Gunther : senior 2014 | cedar rapids, ia senior & portrait photographer

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Last fall I got to do his senior pictures for my brother Gunther, and I know I'm late blogging them...
but that just helps us appreciate the lovely green grass and golden sunlight even more, right?!
Right. :)

Doing photos of your own siblings is definitely way way different than shooting for anyone else.
Other photogs reading this can verify the truth in this statement..haha!
You just interact with them so different because they are your family and you know them.
What makes them laugh..if they have a 'genuine' smile or not..how they typically stand or sit.

In my family we have three older children: Erich, me, and Gunther, 
and then a 6 year gap before the 5 little boys.
So he is the youngest of the 'older 3'.

Gunther is definitely a super classy dude.
He makes a mean cheesecake (actually anything he makes is bakery-worthy)
and I keep telling him that he needs to start selling them.
[ sooo if anyone is desperate for something sweet there's my little commercial plug ] :)
He is a super hard worker, and has a million different jobs he does.
He plays multiple instruments and dedicates himself to whatever pieces he is currently practicing.

Since my brother Erich moved down to Tennessee several years back,
Gunther and I have grown a lot closer, and I'm so grateful for him.
Sharing laughter and stories with your family members is truly one of the richest blessings of life.
At least I'm convinced it is, anyways. :)
 photo IMG_7635.jpg  photo G.jpg  photo IMG_7673.jpg  photo IMG_7693.jpg  photo IMG_7745.jpg  photo G2.jpg  photo IMG_7729.jpg  photo IMG_7768.jpg  photo IMG_7773.jpg  photo IMG_7723.jpg  photo IMG_7747.jpg  photo IMG_7778.jpg  photo IMG_7717.jpg  photo IMG_7756.jpg  photo IMG_7792.jpg
Gah, I love the creamy background and light in this next frame..
 photo IMG_7798.jpg  photo IMG_7811.jpg  photo IMG_7795.jpg  photo IMG_7833.jpg  photo IMG_7839.jpg  photo IMG_7878.jpg
I was kind of freaking out when we found these cement tubes!!
So much so that I ended up using this location for the Dewitt's family session..so fun.
 photo IMG_7917.jpg  photo IMG_7929.jpg  photo IMG_7934.jpg  photo IMG_7944.jpg  photo IMG_7951.jpg
happy Friday!

~H. Elise

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  1. Hannah, these are so wonderful. He definitely looks at ease in front of the camera. And wow—how talented is he?! (I'm guessing a lot;) Great job, girl!

  2. Wonderful shots, Hannah! Love the lighting and the settings!

    He looks a lot like you, and for some reason he reminds me of Sean Astin too. :) haha



  3. Wow he is handsome! Haha great pictures :D

  4. wow. I think it'd be cool to get my bro and yours together for a shot. It's still kinda a weird feeling they are exactly the same age! Keagan and I have become really close as well since all the rest have fledged the nest. You guys don't really live that far away, at least not what it used to be.

    1. that would be awesome! where do you guys live again? E-mail me sometime..would love to catch up with you more, Cheyne! hannah@hannaheliseblog.com

  5. Great work, Hannah - love them! Keep it up! I have photographed many of my siblings at length, and it is a precious thing to get to do. Cherish every minute of it! Miss you!

  6. I can totally relate to the difference between shooting siblings and other clients, ha! Anyway, these are amazing photos! The clarity/sharpness is perfect.


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