favorites of 2013 : cedar rapids, ia family & portrait photographer

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It is so fun to go back through all your sessions from the year, 
and pluck your personal favorite images...
the ones that connected with you as the artist.
the ones that still make you feel something when you look at them.

These do that for me. :)

I have been so grateful for and blessed by my clients last year--
they truly feel like friends and I am humbled that they all believed in my work
and asked me to document their lives.

Being a photographer has been such an amazing journey, and such a satisfying art.
I started reading a new book a friend gave me the other day, and right at the beginning
the writer conveyed the point how that the first thing we know about God is that He made art.
Isn't that a mind-blowing thought?!
We are His masterpieces--the very good of creation, and He made us to make things.
It seriously is a gift to be able to create.

Spring sessions cannot get here soon enough, I am so stoked about this year--2014!!

[To book a portrait session please e-mail hannah@hannaheliseblog.com,
my schedule is filling up fast!!]

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~H. Elise
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  1. So much beautiful! Hannah, you had a wonderful year and I'm excited to watch how you grow your business and continue to honor the Lord through your photography in 2014!

  2. My Favorites are the 1st Picture (after the header picture) and the Toms box with the rings.

    Have a great week!

  3. Your best year yet! :)
    It always fascinates me to watch the changes that a photographer makes through a year...I think this was a huge year of growth for you and you captured some BEAUTIFUL images!

  4. So. many. gorgeous. photos. GREAT job!!! I love your style!!!

  5. I absolutely looove the second pic!!!! (the girl in the denim) She is totally gorgeous and cute!!!! wow! amazing! Lizzie

  6. Thanks for sharing this post with us! These are such beautiful pictures! It would be hard to choose a favorite. :) Do you use photo editing for most of your blog pictures? What photo editing program do you use?

    1. Thanks Haley! Yes, I typically edit all the photos I post on my blog, and I use Lightroom & VSCO presets currently. :)

  7. Thanks for the quick reply! It's good to know. :)

  8. This is literally the third time I have looked through all of the photos because I love them all so much! Sheesh! Seriously girl, these photos are fantastic! Can't wait to see what this year will hold for you!

  9. You have definitely grown so much this past year! These are AMAZING. Though all your sessions are beautiful... I absolutely love your family sessions. You capture the love joy and complete dynamics of family life! Can't wait see how you improve and continue to grow this year.

  10. Beautiful Hannah! I love seeing how your photography has grown. That last picture is from my favorite session you've taken! : )

  11. Way to go, girl! Your work is so gorgeously inspiring and refreshing. Blessings as you head into your 2014 sessions - super excited to see what the Lord has in store for you. =)


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