us, so obviously she got to be in front of the lens a bit too. :)
The talents this girl possesses blow me away.
I won't even try to list them because I'm sure there would be some I forgot.
 photo IMG_9781.jpg  photo IMG_9788.jpg  photo IMG_9792.jpg  photo IMG_9805.jpg  photo IMG_9811.jpg  photo IMG_9815.jpg  photo IMG_9820.jpg  photo IMG_9824.jpg
Needless to say, we were pretty daring at the quarry.
She climbing all over the rocks in heels, or me with my camera...
imagining ourselves plummeting to our deaths, haha.
Well, we're still here to tell about it...obviously. :)
 photo IMG_9833.jpg
And I'd say the images were worth it!
 photo IMG_9845.jpg  photo IMG_9851.jpg  photo IMG_9855.jpg  photo IMG_9869.jpg  photo IMG_9911.jpg  photo IMG_9937.jpg  photo IMG_9949.jpg  photo IMG_9963.jpg  photo IMG_9976.jpg  photo IMG_9981.jpg  photo IMG_9997.jpg
I'd love to hear what your favorites are--comment below!

~H. Elise
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  1. WOW!!!! I cant decide on any favorites. They are all so amazing!

  2. Oh,I wanted to ask you what editing program do you use? I jut bought lightroom and I was wondering what you used to make their eye 'pop' so well.

    1. thanks Blythe!! I use Lightroom and VSCO presets. :) I usually always bump up the vibrance of my photos in Lr so maybe that's what makes the eye pop. :)

  3. You did a GREAT job with the pictures! I loved them all. I loved your "We all need people who can:" so true. Wish we lived closer I think we would be friends.:)

  4. They are all just absolutely gorgeous!! I think #13,16 and 18 are my favorites!! The 6th to last one is cute too!! Great shots,Hannah!!

  5. These pictures are beautiful! :) Chelsy is so stunning and I love her hair. I really like the pictures by the rocks, the black and white pictures, and the picture of Chelsy and Allison together. These are simply beautiful, absolutely picturesque. I'm always amazed at all the beautiful pictures you take and the beautiful locations. You did such an amazing job.

  6. Beautifully done!!! :) One of my favorites is the first picture of her wearing green and she is barefoot surrounded by all the pretty trees. Chelsy is beautiful and I LOVE her eyelashes! Great job, Hannah! :)

  7. I can not say what my favorites are! I love them ALL. And I am proud to say that I can call these girls my friends too!! They are fabulous girls, that is FOR SURE!!!! Loved the post, Mary

  8. Um, so this makes me miss you three even MORE, if that's possible. ;) Can't express how VERY grateful I am for you beautiful, encouraging, inspiring, real, and just downright amazing ladies. =) It's going to be practically impossible to pick a top fav, but here are three: #3, 19, and the last. But, honestly, they all are my favorite. =) And I'm {lovinggg} the VSCO film look on these. So vibrant, crisp, gorgeous. The location, subject, photography, everyyythinggg = talk about amazingness. Okay, I shall stop rambling. But, seriously, girl. Your work is crazy amazing and then you publish a new post that gets me inspired + amazed all over again! So excited for what the Lord has in store for you in 2014. =) Much love, EB. [p.s. and way to go for adventuring in heels. {wow} as alli and chels can testify, I practically completely tripped while going up to the stage @ family camp in flip flops :P Blessings + sorry for such a lengthy comment!]

  9. These are GORGEOUS, Hannah!! 14 and 17 are probably my favorites and also the last couple ones in her green shirt! Also, the ones were she is standing with the leaves in are neat as well! :) Awesome job, Hannah!! :) ~Tashia

  10. These are beautiful! I love the last one the fourth to last and the one where you see her gorgeous eyelashes. Good friends are such a blessing!!!

  11. I'm humbled by your kindness hannah. you are too sweet.
    thanks a million for taking these for me-they are totally the "backbone" of my blog and I am SO pleased with how they turned out!
    love ya friend...

  12. Goodness, she is beautiful! You are so good ;)
    (I haven't been able to see your posts because my computer blocked Photobucket for some reason, but I finally can. So expect lots of comments from me! ;) )

  13. Love her! Hannah, you did an awesome job capturing Chels' personality and beauty. Great job!


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