Travels and shoots and such.

I just got home from an 8 day trip to St. Louis and then Nashville..super fun times.
Thus my blog has been neglected, but hopefully this post will make up for it! :)

My first flight was kind of an interesting adventure, as we boarded the plane late due to computer problems...
then some guy lost his passport, etc.
So we ended up sitting on the plane over an entire hour before taking off--which made me miss my connecting flight.
So while in the air I was prepping myself and praying that I would be able to work something out
so I could still get to St. Louis that day.
We touched down and right then I got an e-mail that "changes had been made to my flight"
and I was put on another plane that left in an hour and a half!
Sometimes God answers prayer before you can even begin to work on solving the problem,
and for that I am so grateful.

I flew to St. Louis to visit my dear friend, Allison, and also to attend a winter girl's retreat she was hosting!
She is a true delight to be around, and I really appreciate her heart for the Lord and ministry.
We traveled together for Bright Lights conferences last summer,
and I will always have fond memories of our late-night kitchen/bathroom/hallway conversations
sharing hilarious stories..such good times!
 photo IMG_20140205_144648.jpg 
^^ this was taken at World Market, which has been one of my 'bucket-list' stores for awhile now.
Wow, that place is amazing.
Probably good that I was flying and had limited space for purchases, haha. ;)
 photo IMG_20140210_104720.jpg
At the Deeper retreat I was so blessed and grateful to meet Jessica Lauren
(who guest-posted during Boho Blogtober last fall, here)
 photo IMG_5433.jpg
and Amelia of Simply Perky Photography!
Connecting with other Christians in this industry and talking 'photog' talk is always such an encouragement!
We're all in this journey together...more photos of these lovelies coming soon!!
 photo IMG_5347.jpg
Both of those girls are so talented -- here's one Amelia took of me!
 photo Deeper2014JessicaHannah-Deeper2014-0018.jpg
After St. Louis I flew to Nashville and visited my brother Erich,
and hung out with him and his friend Kari!
We pretty much dominated Goodwill, Plato's Closet and Southern Thrift, y'all.
(which means I have some fun items to photograph for a new Score Thrifty post!)
Seriously so much fun laughing and spending time together!!
 photo IMG_20140211_134207.jpg
The last morning I was there, we were in downtown Nashville and I took some pictures of them.
It was overcast (some of my favorite weather) and the killer urban backgrounds are literally everywhere.
 photo IMG_5517.jpg  photo IMG_5525.jpg  photo IMG_5533.jpg  photo IMG_5539.jpg  photo IMG_5546.jpg  photo IMG_5552.jpg  photo IMG_5561.jpg  photo IMG_5565.jpg
They're so cool.
 photo IMG_5572.jpg
I could shoot down there all day, every day.
 photo IMG_5582.jpg  photo IMG_5597.jpg
I can't even describe how obsessed I am with this wall.
 photo IMG_5611.jpg  photo IMG_5637.jpg  photo IMG_5642.jpg  photo IMG_5647.jpg  photo IMG_5656.jpg  photo IMG_5661.jpg
And then we found this bridge.
 photo IMG_5665.jpg  photo IMG_5707.jpg  photo IMG_5668.jpg  photo IMG_5706.jpg  photo IMG_5699.jpg  photo IMG_5677.jpg  photo IMG_5690.jpg
Hope you all are having an awesome February so far, and happy Valentine's day!

~H. Elise
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  1. Ahhhhh…. Hannah all these pictures are INCREDIBLE!
    And yay for an upcoming score thrifty!


  2. "Sometimes God answers prayer before you can even begin to work on solving the problem, and for that I am so grateful." >> mmm, yes! So glad your travels went well. These frames are fabulously epic, Hannah, and thank you for sharing them with us. <3

  3. 'LOVE all the backgrounds you found for the pics of Erich and Kari. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Dude, all of the photos were way rad awesome! Love it!

  5. You look so stunning in all of these pictures! :) That's so neat you got to meet some other bloggers. Thanks for sharing these pictures with us!

    Hope you have blessed Valentine's Day! :)


  6. aww!! love this post! so fun that you got to do that photoshoot w/ Eric + his girlfriend!! sounds like an amazing fun trip and so cool how God worked out all those details with your flight!

  7. I recognize that bridge from a shoot Ariel Elise did! Man oh man...love this session so much! :)
    Glad all your travels went well, too!

  8. I love the ones you took of your brother and his friend! The colors and the locations are stunning. :)

  9. These are so fun! I can't wait to hear more about your adventures. Your brother and his lady friend have great taste in fashion :)


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