score thrifty : polaroid + stripes

Welcome to the February installment of Score Thrifty!
 photo cover-2.jpg
I found all these goodies on my trip to St. Louis + Nashville..fun, fun!
I had a little room in my suitcase when I left...
but by the time I boarded the plane to head home I honestly could barely zip my suitcase shut. Ha!

How neat are these shoes?!
I found them for $6 at a place called Southern Thrift in Nashville..they were literally staring at me, in my size.
I just love color.
 photo IMG_5722.jpg
Obviously I need to plan a party now just so I can use these $1.50 World Market napkins.
Someone please take me back to that place.
 photo IMG_5732.jpg
I miraculously found this pretty blue strand of beads at Walmart..crazy, right?!
 photo IMG_5737.jpg
This sweater ($6) and skirt ($4) are via goodwill.
It is kind of ridiculous, but I get so much more excited when a cute skirt has pockets.
Somehow it makes the item that much more adorable in my eyes. :)
 photo 2.jpg  photo IMG_5761.jpg
I wore this $2 blue cheetah skirt I found at goodwill this past Sunday..
 photo IMG_20140217_123142.jpg
and it has pockets too!! cheers!
[yellow shoes via Salvation Army, cardigan via Target, 
cowl handmade by a friend]

Some more World Market treasures..little notebooks that were $1-1.50.
They don't have lined pages, just blank, which I love.
 photo IMG_5740.jpg
$1.50 green shoes from goodwill.
 photo IMG_5729.jpg
Another southern thrift find--yellow jar [gift for a friend]--99 cents!
 photo IMG_5747.jpg
My brother found this polaroid camera and I ended up buying it..only 3 bucks!
Hoping that it works and I can try it out sometime soon. :)
 photo IMG_5755.jpg
L: H&M skirt ($4.50) that obviously needs to be ironed, but I love the glossy silver look it has.
R: how fun is this colored long shirt?! It was $9 at Plato's but I really loved it.
It fits me, and I also am planning to have someone wear it in a session this year!
 photo 1.jpg
 photo IMG_5776.jpg
Cute little World Market box..$1.50. 
 photo IMG_5742.jpg
Yes, I know these wooden tags are quirky--but I couldn't pass them up--$3.
 photo IMG_5745.jpg
Have you gone thrifting lately to cure cabin fever?!
Share your finds in the comments--I'd love to hear! :)

~H. Elise

p.s. if you instagram your finds, I'd love to see them!
Use the hashtag #scorethrifty or tag @hannahelisephotography.
I love seeing the awesome items you guys pick up! :)
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  1. You found some awesome stuff! Jealous that you found a Polaroid! ;)
    You should seriously post your outfits more often - I love your style! :)

  2. I adore your yellow cardigan, I'm still searching for the perfect one for myself. You should have a linky list for your Score Thrifty posts, because I'd totally do it!

  3. Cute finds! :) Love the striped top and glass jar. Always such a fun blessing to find those little "treasures" at thrift stores!! #scorethriftypro ;)

  4. Um, so I love your finds sista!! :)

  5. You are pretty much the queen of scoring epic thrifty goodies, Hannah! My faves of these finds would be the blue necklace, the 'lil notebooks, and the polaroid camera. Love the outfit you put together, too! Super cheery for winter. I haven't been thrifting recently, but we did have a clothing exchange after choir one day and that was enjoyable. :) All right - have a blessed evening!

  6. You always seem to get amazing deals and finds! I really like the red striped sweater. :) pockets are pretty important in skirts/dresses for me to because I always need a place to carry my phone!

  7. We need to find someone who's getting married in TN - these amazing stores call for a roadtrip! ;)


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